Affordable Prom Decorations

7 Affordable Prom Decorations

Prom is the night that high school students have looked forward to ever since they entered as freshmen. While the prom planning committee wants to make it the most magical night, they are also working on a budget. However, just because there is a strict budget, doesn’t mean that the decorations have to show it. Below are some affordable ideas to decorate your school’s prom and give the students a beautiful night to remember.

Affordable Prom Decorations


1. Dessert Table

If your school has a culinary program, this would be a great opportunity for its students to showcase their talents. The culinary department may do this for free or for very cheap. If your school does not have a culinary program, consider allowing students with a passion for baking to make desserts for the dessert table. Again, this will give students a sense of pride when they see their peers enjoying their work. Plus, you won’t need to buy store-bought items, which will save some of the budgets which could be used elsewhere.

2. Black and White

Classy never goes out of style. Consider decorating the prom venue with black and white decorations, keeping it simple yet stylish. Black and white streamers and balloons can be hung from the ceiling. Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes can be served for dessert. Dress up tables with black and white tablecloths. Black and white ribbon can be purchased to tie around flower vases to spark up centerpieces.

3. DIY Centerpieces

Why buy centerpieces when you have a creative team of students with fresh ideas helping plan prom? At prom planning meetings, brainstorm some DIY (do it yourself) centerpiece ideas. Some great places to start searching for these ideas are on Etsy and Pinterest. You do not have to make each centerpiece exactly how you see it on the internet. There is nothing wrong with picking and choosing what you like and adding your own spin on it.

4. Thrift/Antique store– 

Another idea of easy decor and centerpiece ideas is going to a local antique shop. Antique shops have affordable centerpiece options all the time. You can buy a candelabra for example. The same goes for a thrift store. Thrift stores have colored glass vases in many different shapes and sizes. They also have candles that haven’t been used yet. This is a great affordable option if you’re looking for centerpieces that have an eclectic aesthetic to them. 

5. Holiday Lights

This is a big money saver because you won’t need to go to the store to buy them! Put out an announcement to students that prom will be illuminated with holiday lights.  Have guests donate Christmas lights and hang them up at the prom venue. Not only will the room look pretty, but the students who donate will feel like they’ve had a part in the prom decorating.

6. Fabulous Fabrics

Take a visit to your local craft store to look at their fabrics. You can buy large amounts of fabric for cheap and can drape this on walls for photo ops or the back of chairs for decoration. You can also use them as tablecloths! 

7. DIY Photo Booth

You don’t have to use half the budget renting a photo booth when you can easily make one yourself. First, find somewhere in the venue with a solid backdrop. If there is no place at the venue with a solid backdrop, hang up a bed sheet or fabric. Next, have a table with a bunch of props that students can choose from. Colorful feather boas, silly large glasses, and sparkly plastic hats are just some options. For school spirit, add your school’s baseball cap and accessories that are the school’s colors. Students can use their cell phones to take pictures.

8. Flower Leis

If your high school is hosting a Hawaiin-theme prom, flower leis will add a tropical touch. You can hang these leis around the venue to dress it up. Students can grab leis as they please and wear them on the dance floor. Flower leis can be purchased for cheap at the dollar store or on Amazon

9. Wooden Letters

If your school has a woodshop, students can make letters for prom. Some ideas for what they can cut out is the abbreviation for the high school, the year, and the word “prom.” This is another great idea for showcasing students’ work and having students feel prideful about their work. Students in art class could be in charge of painting and decorating the numbers/letters. Students will find a great photo opp in taking pictures in front of the numbers/letters.

10. Balloon arches

Balloons are inexpensive and easy to put together. Many parties that cater to a large crowd make balloon arches for the entrance to the party. You can either order this or do it yourself. Get heavy wire and bend it into an arch. Then blow up your balloons. The balloons can be one color or variations of a color. Make sure it goes with your theme. Buy string and tie the balloons to the wire until it looks full. That’s all you need! It doesn’t have to be an arch either. You can do balloon pillars as well.


Prom is an exciting time. School is about to end, seniors are about to graduate and move on to their next adventure, and summer is just around the corner. Don’t feel that the bank has to be broken to throw a wonderful prom. Get creative and start brainstorming with your prom planning committee. You may surprise yourself with the ideas you come up with.

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