50th anniversary party favors

Top 8 Unique 50th Anniversary Party Favors

A 50th Wedding Anniversary is an outstanding achievement that should be celebrated. However, after your celebration is over, you may wondering how to thank the guests for attending your party and for even bringing lovely gifts. Party favors are a great way to show your appreciation. If you choose right, they can be just as sentimental as a handwritten thank you card. So, if you are feeling lost on how to thank your guest look no further! Below is a list of elegant 50th anniversary party favors to give your guests. These party favors are sure to have your guests remembering your special day forever!

50th Anniversary Party Favors

50th Anniversary Party Favors

1. Mini Personal Champagne 

A gift that your guests are sure to love – champagne! Go to your local liquor or wine store and ask if they have miniature champagne bottles. Personalizing the bottles with custom name labels and patterned sleeves will make this small token appreciation something special and worth keeping.

2. Gold Tradition

Gold is the traditional color used for 50th wedding anniversaries. Table cloths, balloons, cakes, and chairs are usually gold in color. Celebrate this tradition by gifting gold-colored favors. For example, you can give guests gold-wrapped chocolate or other various candies! If you are looking for something more elegant or sophisticated, gold-colored candles or tealights make great gifts for your guest. Also, gold bottle openers, wine toppers, or champagne bottles are good party favor options for any avid wine drinker. Anything wrapped or accented in gold will take your favor to the next level. 

3. Theme Favors

If your party has a specific theme, using a party favor that matches that theme is always a good idea! For example, if you are having a movie-themed anniversary party, a gift card to a local movie theatre would be a great idea! If you have decided on a floral-themed party, spray painting some old mason jars with gold paint and filling them with fake flowers is always a great option. You want your guests to take something home that reminds them of your amazing day!

4. Picture This

Pictures are always memorable but having a nice frame lying around isn’t always accessible. Sending your guests home with personalized gold frames or empty photo boxes are great options. It’s up to them what they put in them! They could put a picture of the happy couple in the frames or if your party has a photo booth, your guests could take those photos and place them in the photo boxes. Pictures are capable of capturing the most amazing moments at any party, sometimes guests just need something to put them in!

5. Couple Traits

Some guests are very open about what their favorite hobbies and past-times are. If you know that a certain attendee has a favorite activity, give that guest a party favor related to that hobby. For example, if your guest is known for loving the beach, give your guests a beach ball or a custom beach towel! If your party-goer likes to paint, a paint palette with a small engraving at the bottom is also a good option. Leaving a personalized note that says: “Thanks for playing in the sand with us these past 50 summers!” also adds a memorable touch. 

6. Personal Wine Glasses

If your guests are of legal drinking age, send your guests off with a personalized wine glass! Companies can put nearly anything on a wine glass so creating a piece for each person is a unique way to say thank you. You could include the date of the wedding, your names, and a traditional “50th Wedding Anniversary” graphic towards the bottom of your glass. P.S. make sure to use gold lettering if you have chosen a traditional theme. A gold-colored wine topper would be a nice complement to go with your personalized wine glass.

7. Key chains to carry the memories

Send your guests off with gold-colored key chains! Have the key chains engraved with a large 50 or a message that says, “Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary to the couples last name here!”. Your guests will be sure to remember these 50th anniversary party favors every time they pick up their keys!

8. Photos from the party

Professionally taken photos are a great option for anyone who does not have time to order party favors. If you do decide to hire a photographer for your party, see if they can do on-site photo printing or distribute a personalized link to each guest. Most people do not have the money or time to get professional photos taken of them, so receiving a beautiful picture of your guest and their significant other/family is a treat. P.S. see if any local photographers can do on-site photos and printing! 

50th Anniversary Party Favors


Loving someone for 50 years is an amazing achievement. Relationships can be difficult, tedious, and complicated. However, creating a relationship that can withstand those hardships is something special and worth celebrating. 50th Wedding Anniversary parties are a place for you, your friends and family to come together and celebrate this accomplishment. Your 50th anniversary party favors will be an important aspect of your party because your guests will obtain a physical remembrance of your unity. These gifts not only thank your guests for coming but thank them for standing by your side for so many years. We hope these 50th anniversary party favors tips and ideas make your next party something memorable and special!

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