Black Tie Theme Party

24 Classy Black Tie Theme Party Ideas

Want to live a day in the life of Jay Gatsby? Throw a black-tie theme party! A black-tie theme is perfect for many events like reunions, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, work parties, fundraisers, and even New Year’s parties. Turn whatever event you wish into a fun, fancy memory for everyone!

Black Tie Theme Party: Menu

1. Hors D’oeuvres

Serve beautiful small appetizers on elegant serving trays. Some options include caviar, oysters, bite-size sushi rolls, and cucumber slices topped with shrimp and scallions. Make sure your appetizers look as good as they taste. Appearances are key!

2. Cheese

Who doesn’t love cheese? Serve a wide variety of cheeses, from creamy and mild to crumbly and strong. Serve plain-flavored crackers and wine to accent the cheeses.

3. First Course

Make sure your first course is elegant without being filling. For a seafood dish try salmon mousse or crab salad. For a veggie first course try puff pastries stuffed with mushrooms in a garlic sauce. For a light pasta dish try goat cheese ravioli or pasta with shrimp. Something light and delicious will make your first course one to remember.

4. Main Course

Sophisticated options for the main course include Cornish game hens with a delicious sauce, lobster tails, beef tenderloin, or scallops in a creamy sauce. The main course is what the dinner portion of the party will be remembered for! Make sure to spare no expense on this one. If you need help picking something out or finding a place to get this ready for you- contact a local vendor or business so they prepare the best main course imaginable!

5. Dessert

Finish your elegant menu with an equally elegant dessert. Chocolate mousse, strawberry soup, and tiramisu make for lovely desserts, especially when served in martini glasses. Similarly, a delicious torte makes for an excellent choice. Serve specialty coffees topped with whipped cream with your dessert. You can also serve dessert wines or brandy and cognac.

6. Drinks

Offer a full bar stocked with plenty of beverages for your guests to enjoy- just as Jay Gatsby would at one of his legendary bashes. Or, you can even create a few signature cocktails to serve your guests before the meal along with plenty of wine to serve with dinner. For non-alcoholic beverages serve sparkling apple cider or create a few non-alcoholic cocktails.

Black Tie Theme Invitations

7. Stencils

Cut your invitations into simple, black-tie appropriate shapes such as a bowtie, a champagne glass, or an evening gown. You can also cut your invitations into the shape of the guest of honor’s initials or a season-appropriate shape like an Autumn leaf for a Fall event. No matter what you do, make sure it will catch the eye of your guests.

8. Font

Use a formal-looking font for your invitations but make sure it is easy to read. A cursive or other curling font is a good choice.

9. Color Scheme

Stick to neutral colors on your invites, such as black and ivory, to emphasize the sophistication of the event. However, you can dress up your invitations with a bright color accent as a border or as a font color.

Black Tie Theme Favors

10. Top Hats

Top hats are an icon of classic black-tie affairs. Give your guests plastic top hats to wear or miniature top hats filled with mints.

11. Photo Key Tags

A photo key tag is a lovely favor that can be easily made sophisticated. Simply choose a key tag design that looks classy such as one with a simple silver design.

12. Bottles of Water

Give your guests bottles of gourmet water. These make for lovely giveaways.

13. Tiaras

For the girls, what says elegance better than a jeweled tiara? Since most women don’t wear tiaras on a daily basis you may want to give your guests a tiara-like headband or hairclip.

14. Personalized Glasses

Have champagne or wine glasses etched with the event name and date for a beautifully elegant favor.

15. Tie Clips

Tie clips are perfect for giving suits a bit of sophistication. Treat your male guests to a tie clip favor.

16. Mini Photo Album

A miniature photo album is an excellent favor, especially if you will be sharing the photos from the event with your guests. Choose photo albums that are simple and elegant like a plain black one.

17. Mints

Mints are an all-time favorite that never goes out of style. Give your guests mints in formal tins.

Black Tie Theme Party Décor

18. Lighting

Altering lighting is an easy way to create a specific atmosphere. Replace any stark white bulbs with soft amber lights to give your party area a romantic glow. Hang gold paper lanterns from the ceiling to give your guests more light and to give your space a decorative touch. You can also light your space with candles. These could be tall elegant candles in antique candle holders. The lighting that you choose will depend on the mood that you are going for.

19. Entrance Archway

A grand entrance is a perfect way to set the stage for an elegant formal party. You can rent one or create your own. To add a touch of sparkle wrap white Christmas lights around the entire arch.

20. Table Décor

Scatter tall standing tables around your party area to give your guests plenty of space to mingle and congregate. Decorate them with attractive votive candles or elegant silver candlesticks.

21. Black And Gold

Black and gold are both sophisticated colors. Purchase black and gold balloons as decorations for your party. Tie them in bunches to decorate the corners of your party area and the walkways.

22. Flowers

To create an elegant bouquet fill your vases with black stones and tie them with thick, gold ribbon. Keep your arrangement simple with large flowers like orchids and roses. Fill in your arrangements with greenery. These bouquets can be used as centerpieces or as décor on the bar, food table, or on a table by the entrance.

23. Silhouettes

Silhouettes make for lovely décor. Cut black tie-appropriate images such as martini glasses, bow ties, cocktail dresses, and tuxedos from black paper. Add any details you wish with metallic pens. Tape the silhouettes to the walls of your party area.


We hope you enjoyed these black tie theme party ideas. It is a perfect party to class things up a bit and there is many ideas that can be used for just a formal party to dress up and enjoy.

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