Amazing 10th Anniversary Party Favors

It’s time to celebrate the couple that made it to ten years!  The tenth anniversary is the Tin Year, celebrating the flexibility and durability that a marriage needs to stay strong. There’s no better way to symbolize a strong marriage than having an anniversary party, so make sure to send your guests off with some fun 10th anniversary party favors! 

10th Anniversary Party Favors: Tin Items 

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Metal Pens

A great way for your guests to remember your special event are engraved pens. You can engrave pens with “10” and the date of the anniversary to add a personalized touch. Anytime your guest writes something down with their new pen, they’ll think back to the amazing anniversary party!

Bottle Openers and Tin Bottle Stoppers

Try giving your guests personalized bottle openers or personalized bottle stoppers with some special message on it! If you want to really get personal, have each of your guests’ names engraved onto the opener or stopper.  

Treat Tins 

Give your guests small tin storage containers that can be filled with any little treat. Fill it with mints, candy or chocolates and possibly engraved with the couple’s names and anniversary date. You can also go down the route of putting the guests name on the tin also!

Metal Water Bottles

Send your guests off with an environmentally friendly gift by giving them a reusable metal water bottle. Engrave the bottle with the date of the wedding, name of the couple or the name of the guest receiving the gift!

Metal Mini Lanterns

Giving your guest metal mini lanterns are great because they double as a gift and a decoration that can be used at a later time. During the event itself, they can serve a double purpose as lighted decorations for the party as well as favors for your guests to take home. Check your local party supply store to see if they carry them!

Engraved Key Chains

Personalized metal keychains with different themes and designs can be purchased and engraved with the couple’s names and the anniversary date. This is a great gift since every time they pick up your car keys they’ll be remembering the awesome anniversary party you had!

10th Anniversary Party Favors: Tin Alternatives

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Silver Coasters

Purchase a set of silver metal coasters and engrave with the couple’s name and anniversary date. Alternatively, a set of plain coasters can be wrapped and placed in a small box where the names and date can be added by means of a label.

Small Photo Frames

Engrave small photo frames with the couple’s names and their anniversary date. A small paper where the photo normally goes with the same information could be inserted as well or allow your guest to put whatever they want inside the frame..

Champagne Bottles

Small champagne bottles are always great gifts for your guests. They can be personalized by labeling them with the couple’s name and anniversary date or the name of the person receiving the gift. Check your local winery to see if they carry mini champagne bottles!

Gemstone Keychains

Each anniversary year of marriage is assigned a gemstone, and the tenth year is a diamond. You probably don’t want to buy diamonds for all of your guests, but you can engrave the diamond shape on a keychain and give them to your guests! 

Party Themed Favors

Coordinate favors with the party theme; for example, if the theme is recreating the couple’s first date at the movies, you could give each guest a small bag of popcorn and gift certificates to a local movie theater. Check to see if your local movie theatre has deals like this.


We hope that these 10th anniversary party favors will be loved by your guest! Party favors don’t need to be expensive, but it should have a special meaning! One key takeaway is that your party favors should be a representation of your relationship’s love. If you love this list of favors for a 10th anniversary party you will love our other fun party tips!

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