25th Wedding Anniversary Decorations

Cute 25th Wedding Anniversary Decorations

One of the most well-known and highly celebrated anniversaries for a married couple is the 25th anniversary. Celebrating your twenty-five years together with your loved one should make you feel just like you did on your wedding day. When these special occasions come around, so many couples want to do something exciting and different. We have put together a list of 25th Wedding Anniversary Decorations!

25th Wedding Anniversary Decorations

1. Silver Décor  

The traditional color of the 25th wedding anniversary decoration is silver. You can add elements of silver to the décor you have already chosen by using silver tableware or silver vases for your centerpieces. Or you can choose to have silver be your entire color scheme with silver tablecloths, balloons, and other decorations. Items like these can be found at your local party supply store.

2. Photo Placemats 

Use laminated pictures of the two of you from previous anniversaries as placemats for your tables. Divide the tables by year, using first-year anniversary photos on one table, second year on another, etc. If you’re having a small party, you can divide the years into two’s or five’s.

3. Wedding Celebration 

Celebrate the event that made your 25th anniversary possible by displaying memorabilia from your wedding. Showcase the wedding dress and decorate the walls with copies of your invitations and your wedding photos. You and your guests will enjoy looking back at this moment in your lives. You can even serve a re-creation of your wedding cake. Ask your local baker if they could recreate the cake from your special day. 

4. Landmark Tables

Decorate each table according to a specific landmark moment, such as when you bought your first house or had your first child. Put photos of each keypoint in silver picture frames and use them as centerpieces. You can then decorate the table with objects related to that theme. This option helps both you and your guests reminiscent about amazing memories that have shaped your relationship into what it is today.

5. Iris Décor 

If you’re trying to stick to a traditional 25th wedding anniversary theme, we recommend using the same flower: the iris. The iris is the traditional flower used to represent 25 years of marriage. It is a deep purple flower that can bring any party space to life. Place vases full of irises around the room or place a single iris next to each place setting. Check your local florist for quotes on arrangements!

6. Recreation

There are many moments in your life that you could recreate at your 25th wedding anniversary. One idea is your first date. You could also recreate where you first met, where the proposal took place, the location of your first kiss, or your honeymoon. Or how about a mixture of all your favorite memories? Bring back those memories by recreating them with relevant décor.

7. Time or Location Themes 

Remind your guests of your wedding by decorating according to the time or location you were married in. For instance, if your wedding was in October, decorate with fall decorations and serve seasonal foods. If your wedding took place on the sands of the Bahamas, use beach party decorations as the inspiration for your décor.

8. Wedding Keepsakes 

Turn your anniversary celebration into a wedding commemoration. Dig up your wedding invitations and the wedding dress to display along with your wedding pictures. Serve a menu similar to that of your wedding and top it off with a recreation of your wedding cake. If you can’t find old invitations or menus, ask a local print shop if they can remake them for you!


Decorations are key to creating a space that is inviting and enticing for your guests. 

Creating a party that is fun, celebratory, and unique can be a difficult task. However, having a 25th wedding anniversary party that is both memorable and commemorative to your relationship can be easy if you follow these steps. We hope our ideas help you create a party that will impress each and every guest.

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