25th wedding anniversary party games

Exciting 25th Wedding Anniversary Party Games

Your 25th anniversary is a major wedding anniversary for you and your partner. This silver year anniversary is definitely worth getting your wedding party back together to celebrate the occasion. One thing you can do to celebrate is to play some 25th-anniversary party games with the people you care about most. These 25th wedding anniversary game ideas are easy to play, and they just need a little creativity among the players for it to take off.

Best 25th Wedding Anniversary Party Games

1. Anniversary Symbol Search

Print several lists of 25th-anniversary symbols and have guests scour the house/venue, cars, wallets, and purses to try to find something similar to the symbols that represent each wedding anniversary year. Who will find the most symbols?

Other ideas for this game can be adult-type objects or a list of things around the room. If you have a large group joining you, have people split into teams so that everyone can get involved. One person is the host and reads out the different objects needed. When a team finds the object, have one person run to the host with it. The first team to deliver the object to the host gets a point. Be prepared for some fun, chaotic, and nail-biting fun!

2. Musical Chairs

Have your guests play musical chairs with a playlist of songs played at your wedding! It will surely stir up everyone’s competitive side. Hearing the songs played at the wedding will also bring memories of the wedding back to mind, making it very nostalgic. For larger groups, you can split into teams and hold different brackets until you get to a “finals round” between 2 people.

3. Famous Couples

Write down the name of a famous person who belongs in a pair and tape that person’s name to someone’s back. No one should know who is taped to their back. To complete the game, the person must find out who they are. Other guests can give hints as to who they are without saying the celebrity’s name.

Once a guest thinks they have figured out who they are, they have to find their partner. Examples of pairs that can be used are Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, Sonny and Cher, Romeo and Juliet, Adam and Eve, and even Barbie and Ken. Once everyone thinks they’ve found their partner, be sure to double-check the results for accuracy. 

4. Wedding Year

Make a list of real and fake events that occurred in the year the couple got married. Have people make guesses on whether or not those events occurred in the same year or not. Games like these are always fun because it is a blast to see what people remember. Have another guest act as a host for this event to make it more fun.

5. Never Have I Ever

Someone will make up a list of questions of common things that may have occurred to the guests and the couple. For example, you can ask if you ever ran out of gas, flew in an airplane, got kicked out of a restaurant, etc. The funnier the scenarios the better, especially if you know that someone playing has done one of them. Have people line up shoulder to shoulder. When a question is asked and a person is guilty of the thing asked, they take a step forward. See who can make it across the finish line first.  These games make everyone feel young again!

6. Metamorphosis

After 25 years of marriage, it’s probably safe to say that your looks have changed. Have your looks changed so much that your friends and family can’t match your photos from birth, through grade school, or today? Gather as many pictures as you can of yourself, your spouse, and others and have people try to pull out all the ones of the married couple.

7. Anniversary Picture Symbols

Have a list of the anniversary symbols, a dry erase board, and markers handy. Each person will pick a symbol to draw on the board for the others to guess. You can’t write any words, only draw pictures. The person who guesses correctly gets the next turn. Reward your guests with small favors.

8. Events

Someone has to ask 25 questions to the anniversary spouse to find out what event they are thinking of. Ask the right questions to figure out what happened in the happy couple’s life. For example, you can ask: Was it during the summer? Were you living on Oak Street? etc. You can’t guess the event until you have asked all 25 questions. If guessed correctly, award your guest with a prize!

9. Famous Faces

Print out pictures of famous people and replace their faces with the anniversary couple’s faces. Have people take guesses as to who the celebrity is. You could even have some life-size ones with the faces missing for your guests to take memorable photos.

10. Wedding Snacks

If you’re thinking about holding a party, snacks and refreshments are definitely important. Make this fun by having snacks and refreshments that each partner likes as well as snacks/refreshments they both enjoy. Have guests guess which person likes what snack or refreshment by having them place printed out faces of the couple. In the end, those who have the most guesses correct wins!


Celebrating your wedding anniversary is an exciting way to commemorate another year of being together with your loved one. Hosting a party for your anniversary with friends and family is a fabulous way to do so. These fun ideas for your 25th wedding anniversary party games will help you have a blast and celebrate together.

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