12 Affordable Anniversary Party Ideas

Planning an anniversary party can get pretty expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! Sometimes it’s hard to think about an affordable anniversary party idea that you haven’t already done! Don’t worry because we got you covered! Below we provided a list of some affordable anniversary party ideas that can help you spice things up!

Affordable Anniversary Party Invitations

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1. Handmade Invitations: 

There are many invitation templates available online to help you with your affordable anniversary party. Take your time finding your favorite design and making it your own. This process will be a bit more complex than others, but if you’re not feeling too inspired or creative, this is the best, classiest way to go. If you don’t feel too confident about your invitation-making skills, look for a local calligrapher to make some for you.

2. Photo Invitations: 

Memorable invitations make for the best invitations! Print out some copies of a photograph from the wedding, and make sure to get a fun one—this is a party, not a formal event! You can print it alone or with a design using any online photo invitation maker. If you’re looking to save time or save paper, you can also send your photo invitation without an envelope just like a postcard. 

3. Kid-made Invitations: 

Why not let the kids make your invitations? Quirky and handmade invitations are always a huge hit. Print out one sheet with the party details in the center of the page: when, where, and couple’s names. Don’t forget to leave plenty of white space around the information for the kids to decorate. At the bottom, include: “This card was made for you by (names of the children).” Then, gather the kids and have them decorate with anything from just writing “come to the party” to drawing colorful pictures.

You can also have them draw the same things on each design or let the kids decorate however they’d like. Since we’re talking about kids, it’s best for these “drawing parties” to be held over a couple of days if you’re sending out a lot of invitations. Your kids will be more patient when they aren’t expected to draw a lot for a long period of time. Of course, there’s no reason that adults can’t pick up a crayon and help, too!

Anniversary Party Decorations

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4. Photo Decorations

If you have access to the wedding album or any other wedding memorabilia, try using these items as decor! You can purchase cardboard science fair project boards from any craft store to display the photos—these are perfect since they’ll stand up on their own. Surround the collage with several framed photos of the wedding. You can also purchase inexpensive candles and candle holders at a craft store and place them on the same table to add an elegant touch. If you can find any other wedding-related items either at home or at a store, incorporate them into your decorations for a fun and personal touch. 

5. Hire a party planner 

A friend or a relative with any experience will do just fine when planning an affordable anniversary party! However, it is beneficial to have professional party planners in some cases. It can even be less expensive because these professionals have experienced so they know how to get the cost low! The best place to find a professional planner for your affordable anniversary party is local!    

6. Location and Food

These will often go together. If you’re looking to save money, search for restaurants that will give you a discounted rate for a large group. Also, ask each restaurant for several menu options so that you can pick and choose. If lunch at a restaurant is too costly, consider hosting the event at your home or a relative’s home and search the internet for delicious sandwich recipes or recipes for other finger foods. Enlist the help of a relative or friend and prepare all of the food yourself. This is certainly more inexpensive than paying for meals at a restaurant.

7. Getting Even Cheaper Decor

Visit your local thrift stores and hunt down some cheap options—you’ll be amazed at how many unused party decorations you can find. Glass vases and bowls are great to display with flowers and candles, too, so ask your friends and relatives if they have vases that you can borrow. If you have the option, go for a specific color or theme to unify the decor!

8. Special Playlist

If possible, try to find some of the songs that were originally played at the wedding. Make a playlist and play the songs as the guests arrive or when you cut the cake. The playlist doesn’t have to be too extensive, even a few songs will refresh your guests’ sweet memories!

9. Anniversary Attire

Ask guests to wear some of the things they wore during their wedding or the couple’s wedding, including anything from dresses to ties to jewelry. Again, the goal is to bring back memories from the day you’re celebrating, so pull out your old wedding outfit and reminisce with your loved ones!

Anniversary Party Food

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10. Table Centerpieces

Plan and decorate based on the season. For a summer party, serve watermelon or colorful berries; for fall, try pumpkins, oranges, or sweet treats, etc. Arranging a few vases, glass bowls, and other pretty food holders together on the food table will give it more meaning. Top off each one with a candle in the center, and they’ll be beautiful!

11. Eating the Costs Away

You can buy take-out and present the food artistically on pretty plates for a buffet spread instead of hiring a caterer. For a fun and affordable option, try making some of the food yourself and ask the guests to bring a dish or two of their own.

12. Drinks!

It can be easy to spend a lot of money on drinks. Provide guests a supply of wine, beer, and champagne, or try checking out a few cocktail recipes yourself to cut down costs. Don’t forget to prepare plenty of alcohol-free options for your younger guests!


We hope that some of these affordable anniversary party ideas will be of help to you! One key takeaway for you to remember is that it’s the little things that count! You don’t always have to make an anniversary party a lavished event. It can be a smaller party that was planned with a lot of forethought about what your partner likes!

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