Affordable Kid's Party

8 Best Affordable Kid’s Party Ideas

Throwing your child a birthday party is so much fun, but when it comes to checking out at the party store, paying the total is not. Whether money is tight or you are trying not to spend a fortune at a birthday party, we have some tips on how to shop smart for your party. Here we have 8 Affordable Kid’s Party Ideas


Top 8 Affordable Kid’s Party ideas

1. E-vites

In a world that is so technologically driven, why not send an electronic invitation? It’s not weird at all! There are several sites that you can send themed birthday party invitations from. All you need is the email of the parents of the children your child wants to invite. If you cannot find an evite template that works for you, you can create your invitation by dressing up an email. Use some fun clip art and colorful fonts to communicate to your guests who, what, where, when, and why.

2. Go Minimalist

As Kelly Johnson once said, “keep it simple, stupid.” Going all out for a child’s birthday party is fun, but once everything is over, looking back at how much you spent may give you buyers remorse. Of course, every birthday is a big deal to a child. Growing up is a big deal. But, there is nothing wrong with scaling the birthday budget back for a less significant age. Keep decorations to a minimum if you want to take off from the grand total. Streamers, balloons, table cloths, and napkins are all great options to add pops of color to your party without spending a whole lot.

3. Shopping Smart

Shopping at a party store can be expensive. That’s because you are paying for everything to be in one place. If you want to save money, you’re going to have to do some digging beforehand. Look online at sites such as Amazon, Walmart, or Target for good deals. One tip is price matching: if you find something cheaper online and Walmart has that same product, they will price match it. This is a great tip to utilize, but it will require prior research.

Sometimes other stores will do this; you just have to ask at the register. Dollar stores are another great place to shop for party supplies and candy. Check out a dollar store near you, either in person or online, before you spend more than a dollar on decorations.

4. Back to Basics

When did it ever become the unwritten rule that if your child is having a themed birthday party, you have to get the themed table cloth, the matching plates, the matching mini cake plates, the cups that go with it, and the napkins that pull it all together? All that sounds like to me is a cash register opening and taking all my money.

Have the theme for your child’s birthday, but do back to the basics when it comes to tableware. You don’t need to buy every themed tableware item because we all know how kids parties go. Kids forget which cup is theirs every time they put it down, and 30 minutes into the party, you are already out of cups. Consider purchasing decorations that will go along with your child’s preferred birthday party theme.

For example, if your child wants a race car theme, consider decorations that are black, white, and red instead of buying all the decorations in the “race car theme” section of a party store. Of course, to pull it all together, you can splurge on some distinct race car decorations.

5. Channeling Your Inner Chef

Catering food is convenient, but it’s not the best way to save money. Certain dishes work great for children’s parties that can be prepared before the day of the birthday party. Mac N Cheese is always popular among children and can be easily stored until the party’s day. Pigs in a blanket are also super easy to make, and children love them. Use mini hot dogs and Pillsbury crescent rolls to make this for your guests. It has a sweet and salty taste; they’re so good!

You can make these before the party and heat them up the day of. They can also be served room temperature. If you are hosting the party at your house, buying a couple of large bags of chicken tenders and throwing them in the oven a few minutes before you serve lunch is an affordable option. People don’t need catering, overpriced chicken strips. Chicken strips are chicken strips. There shouldn’t be that much of a difference.

6. Guest List

Consider only inviting some of your child’s closest friends to their birthday party. Have a number of guests that you see fit to invite to your child’s birthday party. Then, sit the soon to be birthday girl/boy down and write down their top X amount of friends to invite that fits the number you have in mind.

7. DIY Games

A great way to save money is to host the party at your house. It seems intimidating, I know. You may be wondering how in the world you will entertain X amount of kids for 3 hours. But, I promise you, there are plenty of ideas out there. All you have to do is simply go onto Pinterest and search “games for a (theme of your party) party,” and a bunch of ideas for games will pop up. From there, there will be options of things you can purchase, or if you want to get artsy, there will be DIY (do it yourself) options. Have fun and get creative!

8. Stress Less

Understand that you do not have to throw the party of the year. Your child is going to have so much fun and appreciate anything you do for their special day. It may seem like the end of the world to your child if they aren’t getting the specific party decorations, but I promise you that will be short lives. Once the party is on, the day’s excitement will make them forget they ever even cared. Do your absolute best on the budget that you can afford, and it will all be worth it.


Celebrate your child with these helpful tips that won’t break the bank. Don’t stress too hard about everything being perfect; it’s a children’s party. Any time they can hang out with their friends, eat cake, and be sent home with candy is a good day for them. Do your research, channel your inner chef/baker, and shop smart and you will throw an amazing party on an affordable budget.

We hope you enjoyed this list of affordable kid’s party ideas!

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