8 Prom Party Bus Ideas

You have been waiting throughout high school for this one big night. Four years are finally over and you are here on your special day. It is prom night! Senior year of high school only comes once right? You have the dress, the perfect date and the dinner spot now all you need is an amazing party bus rental. Follow this guide to get you through your fantastic night worry-free.

1. Rent your bus or limo ahead of time

You should be planning out your bus or limo rental months ahead of time. The deposit should be paid and the rest of the money should be ready for when you are picked up by the limo or bus. Don’t forget to ask for a copy of the ammonites and rules when choosing the limo or party bus company. 

2. Music

It is important to choose the DJ ahead of time. An idea would be to make a music playlist on apple music and all contribute what you would like to hear. Also- make sure whoevers phone it is playing on is fully charged. 

3. Entertainment

Music will keep you dancing but there are other ways to spruce the party up! If there are strobe lights turn them on and start the party. Another option would be to bring some games for you and your friends. Just let loose and have some fun.

Possible Party Games: Karaoke, telephone, charades, two truths and a lie, truth or dare and heads up.

Possible Card Games: Uno, Old Maid, Go fish and Cards against Humanity.

4. Party Bus Themes

Try a Theme during your time in the party bus. A theme could spice the night up, you could even match the party bus theme to your prom theme to match!

Some Theme examples are: Sports Team, Decades, Masquerade and Disco.

5. Refreshments

If your bus contains a bar area you should set up a refreshment station. Don’t worry about sticking to soda and water. Spruce it up with some sparkling champagne (non alcoholic of course). Be careful of spilling drinks on your expensive outfits though, containers with lids work best when the bus is moving. 

6. Rental Prices

Make sure to research the best prices before choosing what company to go with. Make sure you split up the price of the bus and collect the money ahead of time. Collecting the money and paying the company shouldn’t be a problem the day of prom. Take care of this early so it doesn’t ruin or confuse you on your big day. 

7. Choose your route

Make sure the driver knows the plan and your time schedule. You will want to plan plenty of time in between for pictures and if dinner takes longer at your restaurant. It is good to discuss an itinerary with the driver before so they can plan accordingly.

8. Meeting the driver 

You should ask your drivers rules before entering the party bus. This will make sure that neither of you offend each other in any way and have a good time. At the end of the night don’t forget to tip your driver for being so cool!

Utilize these ideas for your prom night. Your prom group will be happy to be so organized with the Party Bus. There are so many options to incorporate into this special night, you’ll be sure to find some good ones that work for you! 

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