14th Birthday Party Ideas

Creative 14th Birthday Party Ideas: Covid Edition

It is understandable for parents to become perplexed with party planning, especially in the midst of a pandemic. Easy Event Planning is here to tell you that there are still plenty of ideas and themes out there for a teen party. We will give you some great, COVID friendly ideas to help make your 14 year old’s party as fun and memorable as it can be. Read below to learn about some of the most innovative 14th birthday party ideas for teens celebrating their birthday during this pandemic!

14th Birthday Party Ideas during a Pandemic

14th Birthday Party Ideas during a Pandemic

With the current pandemic, we all have had to adjust to the new social distancing guidelines, in order to protect ourselves and others from the virus. Due to the new policies set forward by the CDC, many have felt that special events such as holiday parties and their birthdays have been compromised to the point that most celebrations have been canceled.

Although to the older generation, missing out on a birthday celebration may not seem like the end of the world, to parents of children and teens, this may feel as if they are missing out on an important milestone and/or memory for their child. For parents of teens especially, there aren’t many years left before adulthood hits 18 years old. Therefore, it is pivotal for some parents and teens to make the most of the years where they are still young. Here are eight of the best themes we’ve found just for you.

1. Gas up the car, we’re driving thru…. Birthday Style!

Gas up the car, we’re driving thru…. Birthday Style!

Since large gatherings were prohibited due to guidelines during the pandemic, many were left to come up with other options in order to make sure their child still had their special moment. This problem ended up creating one of the most innovative occasions of the year: The Drive-Thru Celebration.

Now, I am sure that many of you have seen the videos of the honoree standing outside as a line of cars honking, while friends and family are yelling appraisal from their vehicles. Who says that this event solely has to attribute to graduations? In fact, this is a fun thing to do for a teenager’s party to show your support to your child on their special birthday occasion. 

When planning a Drive-Thru Birthday, you must first coordinate a time block for everyone to drive through your neighborhood. Also, make sure to have your teen dress up for the occasion, and decorate the lawn of your home. Be sure to hang posters outside your home, or balloons. In addition, you also want to encourage your friends, and families, to decorate their own cars with paint that spells kind messages to the birthday honoree, along with balloons and streamers as well. 

This kind of theme is not only a great way for everyone to come together and celebrate but offers an extremely sentimental and special moment that is sure to engrain a long-term memory in your child’s mind and head for years to come.

2. Lights, Camera…. Zoom Party!

Zoom Party

In the midst of a seemingly virtual world, video platforms such as Zoom are being used more than ever. What better way to take advantage of the platform than by celebrating through it? It is what is now being referred to as a “Zoom Birthday Party”, and it is pretty self-explanatory as well. One thing to make sure of when planning your Zoom Party is that you have the app downloaded on the device that you plan to use.

When choosing your device, think of whether you or the birthday honoree plans to move around a lot during the party. If they or you plan to switch locations a lot then a phone would be the best choice, however, if you are choosing to stay in one room and/or move minimally then a laptop or computer would be just as efficient, as long as there is a webcam.

Before scheduling the Zoom party, you want to be sure to have a list of the emails of everyone that you plan to invite to the celebration beforehand. Once you have such an invitation, you can invite the guest by placing their emails in the “invitees” section of the app. Once the event is scheduled, every single guest will receive an invitation from the app, along with a link and/or password to enter the party.

Another piece of information that I would like to add is that the free version of Zoom only allows calls up to 40 minutes. Therefore, if you plan to have a party beyond that time limit (and you definitely will!), you may want to purchase Zoom Pro, which is priced at 14.99 per month and lasts up to 24 hours. 

Once the event is scheduled, all that is left is prepping. Be sure to have your teen treat this party as if it was in-person. This means getting dressed up as if they were about to step out of the house for a day’s worth of celebrations. Be sure to decorate the inside of the home with balloons and decorations.

If you choose to go the extra mile, you could even have friends send in their gifts to the birthday honoree so that they are able to open them live on Zoom. In addition, you can also send party favors, birthday activities, and even cupcakes, so that those invited can still feel a part of the celebration from the safe, comfort of their homes. 

3. Please-Don’t-Stop-the-Music Dance Concert Party 

Please-Don’t-Stop-the-Music Dance Concert Party

So, you’ve decided on a cool Zoom party? Amazing, however, you have no idea what kinds of activities to plan for the party. Running low on sweet 14 bday party ideas for entertainment, try a virtual concert! Music is one of the most universal enjoyments of the entire world. What better way than to connect guests by having a virtual concert with music and dancing.

This can easily be done through any preferred streaming service whether it be Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora; All it entails is coming up with a playlist. A great way for this to be done is by the teen themselves. Have your child curate a playlist of their favorite songs to be played at their party.

Be sure to ask them to include enough songs to last the duration of the party, as no guest or birthday person wants to hear the same song play over and over at their own party. Music selection does not always have to be up to the birthday honoree either. For example, in Zoom there is a chat feature, therefore it would be an excellent idea for guests to request songs that they like at the party, just so that everyone has something they are excited to hear get played. This is a great way to keep guests feeling involved.

Although I believe that playlist would work better if the birthday honoree were able to set up their own playlist, I understand that some friends and families may want to have surprise birthday parties. Keeping this in mind, it would be a good idea to allow friends and close-aged relatives of the birthday honoree to create the playlist.

This could easily be done through a google doc, where everyone can have shared access to, so that they may write down songs that they like and/or believe that the birthday honoree would enjoy. This later can be converted into a playlist on the preferred streaming app. After the playlist is complete, then all that is left is to play the music at the party. 

Lastly, encourage dancing! After all, what’s a party without a little dancing? 100% Unique

4. Virtual Workshop Party

Virtual Workshop Party

This year, all classes are virtual, but who says the class has to only be about Algebra and History? If your child is on the more creative and performance side, then having a virtual class for subjects such as painting, dance, or even Broadway, would be a fantastic idea. 

Granted that many businesses are unable to hold events above a certain capacity, and many performers are unable to work due to current policies on social gatherings, many are beginning to take advantage of virtual classes.

Broadway Workshop is a New York-based training program that has recently taken up the challenge by offering online intensive in acting and dance. The best part? You do not have to live in New York to take part in this opportunity. If your teen is a theatre fanatic, this is a perfect way for them to practice their skills and learn more about art. 

Theatre not your child’s thing? That is fine as well. Let’s say your child is interested in painting. Try reaching out to a local paint studio and asking if they offer virtual paint sessions. That way, your child and their friends are able to sit from the comfort of their own homes and learn how to paint an amazing landscape or animal.

The only thing that would need to be required is that someone would have to drop off materials such as paint and canvases to each of the guests. Other than that, this is a pretty simple way to supplement entertainment, while also increasing skill learning, into your teen’s birthday party. 

5. First, let me make a TikTok

TikTok Party

Unless you have been living under a rock, many of you are familiar with the new app TikTok. This app has transcended the world, especially in quarantine, as people from all walks of lives, and different parts of the world engage in these new dance challenges and trends on the social media app.

Right now, TikTok is the latest craze in today’s generation as more teens start to engage on the app, whether it be renegading, or simply honing in on their amazing acting skills through voice-overs. What is great about TikTok is that you don’t have to be in the same room with someone in order to create a video. TikTok has this amazing ‘Duet’ feature that allows

6. Can you take the heat? Then come into the kitchen

Can you take the heat? Then come into the kitchen

Is your teen obsessed with the food channel? Have they ever expressed their desire to take part in an ultimate cook-off? Well, today may be the day that you make their dreams come true. For the party, try having a cooking theme. With this theme, you can arrange a special Birthday Cook-Off, where your child and guests could use simple ingredients found around their homes to create a creative, yet tasty dish.

This arrangement may require a bit of traveling, so it is best to pre-arrange some aspects of the party to make everything accommodating. If you plan to use a specific set of ingredients, you may want to buy the ingredients for each guest and deliver them prior to the start of the celebration. However, if you do not have to worry about pre-buying groceries for every guest, you can have guests use ingredients from their own homes to create their own special dish.

To have this celebration, you want to come up with an idea for a dish. Personally, I would opt for a dessert option like a cake. My reasoning is that since the party will have to be virtual (through zoom or skype) that it will be hard for everyone to taste each other’s dishes (unless you plan on driving back to each guests’ home to pick up samples for everyone, which is a possible but very difficult and time-consuming option). With desserts such as cakes or cookies, your teen and guest will be able to visually capture the essence of their creation, and the presentation can serve as the determining factor for the winner.

7. Spa Party: A Sparty!

Spa Party

Take a little bit of the stress off your teen’s mind with this unique teen party idea! The party can be held via Zoom (or any other app of your preference) but it can still be the perfect way for your teen to relax with her friends. Here are some ideas on how to make this Spa Party the best girl birthday idea:

Spa Party Invitations: Write the party information (Zoom link, time, etc) on a pair of flip-flops and deliver those to all the guests. Tell your guests they can wear their comfy new slippers while relaxing with their friends! The same can be done for sleep masks or small bottles of lotion, anything that follows the theme!

Spa Party Decorations
: Hang white sheets around the room to give your teen a dreamy Zoom background. Candles, Christmas lights, and colorful Chinese lamps are a great idea for centerpieces decorations too!

Fun Ideas
: Set your teen up with their own spa station, and make sure your guests have similar stations too. In a station, they can have skin, hair, and makeup products as well as materials for manicures and pedicures.

Have makeup and hair tutorials ready for them to follow and try out different styles. Make a game out of it, see who gets their makeup or hair to look the most like the tutorial, or who can come up with the craziest style!

Teenagers Birthday Party Games for a Spa Party:

Nail polish spin: Have all guests bring out all of their nail polish colors. Then, let each guest pick a color for the person on the “viewing box” to their right to paint their nails with. Keep this up until everyone has colorful nails to show off!

Truth or Dare: A game of Truth or Dare is always fun. You can make a google doc with all possible questions and share it with your teen and their guests, that way they won’t run out of ideas!

Make homemade spa treatments: There are infinite homemade spa treatment recipes scattered through the Internet. Have your teen take a look at them and pick a few of their favorites: hair, face, or lip masks are a must, but guests might also like something to make their nails healthier or their skin smoother. Check with parents beforehand to ensure no one is allergic to any of the ingredients, then get to work!

Spa Party Favors: Custom flip-flops, nail polish, bottles of lotion, small scented candles or glitter hand sanitizer. You can also give your guests pretty jars to storage anything they want to keep from the party (their homemade spa treatment recipes, for example). Hair accessories like ribbons, combs or barrettes are always appreciated, as well as sleeping eye masks or hair ties.

Goody Bags: Use a pretty basket or a colorful shower tote to hold all of their Sparty favors. Decorate with a pretty ribbon or some cute stickers.

8. Movie Night!

Movie Night!

Let your teen enjoy the end of their party with a few close friends and their favorite movies, and they don’t even have to leave the Zoom call! Many streaming services like Disney+ have a Group Watch feature that allows multiple accounts to watch the same movie together, in a synchronized manner. Amazon, Hulu, and Sling are other streaming services that allow Group Watch. Tele-party, a Google Chrome extension, allows you to Group Watch even on Netflix.

Now all you have to do is provide your teen with some comfy blankets, pillows, low lighting and tasty popcorn and their night is made!


We hope this list of 14th birthday party ideas was helpful for your party planning. With the pandemic, our lifestyle has changed considerably. We are entering a new era of discovering and applying new rules to our ways of living. This doesn’t mean the joy of our important days must disappear. For that, we hope these creative and innovative ways of celebrating birthdays help you spark joy for that special love one you’re planning this event for. Visit our site easyeventplanning.com for some more great ideas for any future event you may have.

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