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29 Creative Art Theme Party Ideas That Would Make Picasso Proud

One thing great about throwing an art theme party is that there are plenty of rooms for your creativity, and it can be aesthetically pleasing. There are several suggestions for you to consider how to make the party artistic and unforgettable.

Art Theme Party Invitations

1. Paintbrushes

For DIY parties, one invitation idea is to write your party information on an attractive tag and attach it to a foam paintbrush. Or, attach it to a craft tool that fits your party. For instance, if your party is focused on knitting, attach your party information to a pair of knitting needles that your guests can use at your party. They will surely love these invites!

Art Theme Party Games & Activities

Art Theme Party Games & Activities

2. Sidewalk Welcoming

Decorate your sidewalk or driveway with lots of fun and exciting messages for your guests. Leave lots of colored chalk outside so your guests can make additions to the messages! This is great for children because it will encourage them to create art while spending time outdoors.

3. Fun Face Paints

Fun painting activity is to supply lots of face paint so your guests can take turns painting each other’s faces! You can provide face painting kits for kids and face-painting samples so that your guests can choose their favorite. Don’t forget to lay out the small mirror and washcloths before the fun can begin. You can also hire a professional face painter.

4. Artistic Portraits

This is an inclusive activity for all ages. All you have to do is provide some clear acetate sheets that your guests can tape to a mirror. While looking into the mirror, guests can outline their features onto the acetate with a marker. Once they are finished, take the sheets off the mirror and paint them in their portraits with paint. Make this extra fun by providing bright acrylic paints.

5. Smocks for Everyone

All artists need smocks, so create some creative ones at your party. Provide lots of paint, pens, markers, sponges, iron-on images, buttons, and anything else that comes to mind. The more creative and out there, the better!

6. Messy Balloon Art

This game has only one rule – the messier, the better! Fill balloons with different colored paints and pin them randomly on a large canvas. Have your guests create a masterpiece out of this by throwing darts at the balloons. Whenever someone pops one, the paint inside the balloon will splatter and make a neat effect on the canvas.

7. Hands-Only

This game is fun no matter what! Layout bowls with different colored paint and asks your guests to create a masterpiece using only their hands. No paintbrushes are allowed.

8. Household Crafts

Rather than purchasing craft supplies, have guests bring household items they no longer need, such as socks, empty boxes, or clothespins. Challenge guests to make a clever creation from their supplies. They could make a sock puppet, a robot, magnets, etc. Let the creativity flow!

9. Clay Creations

Ask guests to mold modeling clay or putty into a shape. Then allow guests to guess each other’s creations. Think of it as a 3D Pictionary. Create some ideas for others to get some inspiration and to create their own DIY clay art. You can provide them with a safe and colorful polymer molding clay set.

10. Scrapbook Crafts

Ask guests to bring some photos from a special event they wish to remember. Provide stickers, scrapbooking paper, markers, and other supplies to assist guests in creating their very own scrapbooks. You could purchase a scrapbook for each guest as a party favor, or have guests bring their own to design.

11. Make Some Jewelry

Provide beads stone kits to create necklaces and bracelets. Guests could also use string to make friendship bracelets with a simple tutorial.

12. Dart Balloon Painting

Try to put a small amount of paint inside balloons and attach them to a huge white canvas. And then, throw darts at the canvas and have fun with your kids!

Art Theme Party Favors

13. Crafty Play Dough

Playdough is an excellent tool for making almost anything you’d like. Provide some that are different colors so that your guests can have many opinions. These also come in cute little containers that will make it easy to attach a decorative bow.

14. Painting Prize Palettes

Make sure to provide them with some brand new plastic palettes. These are always good to have since they become dirty so easily.

15. Artsy Berets

Make sure your guests look like artists by giving each one their own beret! These hats come in many different colors and patterns, so make sure you give your guests a chance to pick and choose their favorite!

16. Exciting Watercolors

Watercolors paint packs are always necessary for creating art. If guests have never used them before, this will give them the chance to put them to the test. Don’t forget to provide a variety of colors for endless possibilities! Also, attach a cute tag when you provide watercolor paint sets. Your guests might be impressed because of your cute message!

Art Theme Party Menus

Art Theme Party Menus

17. Cookie and Cupcake Décor

Prepare some baked goods, such as cupcakes, cookies, and brownies. To go with your art theme, layout lots of decorating materials, such as a large selection of colored frostings, gel painting pen icing, candy, and sprinkles. Allow your guests to use their creativity by decorating their own treats in any way they’d like!

18. Outburst of Color

Form your masterpiece in a bowl by cutting up lots of different colored fruits and serving them in the same dish. The fruits will complement each other’s tastes when mixed. Add some veggies in the mix for even more healthy snacks.

19. Create Your Own Ice Cream

Parties are not complete without ice cream. Serve your guests bowls of their favorite kind of ice cream. Encourage them to decorate these with a variety of toppings, such as chocolate fudge syrup, raspberry, caramel, or small pieces of fruit! These will turn out delicious no matter how imaginative one is.

20. Rainbow Art Party Cake

You cannot miss cake for the party! Customize the cake with rainbow-colored cake sheets, and decorate the surface of cake with edible paint brushes, crayons, and paint. Also, the scattered paint splatters might make this cake more adorable and impressive.

Artistic Decorations

21. Colorful Swatches

Acquire some paint swatches from your local hardware store and use them as decoration! A great idea is to utilize them as name tags for your table place settings. Maybe use different colors as table markers and help your guests find their table. You can also fill a vase or bowl with lots of them to give it an artistic touch.

22. One Of a Kind Table Covers

Purchase some plain or solid-colored tablecloths and decorate them in your own way by using paint or any other coloring material. The possibilities are endless, with custom phrases and drawings, and you can even splatter different colored paint onto these.

23. Helium Balloons

Making your own helium balloon arrangements is an excellent way to include lots of different colors at your party. Be sure to include each color when putting these together.

24. Crafty Paint Cans

Use paint cans as flower vases. Cut the flowers shorter than you usually would so that they fill up the entire can. You can also tie balloons to a ribbon and tie this ribbon to the bottom of the cans to create balloon arrangements.

25. Artwork From the Past

Go through the artwork you created as a child or from previous years and use these as decoration. They will help start interesting conversations at parties amongst your guests, while also providing you with a chance to explain what your inspiration was for making them.

26. Open Canvases

Decorate an open wall with a large piece of butcher paper. Supply some markers, crayons, and paint so that your guests can decorate this throughout the party. At the end of the day, guests will have collectively created a giant masterpiece!

27. Painting Easels

Use some decorative easels by posting messages or signs on them, such as “Welcome to the Party.” You can also use these as a creative way to display artwork that our guests will enjoy.

28. Lots of Art Tools

Take some empty jar containers and fill them with lots of art tools, such as markers, crayons, colored pencils, or chalk! These will provide lots of colors as well as a lovely decoration for this theme.

29. Placemats

Create placemats to look like artist palettes. You can do this by cutting a piece of beige-colored cardstock into the shape of a palette (don’t forget the thumbhole!) and painting circles of color around the edges. Have it laminated to make it sturdier. You can even make your placemats out of wood like an actual palette.


I hope these art theme party ideas gave you some inspiration. Start planning your artistic party and unleash your inner artist! Have a fun, safe, and convenient creative party!

Written by Laura Sastre and Yi Yang

Edited by June Park

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