Air Force Theme Party

27 Best Air-Force Theme Party Ideas

Invite your guests to an event of honor and American pride by throwing a party celebrating the United States Air Force. An Air-Force theme party provides the opportunity to not only entertain your guests with fun games but also allows your guests to learn a little bit about the Air Force.

An Air Force celebration is also for any friends or family members who are entering or leaving the USAF and any other Air Force members you may be honoring at an event. To assist you on this mission we’ve made a list of ideas for an Air Force theme party. We’ve covered everything you’ll need from decorations to games to the menu so you’ll have the best night possible!

Air-Force Theme Party Invitations


Sending out invites that exemplify your patriotism and love for the Air Force will be the perfect way to set up the entire event. It will allow your guests to build up expectations and get super excited about your party!

1. Air Force Theme Invitations

When creating invitations for your Air Force theme event make sure to go above and beyond just including the date, time, and place. Decorate your invitations with jets, fighter wings, and the Air Force seal. Instead of using regular invitation sayings such as “Come to my party”, use words that are representative of the Air Force like “Jet on over to my party” to help get your guests excited.

2. Air Force Training Camp Invitations

Another option is to send your guests invitations with recruitment phrases on them. Use phrases like “You have been recruited” and “Report to training camp”. From there just incorporate your party’s details with these phrases.

Air-Force Theme Party Décor

Air-Force Theme Party Décor

Air Force theme party supplies are necessary to create an authentic and respectable environment. Decoration ideas for Air Force parties are listed below.

3. Air Force Pilot Uniforms

Rent old Air Force pilot uniforms to use as decorations. Choose uniforms from throughout the century. Set the collection of uniforms up against a wall in a timeline order so that your guests can see how it has changed over the years.

4. Colors of the Air Force

The most important colors of the USAF are navy and gold. When choosing decorations pick items in these two colors. Use these colors when choosing decorations such as table settings and balloons. For ceiling decorations, you can twist navy and gold streamers together.

5. Model Airplanes

Collect a variety of model Air Force airplanes and fighter jets from throughout history. Attach a string to the airplanes and hang them from the ceilings in your home or venue. Also, you can place model planes on tables and other flat surfaces in the party area for guests to see up close. There is a vast variety of model planes that can be purchased online.

6. America: Red, White & Blue

As the Air Force is a division of the US military you will want to decorate with American flags and colors at your parties. Create patriotic centerpieces by combining tiny balloons and flags in vases on the tables. Don’t forget to cover your walls with large American flags.

7. USAF Photographs

Collect old and recent photographs of pilots and soldiers in the Air Force and frame them. Choose photos of famous Air Force personnel as a way to honor them and make sure their name is on or next to the picture. Place the photos in frames around the rooms of the party for guests to see. Set them up on tables near the front door as an entrance piece.

8. Patriotic Tablecloths

There are tons of patriotic tablecloths out there such as maps of the United States, American flags, and USAF flags. If you don’t want to use these to cover dining tables you can cover displays with them.

9. Coffee Table Books

Collect an assortment of USAF books from bookstores and libraries. Place the books in the middle of tables as centerpieces. If you have any low tables near seating, place the books on the tables so that your guests can look through and read!

Party Menu

Party Menu

Once you send out enticing Air Force theme invitations, be sure to live up to your guests’ expectations by serving delicious American food and an Air Force theme cake. Try some of these US Air Force menu ideas.

10. Snacks Labeled with Military Terms

Before dinner, don’t forget to set out snacks for your guests to munch on. To add to the Air Force theme, label the containers that the snacks are in as items that are associated with the military. Choose items to label that are similar to the shape of the snack. For example, label popcorn as grenades, cheese doodles or carrots as ammunition, apple rings as compasses, grapes as bombs, broccoli as parachutes, and so on. See what creative ideas you can come up with for your own snack labels!

11. American Barbecue

What better way is there to celebrate America than to serve traditional American food? Serve your guests food that you would have at an American barbecue such as hotdogs, hamburgers, salads, and French fries.

12. US Air Force Jet Cake

Everyone will love a cake in the shape of an airplane! This can be achieved in many ways but we recommend using round cakes cut into the perfect airplane shape. Choose white frosting to cover the cake and other colors to decorate the rest of the airplane. Looking for some inspiration on custom edible goodies? We’ve got you covered.

13. Air Force Seal Cake Idea

If you aren’t as baking oriented as some, find a vendor that specializes in making intricately designed cakes and order a cake or cupcakes with the official United States Air Force seal on top of them!

14. Airplane & Pilot Cake Toppers

If you plan to make a simpler cake than the ones listed above, an easy way to keep the theme is to top the cake with Air Force figurines. You can use mini plastic soldiers, pilots, and airplanes!

15. Air-Plane Shaped Cookies

Not a big cake person? Easy fix, you can order airplane shaped cookies or make them using airplane shaped cookies! Perfect for an easy-distribution process for your guests. Even more perfect for a goodie bag as well!

Air-Force Theme Party Games & Activities

Air-Force Theme Party Games & Activities

Parties aren’t complete without fun games and activities. Entertain your guests with exciting Air Force theme party activities that everyone will enjoy!

16. Young Pilot Training Academy

Create a pilot training school right in your home. Have your guests go through different tests to gauge if they are ready to be a pilot! Make up an eye test by having your guests play observation activities, set up a backyard obstacle course to test their speed and strength, and play Simon Says to check how well your guests can follow orders. When your guests successfully finish every test, give them personalized certificates showing that they have “graduated” from your pilot training academy!

17. Paper Planes

Everyone enjoys making paper airplanes! Have your guests fold paper into airplanes and then have a contest to see whose plane flies the farthest. Before folding, you can also have your guests decorate the paper with markers and crayons to add to the fun.

18. Pilot IDs

Have your guests create their own pilot IDs! Take pictures of your guests in Air Force pilot uniforms with a digital camera. Print out the pictures and glue them onto pieces of cardstock. Put a title at the top of the card saying “Pilot ID” and have your guests fill out needed personal information including their names, birthdates, gender, height, eye color, and so on. Your guests can wear the Pilot IDs around the party, pretend to be Air Force pilots, and even take them home as favors! We’re excited to share ideas for DIY party decorations and favors.

19. Grenade Target Launching

Water balloon grenade launching is a perfect outdoor activity for an Air Force theme! Fill a few dozen water balloons with water and place them in buckets. In the yard, set up large targets and have your guests launch water balloons at the targets. Give out prizes for the best on-target shot.

20. Pass the Grenade

Transform the classic game of “Hot Potato” into a military theme game by using a plastic toy grenade instead of a potato. Tell your guests to start passing the grenade once the music starts. Just like “Hot Potato”, the person who is holding the toy grenade when the music stops will be out of the game. You could use anything as a base, but you may want to look into acquiring a “Hot Potato” of your own to customize!

21. USAF Guest

If you know a retired Air Force pilot or even someone who is currently in the Air Force, invite the USAF member to your party to share his or her experience in the Air Force. Have them dress in their uniform and allow time for your guests to ask questions.

Party Favor Ideas

Party Favor Ideas

As your party comes to end you will want your guests to leave with favors that will allow them to always remember the fun. Since your event will be full of patriotism, below are ideas for giveaways, prizes, and Air Force party favors that your guests will be proud to have.

22. Medals of Honor

Find an assortment of plastic medals of honor and USAF badges and give them to your guests as favors.

23. Identification Dog Tags

Everyone knows how significant dog tags are in the military. Create personalized dog tags for your guests to take home with them. Other ideas include putting the name and date of the event on the tag for your guests to always remember where they got the dog tags.

24. USAF Stickers

Hand out Air Force stickers at your party. Choose stickers of the Air Force seal, fighter jets, and pilots to keep true to the theme.

25. Patriotic Flags

Flags are such an important part of showing patriotism and loyalty in the United States. Hand out miniature American flags and USAF flags for your guests to take home with them.

26. Air Force Theme Movies

Buy copies of well-known movies about the Air Force and hand them out to your guests as favors. Choose from titles like Top Gun, Stealth, and Pearl Harbor, but make sure the movies you choose are age-appropriate for your guests.

27. USAF Food Rations

Give your guests military dessert rations such as brownies, cookies, or freeze-dried ice cream. These make for great giveaways for these theme parties and you can easily make goodie bags out of them. You can find rations at military surplus stores. You may also want to be conscious about the healthiness of your rations; we have some ideas you might like.


It’s important to take into consideration your guest’s ages and experiences before labeling foods and games with possibly triggering references to grenades etc. 

The décor will set the mood of the party while the games and food will ensure that the fun keeps going. Giving out favors is extremely important to show your gratitude for your guests. Using our ideas you will be able to throw an incredibly entertaining yet educational party honoring the spirit of the US Air Force!

There is plenty to consider when planning an air-force theme party. Luckily these ideas will guide you in making the best party possible!

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