28 Best Apple Theme Party Ideas


From luscious red to refreshing green, apples are the perfect way to ring in the oncoming crisp winds and magical snow of the winter. If you’re throwing a winter-related party or just absolutely love apples in general, an apple theme party is the way to go. Below you’ll find an extensive list of ideas for everything apple related ranging from décor to favors and menu items to games!

Apple Party Décor

Using exciting and creative apple party decorations will bring lots of life to your party and leave your guests awe-struck and immersed in the theme. Use your imagination and you will be golden with these apple DIY ideas!

1. Leafy Greens

Use lots of green plants to decorate the room. This will bring brightness and color to the room while also serving as great space fillers. To make this extra special create cutouts of apples and attach them to the branches or leaves. You can also purchase some fake apples and hang them like Christmas ornaments. If you’re in need of even more ideas for healthy goodies, we’ve got you covered.

2. Bright Balloons

Fill the room with balloons that represent actual apples. Use shiny red ones and add stems and leaves on top. You can also decorate with green and yellow balloons as other types of apples.

3. Flirty Martinis

Serve some tasty Green and Red Apple Martinis. Guests will love the idea and enjoy their great taste. Use the Martini glasses as decorations for the party area. A great idea is to make a tower out of these with the green drink already in them!

4. Apple Halves

Cut apples in half and scoop them out just enough to fit a candle in them. These will bring a festive air to the party when lit. You can also use these as bowls for snacks or as flower holders.

5. Scented Candles

Scoop out the center of an apple in a circular shape and place long candles in them. Use different kinds of apples for even more color!

6. Your Own Apple Tree

Use a material such as construction paper to create an apple tree. Stick this onto an open wall as a visual focal point. Write the names of each of your guests on apple cutouts and hang them amidst the apple tree branches.

7. Apple Eye-Catchers

Use vases filled with your most beautiful apples as centerpieces. Place several of these arrangements around the party area.

Apple Party Games and Activities

Don’t forget to liven up your party with exciting games and activities that will provide lots of laughter amongst your guests. Below is a list of our ideas for apple theme party games that will help you get started.

8. Apple Feast

Provide each guest with a bucket of apples. You can supply as many apples as you’d like. The challenge is to finish all your apples as fast as you can. Another way to play this game is to provide each guest with a large number of apples and see how many they can eat. A great idea is to set a time limit for this. The first guest to finish their apples first is the winner. This is a classic game that is perfect for all apple theme events!

9. Pin the Stem on the Apple

Hang up a poster or drawing of an apple without a stem. Ask guests to take turns trying to place the missing stem on the apple while blindfolded. The missing stem can be made out of brown construction paper or any other material. Make sure you spin each participant before they have their turn so they don’t know what direction the apple is in.

10. Bowling With Apples

Use 10 empty soda bottles or cans to set up a bowling game. The twist to this is that you have to use apples as bowling balls. You can create several lanes if you choose to divide your guests into teams.

11. Apple Traveling

Divide your guests into teams and provide them with an apple. The object of the game is to pass the apple to players by using any body part except their hands! If a team happens to drop their apple they must start over. The first team to accomplish this wins!

12. Apple Bobbing

Fill a bucket with water and add several apples into it. Ask your guests to try to retrieve the apples by only using their mouths. To make it even more difficult you can blindfold your guests. This will require them to dunk their entire heads into the bucket to find the apples.

13. Candy Apple Decorating

Let your guests make their own candy apples. Supply them with lots of decorating items, such as sprinkles and other types of candy that they can stick onto the apples. Speaking of decorating, ever considered DIY edible decorations?

Apple Party Menu & Venue Ideas

No party is complete without good food. All you have to do is brainstorm some apple party menu ideas and food tips that will make your party extra special. Below is a list of ideas and tips for an apple theme event to help you with your party planning.

14. Wormy Treats

Serve gummy worms in dishes to represent the worms that people don’t want in their apples. You can add some apples to this dish to make the worms look real.

15. Krispy Apple Treats

Make your own rice Krispy treats that look like apples. Add red food coloring to this and use a Kit-Kat stick as a stem. A great idea would be to use some green frosting as leaves. Serve these to your guests and tell them that they are freshly picked.

16. Yummy Dips

Serve dips that will pair well with apples. Serve apple slices for easy dipping. Some great dips are peanut butter and caramel.

17. Warm Apple Cider

Prepare some warm apple cider for your guests. A great idea is to stick an apple slice onto the rim of the cup to make it look extra special.

18. Green Sherbet

Serve your guests some chilly green apple sherbet at your event. This goes great with cake and will also provide the extra color that will support your theme. A creative idea is to place a pretzel or Kit-Kat stick in the middle of this serving bowl with a leaf next to it.

19. Delicious Apple Cake

A perfect addition to your menu is a delicious cake with apples as the main ingredient. This is a lovely way of incorporating your theme while also providing your guests with a healthy and yummy dessert. You can also turn the cake into an apple by decorating it. Use some red frosting along with some green icing to make leaves.

20. Sweet Candy Apples

Prepare some delicious candy apples. Use caramel or licorice to make this extra yummy. Stick on some decorative sprinkles for some more color.

21. Apple Pie

Bake some apple pie as another great dessert idea. Serve this on a decorative dish that will be sure to catch your guests’ attention.

Apple Party Favors

Thank your guests with enthusiasm and style. Put your best party favors forward and surprise guests with just how much thought and planning you have put into your theme party! We have put a list of starting ideas that you can incorporate into your event. Here are some DIY sweet treats to send guests home with.

22. The Best Cookbook

Purchase some cookbooks that focus on preparing foods with apples. Your guests will love reading through all the possibilities they may not have been aware of before. Experimenting with new recipes is always a great experience for everyone.

23. Plant Your Own Apple Tree

A great way of sharing a little piece of your party with your guests is to give them some apple seeds that they can plant in their yards. Although these may take quite a while to grow into big and robust trees, guests will enjoy being able to watch their growth.

24. Apple Core Cutters

Provide each guest with their own apple cutters. Never again will your guests have to cut their apples with a knife.

25. Sweet Treats

Fill small baggies with an assortment of apple candies. Choose some that are red, green, or yellow. Make sure you look for pieces of candy that are shaped like apples.

26. Scented Candles

Purchase candles that are scented like apples such as Green Apple or Apple Pie. Every time your guests light these candles the sweet scent of apples will remind them of your fantastic party.

27. Sugar Candy Apples

Prepare some delicious candy apples. Wrap them in a decorated plastic wrap along with a colored ribbon to keep this all together.

28. Tasty Arrangements

Give each of your guests a delicious apple snack. Create an arrangement out of this by wrapping the apple with a prepared container of peanut butter so they can dip the apple slices. 


There are so many ideas around an Apple Theme Party! We hope these ideas for favors, décor, and more help head you in the right direction for your apple theme event.

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