1980s Theme Party

28 Classic 1980s Theme Party Ideas

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1980s Theme Party Décor

Turn your 80’s theme event into a blast from the past with the right decorations. Try one of these 80’s theme party decoration ideas to amp up your party!

1. Garlands 

Create several garlands out of cassette tapes to string across your room. Use brightly-colored cassette tapes to make this decoration unique!

2. Big Hair

Give your guests the opportunity to get into the 80’s spirit with a hair station complete with supplies of hairspray, hair bands and hair glitter. You can also throw in a few 80’s style costumes, like 1980’s jackets and leg warmers your guests can wear.

3. Tableware 

Your tableware can do a lot to help set your party theme. Look for tableware printed with an animal print or a fun geometric pattern or tableware in bright, neon colors. Incorporate your tableware design into your centerpiece with an animal print vase, for instance.

4. 80’s Memories

Decorate parties with 80’s pop star posters, such as posters of Madonna or New Kids on the Block, and have a quintessential 80’s movie playing on mute in the background, such as a John Hughes movie. 

5. Slinkies

Neon 80’s slinkies make for great 80’s themed decorations. Hang them from the ceiling or across the room like streamers or attach several to a wall to create an 80’s backdrop for a photo booth.

6. 80’s Toys

80’s toys make for great 80’s party décor. Scatter mini Rubik’s cubes, Ray ban-type sunglasses and rubber bracelets around the room.

7. Tablecloths 

Use tablecloths with bold prints on them, like zebra stripes or polka dots, to cover your tables. You can also hang these decorative tablecloths on your walls or cut them into strips and attach the strips to your ceiling to create a fun ceiling decoration.

1980s Theme Party: Favors

Your 80’s theme can continue even after your guests have left. They will love receiving these 80’s themed favors! Check out these tips below for 80’s-themed party favor ideas:

8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 

Embrace the 1980’s TV culture by giving your guests Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-themed items. For example, TMNT action figures, stickers or masks. You can also create TMNT-shaped cookies to give as prizes to your guests.

9. Candy

Fill cellophane goodie bags with 80’s candy such as Gobstoppers, Pixie Stix, Nerds, Pop Rocks, Laffy Taffy, Smarties and Fun Dip. You can attach information cards with a brief history of each of the candies.

10. Lip Gloss

Treat your guests to fun, 80’s style flavored lip-glosses. These come in a variety of colors and flavors and are the perfect favor for 80’s parties.

11. Rubik’s Cubes 

You can find many different kinds of Rubik’s cube-themed items. There are original Rubik’s cubes, of course, but there are also miniature Rubik’s cube keychains and Rubik’s cube themed mugs. There are a wide variety of different versions and variety at online vendors.

12. Yo-Yos 

Yo-yos are another great 80’s toy that would make a perfect 80’s themed favor. You can go vintage to more authentically represent the 80’s, or you can give your guests an exciting modern yo-yo that lights up and makes sounds.

13. Leg Warmers 

Leg warmers are an 80’s style staple. Your guests will love going back in time with these comfy favors.

14. Koosh Balls

Koosh balls are a fun 80’s toy that will also work as a desktop decoration or stress-reliever for your adult guests.

15. CDs 

Give your guests a great reminder of the 80’s: a collection of 80’s songs! There are several different 80’s collections to choose from. You can also give your guests cassettes of 80’s songs for a more authentic 80’s feel.

1980s Theme Party: Menu

Turn your 80’s event into a night of the 80’s with favorite foods from the decade. Here are a few delicious 80’s theme party menu ideas!

16. Steak 

Let your guests make their own steak sandwiches like they did in the 80’s by serving Steak-umms. Make sure to have plenty of toppings for this meal so that your guests can have their steak sandwiches just the way they like them.

17. Sushi 

Sushi became very big during the 80’s. This is also a great 1980’s food and meal at parties because there are many different kinds of sushi from which to choose to meet everyone’s tastes. You can also create fish-free sushi out of vegetables for anyone allergic or averse to seafood.

18. Dips 

Artichoke dip was especially popular during the 80’s. Serve it in a bread bowl alongside slices of bread and fresh veggies for an authentic 80’s dish.

19. Drinks

 Serve kool-aid as an 80’s party drink, with or without alcohol. You can also create a kool-aid punch for a more sophisticated beverage by mixing kool-aid flavors. Diet sodas, such as Tab, are another delicious 80’s drink, as are seltzer water and slurpees. 1980’s drink ideas are endless!

Aside from these ideas, you might want to check out even more ideas for more health conscious desserts to serve!

20. Appetizers 

Miniature food weenies with your favorite topping are a great party appetizer, as are miniature ears of corn with a vegetable dip and bacon-wrapped water chestnuts with brown sugar. Miniature quiche cups are another great edible 80’s theme party appetizer!

21. Sandwiches 

Fluffernutter sandwiches are an 80’s menu favorite. They are also easy to make and will appeal to most of your guests’ taste buds.

22. Frozen Yogurt 

For dessert, embrace the fro-yo craze by serving 80’s edible frozen yogurt or a frozen yogurt cake.

23. Snacks

Popular 1980’s menu snacks include double-stuff Oreos, Fruit roll-ups, Jell-o, pudding roll-ups and rice krispie treats. Make sure you have plenty of food on hand.

1980s Theme Party: Games & Activities

Enjoy your eighties event with fun 80’s theme party games and activities. Try one of these games for an exciting blast from the past full of eighties’ ideas.

24. Video Games

Classic video games are iconic eighties activity ideas. Rent arcade games like Pac-Man or Asteroids, or find versions on your computer or video game system. You can set up video game contests and have prizes for the highest scoring player.

25. Lip-Sync 

Play your favorite 1980’s songs and have your guests compete in a lip-sync contest at the party. They can compete as individuals or in a group. Have a judge’s panel decide on the winner. You can also set up a karaoke machine loaded with plenty of great 80’s songs. Some options include Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer”, Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”, and Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.”

26. Board Games 

Play 80’s board games like Trivial Pursuit, Operation, Mousetrap and Connect Four. This is a fun 80’s theme party activity for all of your guests. Set up entertainment stations for different board games so that your guests can choose which game they would like to play. You can also set up a board game competition so that all of your guests can play each other. There’s many options out there at online retailers.

27. Dance Contest

Use your favorite 1980’s music videos or dance moves to set up activities for an 80’s dance contest. Have different categories, like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and the cabbage patch. You can also have a Create-Your-Own 80’s dance move category and award the most unique dance move and the most-likely-to-have-been-an-80’s-dance-move move. Make your guests groove with the entertainment! 

28. Photo Booth 

Set up a photo booth complete with 80’s costumes and accessories, including hair scrunchies, sunglasses and shoulder-padded jackets. You can even create signs with 80’s phrases for your guests to hold up at the party, like “Gnarly” and “Bodacious!” Make sure the backdrop for your photo booth is sufficiently full of 1980 entertainment, as well. This could be a piece of animal print fabric, a classic 80’s poster or several neon slinkies hanging on the wall.


A 1980s Theme Party is very common so we hope we were able to help guide you and make your 80s party stand out.

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