50th Anniversary Games

Fun 50th Anniversary Games for the Young at Heart

Since gold is known for its resistance against deterioration, it makes perfect sense that the 50th wedding anniversary is known as the Golden Anniversary. Get your guests involved in a night they’ll never forget with these fun party games.

Top 50th Anniversary Games

50th Anniversary Games

1. The Couple’s Facts

For a couple that has been together for fifty years, they probably have had almost every party imaginable. The people that will be attending their party will likely know them very well, so stump the guests by asking them questions about their time dating.

Before the party, gather a list of up to twenty facts about the couple’s first years together. Guests probably won’t get the answers correct, but making up what they think may have happened can be so much fun! After everyone has read their answers aloud, have the couples say what actually happened.

2. Dance Interpretation

Have your guests choreograph and perform a dance that they think embodies the couple’s life together. Watch as some of your guests try to interpretive dance their way through marriage, having kids, and buying a house. For younger kids who might not understand this game, have them create a dance for the honorees to a song of their choice.

3. Get Closer!

Create an “island” by ordering some large sheets of blue paper and brown paper (or finding it locally here) and placing it in the center of the floor, one for every two guests at the party. Start off with a large square piece of blue paper measuring at least 4 feet by 4 feet. Place a sheet of brown paper on top of it – at least 3 feet by 3 feet.

Instruct each pair of guests to stand on the blue paper however they wish and not fall off of the island and into the “water” (onto the floor). Once everyone seems to be standing on their island, ask them to fold their brown paper in half (thereby making the island much smaller) and again assemble themselves on it. Continue “shrinking” the island until only one pair is left standing.

4. Our Life

Milestones are an important part of a long marriage, and reminiscing in these old memories can be enjoyable for the couple, as well as all of the attendees. Get a list of the milestones in their lives and scramble up the order. Ask each guest to try to put them in the right order and then have the couple read off the correct order by showing off pictures of their first home, first car, etc.

5. Pot of Gold

This is a relay race between married couples. Buy some gold buckets and enough lemons so each couple has at least six. One spouse will carry a lemon under his/her chin to their partner who will get the lemon without using their hands and carry it the rest of the way to a bucket and drop it in.

Whoever can get the most lemons in their gold bucket in 50 seconds wins. You can substitute anything else you prefer instead of lemons as well.

6. Musical Chairs

Have your guests play musical chairs with a playlist of songs played at your wedding! It will surely stir up everyone’s competitive side. Hearing the songs played at the wedding will also bring memories of the wedding back to mind making it very nostalgic!

7. Famous Couples

Write down the name of a famous person who belongs in a pair and tape that person’s name to someone’s back. No one should know who is taped to their back. They must find their partner by having people give hints as to who they are supposed to be. Ex: John Smith and Pocahontas, Sonny and Cher, Romeo and Juliet, Adam and Eve, Barbie and Ken.

8. Never Have I Ever

Someone will make up a list of questions of common things that may have occurred to the guests and the couple. For example, you can ask if you ever ran out of gas, flew in an airplane, got kicked out of a restaurant, etc.

The funnier the scenarios the better, especially if you know that someone playing has done one of them. Have people line up shoulder to shoulder. When a question is asked and a person is guilty of the thing asked, they take a step forward. See who can make it across the finish line first. These games make everyone feel young again!

Written by Alicia Bell and Chris Kulesza

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