Animal Theme Party

25 Cute Animal Theme Party Ideas

Does your child love animals? Every child has that animal-craze phase. If your kid is a big animal lover then their next party should be all about animals! An animal theme party is so much fun and very easy to accomplish. With these tips and ideas, your next party will be unbeatable.  Keeping children entertained can be a challenge but with these fun animal and jungle-themed games, it should be no problem. So try out some of the games below for one wild party!

Animal Theme Party: Decor

Animal Theme Party: Decor

1. Navigation

Make fake wooden signs from poster paper that point to the direction of the bathroom, kitchen, safari, party, campsite, etc. Cut them in the shape of arrows and tape them to the walls.

2. Danger Signs

Make warning signs that caution visitors to beware of lions or crocodiles, don’t feed the animals, etc. You can make these out of supplies like brown construction paper or brown grocery bags. Crunch them up into a ball to make them look worn and then smooth them back out and write the words with paint.

3. Balloons

Balloons liven up any party. Get balloons in the shape of various animals and regular balloons in an assortment of colors. You can also hire a professional balloon animal maker! They can come to the party for an hour and make as many balloon hats and animals that your kid desires. 

4. Table Setting

Buy some plates, table settings, and cups with animals on them or in animal shapes. Use party supplies like animal confetti to decorate the table.

Animal Theme Party: Snacks

Animal Theme Party: Snacks

5. Animal Crackers 

Animal crackers are a no-brainer when it comes to an animal theme birthday party. There are so many kinds too! Buy an assortment of regular and frosted animal crackers and have them ready in a bowl for all your guests to enjoy. 

6. Cookies 

Make sugar cut-out cookies in the shape of various animals! This can double as an activity as well. Have your kid and their friends’ frost and decorate the cookies before they eat them!

7. Cup Cakes 

Many bakeries can produce animal theme cupcakes for you. If your child has a favorite animal, make sure that the cupcakes are decorated as that animal. There are also a lot of do it yourself animal cupcake designs if you’re up for a challenge.

As delicious as these yummy treats are, you might want to consider more healthy alternatives! We’ve got you covered.

Animal Theme Party: Games

Animal Theme Party: Games

8. Animal Piñata 

Take a candy piñata and bring it to the next level by adding small animal figurines and animal stickers. Hang it outside or in the basement where there will plenty of room to smash the piñata open!

9. Predator and Prey 

The fox and rabbit are natural enemies! To play a “wild” version of cops and robbers, split the group of kids evenly into a group of foxes and a group of rabbits. For added flair provide fox masks and rabbit masks. Choose “havens” in the yard like trees or the porch. When the foxes tag the rabbits their roles are reversed. This twist on an old game will be a fun fit for the theme of the party.

10. Animal Charades

Write the names of several animals from the zoo on a piece of paper and put them in a bucket. Let each child take a turn drawing a piece of paper and acting out the characteristics of that animal while the others try to guess what animal they are.

11. Hungry Hungry Hippos

This classic tabletop game is made up of four “hungry” mechanical hippos whose mouths are operated by a lever that opens and closes them. To win, one must feed their hippo as many marbles as they can by opening and closing its mouth.

12. Safari Animal Scavenger Hunt

Before the party starts, hide several jungle plush animals throughout the party space. Gather the kids and tell them that the jungle animals have all gone missing and call out different animal names for them to go find. Do this until the kids have successfully gathered all the missing creatures.

Animal Theme Party: Activities

Animal Theme Party: Activities

13. Birdhouse Crafts

Have your guests build birdhouses out of recycled materials such as 2-liter soda bottles or popsicle sticks. Include paint and other craft supplies to make each birdhouse unique. You can ask people to bring empty 2-liter bottles in your invitation. There’s also plenty of fun products built for this endeavor that you might enjoy.

14. Face Painting 

Buy some washable face paint and paint each child’s face like their favorite jungle animal.

15. Petting Zoo

Petting Zoos are perfect for an animal lover. You can either go to one or have one come to you! You can hire a pony or a group of llamas to drop by your house for an afternoon of fun! Only do this if you don’t mind a few accidents in your yard! The kids will definitely love it. 

16. Animal Themed Photo Booth

Set up a safari or jungle themed backdrop and put out different animal costumes and accessories. The kids get to go crazy trying on different things, and everyone who participates gets a fun photo to remember the party.

Animal Theme Party: Favors

Animal Theme Party: Favors

17. Straw Hats for Cowboys and Cowgirls

Your guests will feel like they’re at the safari when they all get to wear their own cowboy hats. It’s something that they will like to keep wearing even after the party.

18. Farm Activity Stickers

For the young folks at your farm party, you can place farm-theme stickers and giveaways in their goodie bags.

19. Horseshoes

Buy small toy horseshoes for your guests to take home. Your guests will feel just a little luckier after coming to your party.

20. Barnyard Plush Toy

Give your guests small plush toy prizes to remember the party. You can find a wide assortment of animal plush toys at popular kid stores. 

21. Barn Shaped Magnets

Your guests will appreciate these goodies. These barn-shaped magnets will be a cute reminder of your party.

22. Barn Animal Chocolates

For chocolates you can order farm candy molds, melt some chocolate chips, and viola – farm candy!

23. Itty-bitty Hay Bales

These mini hay bales are a unique party favor that guests can carry around in their pockets. You may need to talk to a local farmer to get these or you can make your own using bunches of straw.

24. Animal Masks

Cute little animal masks are great reminders of the awesome party you’ll throw. Everytime those kids see their mask, they’ll be reminded of your animal-themed party!

25. Animal Print Favor Bags

Your guests will notice the details that you put effort in, including animal print favor bags. Making your favor bag on theme is the finishing touch you need to tie your entire animal theme together.


Every kid at some point acquired a love and obsession for animals. A lot of kids never grow out of that fascination! If your child loves animals then surely an animal theme party is the perfect theme for your kid’s birthday. Having a theme that your kid loves is so important because it adds to the whimsy of birthdays. I hope these ideas have inspired some great ideas of your own and I hope your kid has an amazing party! 

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