40th Birthday Party Themes for Him

The Coolest 40th Birthday Party Themes for Him

The big 4-0 celebration should be nothing less than awesome. This is the perfect middle age where you can joke about how old you’re getting while still being criticized by seniors for being nothing short of a young gentleman. Celebrate this fun birthday with a cool 40th birthday party themes for him that you and your guests are sure to enjoy. From a boozy Jack Daniel’s theme to a fun Retro theme, there’s something here for you. Feel free to be as simple or creative as you want and change things up to suit you and your personality.

Top 25 40th Birthday Party Themes for Him

Top 25 40th Birthday Party Themes

1. The Silver Fox

Is your hair starting to turn grey or silver? Embrace that new look with a Silver Fox theme party. Decorate with plenty of silver or white balloons and tableware to give your party the cool atmosphere you’re looking for. Set up shiny silver decor to accompany the silver fox cookies and sparkling champagne served upon the food display.

2. Las Vegas

This classic party is sure to be a hit for you and your friends. Bring Sin City to your party by bringing out the poker sets and playing the night away with friends and family. Decorate with plenty of dice and red and black tablecloths and banners. Serve up a classic casino buffet with all your favorite dishes and snacks, and don’t forget the unlimited drink bar. Be as flashy as you’d like!

3. Nascar

Are you a car fanatic? Celebrate this iconic birthday with a cool car theme party. Make sure to hang plenty of black and white checkered finish line flags around the party, and maybe even display a few tires as decor. Hang up signs that say “Route 40” or “Yield for Party”. Set up your food pit stop and provide a make-your-own loaded nacho bar, with plenty of tortilla chips, cheese, sour cream, and jalapeños. Another classic option is pizza, or go with any other food you want to fuel up with.

4. Camouflage

You can really go all out with this simple theme. Get camouflage tableware and wall decoration, or just print out camouflage paper and cover cups and displays with the cool print. Make bunches of light, medium, and dark shades of green balloons. Arrange an array of multicolored green foods such as green cupcakes, green tortilla sandwich pinwheels, or chips, and guacamole. 

5. Sports

Is sports your favorite thing ever? If so, no theme could be more perfect than a sports theme party. If your birthday falls around a big sports event, make your party a fun watch party and invite all your friends and family for the perfect day. Decorate with your favorite team’s colors and logos. Serve typical Super Bowl snacks like a seven-layer bean dip, hot wings, and spicy queso, and finish off with decorated cookies or a cake shaped into a football or basketball. 

6. Cheers and Beers to 40

If you want to have a fun and relaxing celebration, this theme is perfect for you. You can either keep this theme simple and chill with beers, games, and sports. Print out or buy stickers with the number 40 on it and wrap them around each bottle to personalize them. If you’d like a more classy party, serve plenty of champagne and your favorite seafood dishes. Decorate your party with wine or beer decor and sparkling balloons.

7. Lumberjack Party

Looking for a unique theme for the outdoor lover or manly man? This lumberjack party will suit them perfectly. Layout red and black flannel tablecloths or wall hangings, along with cutout pickaxes and suspenders for fun. Use wooden blocks or large wooden stumps for elevating your food display. Serve up some delicious barbecue sliders and finish with some rich chocolate cake. 

8. Retro

This rockin’ theme is sure to get the party going. Choose a specific theme to base your party on such as a retro 70’s party, or simply decorate with lots of fun colors and memories such as jukeboxes, disco balls, and cassette tapes. Play lots of your favorite funky music and encourage your guests to dress up for ultimate fun. Make fruit and cheese cubes, deviled eggs, and pineapple upside-down cake. If you’d like, set up a make-your-own ice cream float bar with different sodas and ice cream flavors to mix together. 

9. Margaritaville

Celebrate the big day with this exciting theme. Serve up a bunch of your favorite margaritas for you and your guest to enjoy all day (and possibly night)! Accompany the drinks with a taco bar, with plenty of chips, dips, and toppings. Decorate your space with palm trees and Toucan decorations. Set up a tiki bar by hanging brown palm leaves above and around your drink station. All that’s left to do is kick your feet back and enjoy.

10. Murder Mystery

If you’re the type of guy who loves games and puzzles, hosting your own murder mystery party is sure to be the most interesting way to celebrate your big 40th. There are plenty of downloadable murder mystery party instructions to help you run the fun show. Encourage your guests to dress according to the theme, whether it’s the classic 1920s or modern dressy attire. Serve up simple hors d’oeuvres and drinks of your choice to keep your guests fueled and focused on solving the puzzle at hand. 

11. May The Forties Be With You

For this fun play on words, host an incredible star wars theme party for the big day. Print or order a large banner with the theme title and hang up in the middle of your party. Grey and blue balloons are sure to set the tone as well. Choose different colored paper lanterns to hang up, and it will look like different floating planets! Get creative with the menu and serve up your favorite dishes. To make things extra fun, ask your guests to dress up as their favorite star wars character. 

12. Vintage

For this vintage party theme, decorate in plenty of black and white. Set up black and white pictures of yourself and your friends and family and arrange them around your party space. For a pop of color, add red accents on either the tableware or with balloons. If you have any vintage items such as a typewriter or film camera, bring them out to display as decorations. 

13. Superheroes

Who says you’re too old for superheroes? Choose your favorite superhero and bring that world to your party. Decorate in red and black for Spiderman. For Superman, decorate in bright red, yellow, and blue. Get superhero word cutouts to display around the venue. Serve up popcorn, sandwiches, and a nice bright cake. For extra fun, provide superhero masks or capes to all your friends and family for an all-out marvelous superhero party that everyone is sure to love.

14. I Love New York

For a fun and cheesy party theme, have an I Love New York Party. If New York is your favorite destination, decorate the party in plenty of bold I heart NY napkins, plates, and decor. Set up posters of New York City, and make sure the birthday boy wears a Statue of Liberty crown. Serve up typical New York City street food such as hotdogs, soft pretzels, and donuts and coffee for dessert. 

15. Arcade

Bring your youth back with a fun arcade theme birthday party. Rent out an arcade for a few hours to host your party, or bring the games to your own place by setting up your favorite board or video games for entertainment. Set up typical 80s decorations, and set up glow lights for the ultimate arcade setting. French fries, burgers, and pizza are easy options to serve to your guests. 

16. Jack Daniels

If you are a whiskey lover, this Jack Daniels theme party is sure to be a hit. Print out Jack Daniel labels with your name on it instead of Jack Daniels’, and wrap them around your drink cups. Hang up a banner that says “Aged to Perfection”. Provide cheese and fruit platters, grilled steaks or smoked salmon, and a dark chocolate cake or classic apple pie and enjoy. Give out mini bottles of whiskey as party favors to ensure that your guests will remember your classic night. 

17. Cigar Bar

Similar to the Jack Daniel’s theme, provide a cigar bar theme birthday party. Set up a cigar bar along with a whisky bar. Set the theme with plenty of brown, black, and white decorations with dimmed lights to mimic a cigar lounge. Set up white accent flowers for centerpieces. Slow-roasted meats and potatoes will perfectly complement the party. Finish the day with dark chocolate or almond cake. 

18. Balloons

Who doesn’t love balloons? If you prefer to keep your party low key and not over-the-top, keep it simple with a balloon theme. Get plenty of balloons in your favorite colors and let them serve as the basis of your decorations. Coordinate the color of the balloons with your tableware and food items to match the theme well. Serve up some bubbly, grapes, and round cookies to keep your guests satisfied. 

19. Year of Birth

Host an 80’s party with this fun theme. Choose either the exact year you were born, or go with the whole decade theme to reminisce on your early childhood memories. Figure out the most popular music, fashion, toys, and foods from that year and transform your party into a blast from the past! Decorate with Rubik’s cubes, action suits, and Pink Floyd. Serve up some wine coolers, loaded potato skins, and jello. 

20. Golf

If the golf course is your happy place, this is the perfect theme to celebrate your special day. Set up green tablecloths and fill golf buckets with plenty of golf balls as centerpieces. Set up a banner that says “Welcome to the Par-Tee!”. Easily make a golf cake by decorating your cake with green frosting and inserting a flag toothpick on top. 

21. BBQ

Another simple theme for a relaxing celebration is a Barbecue. Grill up some hotdogs and burgers, and pair with chips and a cold beer. Decorate with some red and white checkered plates or tablecloths. Set up the lawn games such as bean bag toss, croquet, and horseshoes to keep yourself and your guests entertained. Chill out and enjoy your special day spent with family and friends. 

22. 40 Rocks

If you are a big rock ‘n’ roll fan, celebrate with this fun theme. Set up guitar cutouts and balloons as decorations. Place red and orange flame decorations and music notes as accents. Make sure to set up your favorite rock playlist and jam the night away. Enjoy mini sliders, chili cheese dogs, and drinks of your choice. 

23. Geek

If you secretly have a geeky side, you’ll love this theme party. Decorate with your favorite comic books, video games, or technology theme decorations. If you and your guests want extra entertainment, set up those games and challenge them to tournaments. Choose your focus and print out posters and coordinate streamers and balloons to match. Wear your favorite plaid shirt and hang out plastic glasses for all your guests to wear. Serve your favorite guilty pleasure snacks and a theme cake.

24. Fishing

If your happy place is on a boat or enjoying a nice day fishing, this theme will be sure to get you excited about your birthday party. Set up a sign that says “Gone Fishin’” and decorate with plenty of fish and hook decorations and red and white buoy balloons. Set up a snack bar with Swedish fish, goldfish, and beef jerky. Prepare your favorite seafood dish and your cake of choice. 

25. Bowling

This theme is fun and simple. Set up card stock paper cutouts of bowling pins and use them on your food display table. Create fun centerpieces with black marbles and bowling pictures. Use red and white pinstripe straws and bowling ball plates. If you’re not celebrating at a bowling alley, bring the fun to your home with a lawn bowling set. Serve up pizza and soda for the classic bowling alley experience.


This list is complete with lots of different 40th birthday party themes for him. So you won’t have any trouble making this birthday absolutely special for him. Complete with enough different themes that any man will be happy with at least one of these themes, hopefully, they inspire you enough to plan your birthday party. Whether it’s your special birthday or your planning it for his 40th, this list will help you get brainstorming for it.

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