Adult Birthday Party Games

33 Best Adult Party Games

When thinking of party games, you may think of cliche games like “pin the tail on the donkey” or hitting a pinata hoping that candy will fall out. However, adults require a different version of birthday party games they’d want to participate in. Are you looking for ways to keep your guests entertained during your birthday party this year? This list of adult birthday party games will help you find the perfect party games for you and your guests. They range from classics games to a few fresh ideas. I hope you find some great party game inspiration. 

Creative Ideas for Adult Party Games

1. Who Am I?

Looking for a game of charades? To play Who Am I, all you need is some paper, pencils, and a bowl. Participants write down the name of a person on a slip of paper and then place those slips in the bowl. They then have to act out the person whose name they pull out of the bowl first. The rest of the guests then take turns at guessing who the person is. To mix it up, you can also pick between celebrities, athletes, or even other people in your friend group.

2. Pictionary

Pictionary is a party game that everyone can enjoy. It’s a classic game and most people already know how to play. If you are fuzzy on the rules though, here are the general rules of the game. You can simply form teams and obtain a drawing pad and pencil. As you draw, teams must try to guess what your final drawing is going to be. Teams can place their prompt words or phrases in a bowl. Each team has one minute to guess and if they are correct, they get a point. If they guess wrong, the point goes to the other team. 

3. Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie works for all ages. It is a simple game of getting to know your guests more. Guests tell two truths and a lie as others try to guess which is the truth. This game works great for not only close friends, but it is a great icebreaker for making new relationships. You may even learn something new about your closest friends!

4. Birthday Roast

If you have a good sense of humor, this could be the game for you. Your guests have to take turns telling embarrassing stories about you, all in good humor. Sometimes the best way to break the ice is to roast the guest of honor! It’s a good way to get people laughing and having a good time.

5. Family Feud

You can make a party game out of this well-renowned tv show, Family Feud. In this version, collect questions about the guest of honor, rather than random surveyed questions like the show. You’ll need to split players into teams, and the points go to whoever correctly answers the questions first. You can split questions into different categories such as “things you’ll find in ____ purse or wallet,” or “favorite musical artists.”

6. Fill in the Lyrics 

Is your guest of honor an avid fan of music? If so, Fill in the Lyrics might be a good choice for a game. Before the party, you’ll just need the guest of honor to provide a playlist of their favorite songs. At certain times during the songs, pause it, and teams will then have to guess which lyrics come next.  

7. Giant Jenga

A popular game amongst all ages is Jenga. Giant Jenga might be a good investment for your next birthday party. This game is just a life-sized version of the game Jenga. For adults, you can write a truth or dare on each piece. When the players pull out a block, they have to abide by the challenge written on it. Just make sure to wear shoes in case that big tower of blocks tumble!

8. Prosecco Pong

A classier version of beer pong is Prosecco Pong. It is a fun way to incorporate drinking into your adult party. You can fill plastic wine glasses with sparkling water or prosecco to be used as your targets. Shoot away as you sip on the wine!

9. Cornhole

Cornhole is practically a staple of all summer birthday parties. It is a great outdoor game.  You can add to the fun by creating a tournament with a prize for the winner. A popular prize is handing out gift cards to local coffee shops, restaurants, or shops. 

10. Poker Night

Poker is a great way to converse with others as well as exhibit your competitive side. To make things interesting, you can actually wager real bets. Texas Hold’em is the most popular amongst poker games and is easy to teach to newcomers. Just start practicing your poker face!

11. Karaoke

Karaoke always seems to bring people together, especially if your guest of honor has a good voice. The same is true if you have a bad voice! Either way, a karaoke competition in which people vote on who did the best could be an excellent party game. It also doubles as entertainment!

12. Horseshoes

Having an outdoor party? A game of Horseshoes would be a great game to entertain guests. Even if you don’t have an actual horseshoe set, they make cheap alternatives that work just as well. Set up a few stations throughout your yard so everyone can play! Horseshoe is a mindless game that lets you socialize while you play which makes it a perfect party game.

13. Escape Room

If you plan on going out for your birthday, an escape room is a great way to entertain you and your friends. These can last a few hours and can create a lot of fun memories. For a more inexpensive option, you can also do these in your own home by setting up a room full of clues for your guests to discover. 

14. Pet Peeve

One way to get to know people is by learning their pet peeves. In this game, everyone writes down their pet peeves and places them into a bowl. As everyone sits in a circle and pick out a slip of paper one at a time. They read the pet peeve out loud and the other players try to guess who it belongs to. 

15. Most Likely 

If you want to combine a guessing game with some drinking, the game Most Likely might be your game of choice. In this game, players sit in a circle as each person asks who is most likely to do an action of their choice. Then when they count to three, everyone points at who is the most likely to do that action. If the majority of fingers are pointing at a person, they have to take a shot. 

16. Spoons

Looking for a speedy reflex game? Spoons allow up to 13 players at once, which is great for a large gathering. Players take turns trying to collect four-of-a-kind cards from a dealer. The game starts as the dealer places a card face down to the person on their left. That card continues to go in a circle as each person chooses to keep it or not. Once you correctly keep four-of-a-kind, you can reach for a spoon that is located in the middle of the circle. However, everyone else can too. The person that doesn’t grab a spoon earns a letter. If you spell out the word S-P-O-O-N, you’re out.

17. React and Act

This game is used as an entertaining icebreaker. React and Act is a great game for any occasion. All you’ll need are slips of paper to write on and a bowl to place them in. Players will write certain occurrences on their slip of papers, and others randomly select those slips. Whichever occurrence is in the slip, they must act out. An example may be winning the lottery. Others then take guesses at what the occasion is, and a point goes to the first correct guess. This game can be played in teams or as a large group.

18. The “No” Game

If you’re searching for a game that makes guests think before they speak, The “No” Game is an excellent choice. All you need is a necklace, or any place holding device that participants can have on them during the game. Each guest starts with one necklace. During the party, participants try to get others to say “no” by asking certain questions. If you say “no” to someone’s question, you must hand over your necklace to them. Whoever ends the party with the most necklaces is the winner. 

19. The Pinning Game

All you need is some lightweight clothespins. One person will take the clothespins and try to place them on others without them noticing. If the pinner gets caught, they must take a drink. However, if the pinner can go for 5 minutes without being caught, those pinned must take a drink. The next pinner is determined by the last person previously pinned.

20. Birthday Balderdash

Birthday Balderdash is a more personalized approach to a traditional party game. Each guest writes down a story about the guest of honor. The guest then reads each story out loud and guesses who wrote it.

21. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is a perfect card game made for adults. The crazy phrases and words on each card are great for people with a mature sense of humor. Each individual gets 10 cards with a single word, or phrase, on them. The dealer then chooses another card that acts as a prompt for that single word or phrase.

Often times, it is a fill in the blank. Each player places one of their 10 cards into the middle, and the dealer chooses which one best fits the prompt. Usually, the winner is the one with the funniest card, and they earn the prompt card. Whoever finishes the game with the most prompt cards wins. Participants can decide to play to a certain number. 

22. Slip It In

If you have guests that are sly with their words, Slip It In could make for an entertaining game. Once each guest arrives, they shall receive a paper slip with a questionable phrase. The objective is to incorporate that phrase into a normal conversation without getting called out. If 5 minutes pass without anyone noticing what was said, they earn a prize.

23. Head’s Up

Head’s Up is an entertaining game that is usually played on a smartphone. Once you download it on your phone, you are presented with several categories. After you make a category pick, you hold the phone to your forehead. The phone then will present words that others must describe to you without actually using the word. As you try to guess the word located on your phone, there is a timer. If you get it correct before the timer, you will tilt your head forward and a new word will appear.

24. Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire is a classic drinking game and is perfect for an adult birthday party. All you need are drinks and a deck of cards. Players take turns drawing from the deck of cards. Each card represents a drinking action. For example, if you draw a 2, you pick someone to drink but if you draw a 3, you must take a drink. You can make this unique to any party and pair different actions with each card value.

25. Guess the Song

If everyone at your party seems to have an interest in a certain genre of music, Guess the Song might be a perfect game. Create a Spotify or iTunes playlist of classic songs that were heard during the birthday person’s childhood or teenage years. Try and make the list as long as you can and shuffle the playlist in order to also make it fun for the person who created it. You can split into teams, as a designated person plays music from a speaker. The first team to yell out the song that is being played gets a point, and the tea, with the most points at the end of the game wins. You can add some enticement to the game by having team participants take a drink each time they lose.

26. Mafia

Mafia is a combination of cards and a classic whodunnit. Before beginning, you must place a specific role on each card. Roles range from a detective, a doctor, townspeople, and mafia members. Once you take your randomly chosen card from the moderator, you know your role in the game. However, no one else does. Each role has a specific job. The mafia members can choose to kill others, the detective can eliminate mafia members by correctly raising suspicion, and the doctor may save another player from getting killed. Townspeople may vote someone out at the end of the round.

The round begins with everyone closing their eyes. The moderator then will tell only the mafia members to open their eyes and to choose a victim to kill. If you are chosen, you may not speak to the remaining players. The remaining players themselves must come together to correctly vote out a mafia member. The doctor can save those killed if they correctly guess who has been killed, and the detective can place suspicion on someone. After suspicion is raised, the townspeople come together and vote on said person. Whoever they vote in is eliminated, whether or not they are a mafia member. The game goes until either the mafia is eliminated or the townspeople are. 

27. Charades

Divide your guests into two groups. Each member takes a turn acting out something from a category (ex. – scary movies). The category can be chosen and agreed upon beforehand by the guests. You can keep it to categories like movies or music, or make it even harder by having them choose whatever word they’d like. The person acting out the word can’t talk and must act it out. The more creatively they present their word, the higher chance of having their teammates guess correctly. If the team guesses it correctly in under a minute, they get a point. Check out all the rules for charades here.

28. Musical Chairs

Why limit this fun event to just kid’s parties?  Create a playlist of fun music and line chairs up in two rows back to back. The amount of chairs must be one less than the amount of guests playing, for example, if you have 12 guests playing, there should be 11 chairs. Once the music starts, players walk around the chairs in a circle, and once the music stops everyone must race to find a seat for themself. The person without a seat is “out” and the game starts again with one less chair. Pushing is prohibited!

29. Yes or No Chairs

Set up chairs in a circle and have all of your guests take a seat. Choose someone to ask simple (or probing!) yes or no questions. When a guest answers yes, he/she moves to the chair to their right. If the answer is no, they stay in their seat. The first person to make it all the way around the circle first wins. If someone is in the chair, you can share the chair if your guests are comfortable. 

30. Hula Hoop Race

This game requires groups of at least three or four. Give the first player in each group a hula hoop. To play, you must move the hula hoop to the last person in line and then continue moving it all the way to the agreed upon finish line. Every teammate must be holding hands with each other, making it trickier to complete. The first team to move it all the way across the field or gym line wins. To see an example of a hula hoop relay race, find it here!

31. Hug It out

This game gets people acquainted quickly and always gets some laughs.  Place all of your guests in a circle with a good amount of space between them. Choose a leader who will yell “Rollup” and everyone will stretch their arms out and keep them separated (ready for a hug). When that person yells “Unwind”, everyone finds another guest to hug. By the end, everyone will have hugged everyone.

32. It’s All In Your Head

Pair up people who don’t know each other and give them a small circular object, such as a ball or fruit, which they have to hold between their foreheads. A leader will call out commands that include jumping, walking and moving in different directions. The last pair with the object still between their foreheads, without dropping it, wins.

33. Cake Swap

Who doesn’t love a cake? Having a cake swap is a fun, edible way to get your guests to bond. Doesn’t everyone has a family specialty, tradition, or even a secret recipe? This is a great way to get your friends to bake something and share stories with your friends about your family while creating new ones as well. Who knows? Maybe one of these recipes might be a new tradition in your own household.

34. Potlock

Everyone gets tired of cooking the same handful of meals. This is such a creative way of getting all of your friends to create a family favorite dish and sharing it. While indulging in diverse dishes, and possibly finding a new favorite dishes, share some stories about the origin of the dish around the table. It keeps the legacy of the dish and those who created it alive. It’s such a good opportunity to share recipes and try different meals with those who are important to you or share someone important to yourself.


Whether you choose to play one, two, or multiple of these games, they’ll help liven up your party’s atmosphere with these classic party games for both the birthday honoree and your guests. Make sure to keep in mind of CDC Guidelines for gatherings and to account for social distancing, wearing masks, and COVID-19 testing if you’re planning to incorporate any of these games at your party! hope these ideas have inspired you to create a fun and entertaining party for your adult guests. Everything on this list is easy to do and is sure to satisfy the competitors in all of us. I hope you and your guests will have a great time with these adult birthday party games!

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