Baby Shower Deep Freeze Theme Party

26 Baby Shower Deep Freeze Theme Party Ideas

A baby shower deep freeze theme party is an especially great idea for those who are hosting a baby shower! Whether it’s your first, second, or even third child, be sure to host a baby shower deep freeze party that your friends and family will never forget! It is important to make sure you have some fun and exciting games that you can play with your guests. So we’ve come up with a list of wonderful cold themed activities to do at icy parties! Below you’ll also find all your icy party food ideas for the perfect menus and decor!  As long as you focus the party’s attention on the glowing couple, it won’t fail to amaze!

Baby Shower Deep Freeze Theme Party Décor

Baby Shower Deep Freeze Theme Party Décor

1. Colors

Since you’re throwing a Deep Freeze party, colors such as blue, white, and silver will probably fit the chilly theme the best.

2. Costumes

No Deep Freeze party feels complete in regular party clothing! Blast the air conditioning in your venue and ask all your guests to come dressed in their best winter wear. Keep extra thick coats, scarves, and beanies on hand in case one of the guests forgets to dress up and starts feeling like they may freeze in the cold!

3. Decorative Snow

The beautiful yet icy winter snow that turns every cold December night into a magical wonderland, is an absolute essential at any Deep Freeze party. You could create your own origami snowflakes from papers of shades of blue and white and hang them up on your walls for an inexpensive decoration idea. You could even buy beautiful and shimmery strings of snowflake streamers and use them to glam up your space. Twist these snowflake streamers with golden fairy lights and line your ceiling with these decoratively, to give an aesthetic glow to your party. Find more party supplies here.

4. Decorative Lights

Use your creativity in making the party’s light source a decorative one! Replace your regular lamb shades with some that are of different colors. You can also replace your light bulbs with some colored ones in order to create a certain ambiance. If you are hosting a baby shower, you could even center this theme around the sex of the baby. For example, if the baby is to be a girl, use pink light bulbs, along with pink lampshades!

5. Balloon Fest

Use balloons that appear to be frozen, such as icy blues or pearly whites! If you are hosting a baby shower, you could match the balloons with the baby’s gender, such as pink for a girl and blue for a boy. If the baby’s gender is unknown or a surprise, use balloons that are bright green or yellow. These will look great if you pair them with white balloons!

6. Snowy Character

If there’s going to be children at your party, putting up posters and cutouts of beloved snowy animated characters such as Elsa and Anna from Frozen will be a great way to make them feel welcomed!

7. Flower Accents

Fill lovely vases with colorful blooming flowers. This decoration will bring life to the party, as well as saturate the room with wonderful aromas. If you are following a color scheme, be sure to match your flowers, as well.

8. Pleasant Aromas

Place multiple scented candles around the party area. Choose scents that correspond to this theme. For a baby shower, use scents that will create a tranquil atmosphere, such as cherry blossom or coconut hibiscus. For any other party, use wintery scents, such as sparkling cinnamon or hazelnut.

9. Baby Delivery!

For a baby shower, hang pictures or decorations with storks on them! A fantastic idea is to purchase a life-size cutout of a stork and use it as a decoration for the party area or for your mailbox to welcome your guests!

10. Baby Toys

Use baby items, such as pacifiers, baby bottles, rattles, and bibs as decoration! What looks great is tying several pacifiers and rattles to a ribbon and hanging it from the walls or ceilings. Fill a vase with baby toys and use it as a centerpiece for your table! Just some ideas, but the possibilities are endless!

11. Dangling Streamers

Dangle streamers from your walls or ceilings. Get creative with these by braiding or twirling several streamers together! Parties aren’t complete without streamers!

Baby Shower Deep Freeze Theme Party Games and Activities

12. Leaning Nappy Tower

Ask each of your guests to bring a package of nappies. Divide the guests into groups of two or more, and challenge them into building a tower with just the nappies! The group who is able to build the tallest tower wins! The parents can then keep them all for when the baby comes. Be sure to ask the guests to bring nappies of different sizes so that they will fit the baby when they start to grow!

13. Ice Cube Melt!

Ask your guests to form a circle. The game begins by passing an ice cube around the circle. The object is not to let the ice cube melt in your hands! As it gets smaller and smaller, the game gets all the more exciting! The person who is left with a puddle of water in their hands instead of an ice cube is out of the game. Continue playing this until there is only one person left! This is sure to make your deep freeze party extra icy by giving the last person standing a Deep Freeze themed prize!

14. Baby Toys

All you need for this game is one of those plastic shape toys that babies have where they must insert shapes into their corresponding holes. Have your guests take turns trying to fit all the shapes into their corresponding holes within a time limit! Add a blindfold in order to make it more exciting! To keep it within the Deep Freeze themed party activities list, add in some frozen shapes!

15. Delectable Treats

Lay out several different unlabeled jars of baby food. Guests are only allowed to taste, smell, and look at the contents of each jar while they try to guess what flavors they are! The person who can guess the most correct flavors is the winner! Ideas are endless; you could even freeze the baby foods to give that cold effect when trying!

16. Nappy Pin Mania!

This game has only one rule, not to say the word “baby” throughout the entire party! Each guest must pin a nappy pin onto their shirt. If a guest makes the mistake of saying “baby”, then the person who heard them can remove their own pin and place it next to their original pin! The guest with the nappiest pins at the end of the party becomes the butt of the joke! All shower parties will get a kick out of this game.  

Baby Shower Deep Freeze Theme Party Menu

Baby Shower Deep Freeze Theme Party Menu

17. Creative Icy Designs

Purchase some fun ice cube trays so you can make your very own creative drinks! Your guests will love to see something different than just a regular square ice cube in their delicious, cold drink!

18. Yummy Yogurt Pops!

Make your own healthy popsicles! All you have to do is insert Popsicle sticks into a yummy yogurt carton. Do not peel the yogurt lid back in order to do this; just simply pierce the stick directly through it. Leave these in the freezer until they become frozen, and voila! Use the stick to pull out the Popsicle and enjoy it!

19. Chilly Italian Ice Treats!

Serve your guests some chilly Italian ice! These are easy treats to give out, and they do not make any mess. Be sure to choose various flavors so your guests can pick their favorite, such as lemon and strawberry! It’s a perfect party treat!

20. We All Scream For Ice Cream!

Another easy dessert is ice cream. This treat is a great accompaniment for just about any meal. Icy parties aren’t complete without ice cream! Have a couple of different flavors ready to serve. You can also add cinnamon sticks to the ice cream to make it extra yummy!

Deep Freeze Baby Shower Favors

21. Delicious Coffee

Be sure that your guests stay warm in the cold weather by providing them with coffee beans! This gift can easily be made adorable when you include a mug with their coffee. Chocolate covered spoons will complete this cute coffee set.

22. Spa Day!

Spoil your guests with spa items for pampering themselves! Get bubble bath soap, creamy scented lotions, and face masks. You can even plan on a day that you will all use these items together! It’s not exactly an icy-themed favor, but self-care sure makes you feel warm inside.

23. Yummy Recipes!

Group together all of the recipes you followed to cook the food for the party. Copy each recipe onto its own page and create your very own recipe book! Give these to your guests so they can replicate their favorite dishes at home!

24. Fluffy Robes

As a joke, you might want to provide your guests with a fluffy robe so they can “avoid the cold!” These can be worn at the party in order to emphasize the deep freeze vibe which they can later take home as party favors.

25. Icy Cubes!

Purchase unique ice cube trays for your guests. Be sure to choose some that have funny designs or shapes. You can also use some of these molds for ice-shapes to be served with drinks at the party.

26. Chilly Packs!

Give your guests some ice packs that will brighten up their day! Choose some that are very vibrant or that have fun patterns. These will not only incite laughter but will likely be useful in your guests’ homes.

Pro-Tip: Frozen Gifts

Instead of having your guests bring material gifts to your baby shower; ask them to prepare some home-cooked meals for you. Store these in the freezer because they will be very useful when the baby comes. You will be especially busy during the first months, so these frozen dinners will come in handy when you don’t have the time or energy to cook yourself food!


There’s a lot you can do to spice up your frozen baby shower. It’s very important to make sure you have some fun games and activities you can play with your guests, which is why you should absolutely refer to our tips! What is more, our list of chilly party favors, décor, and menu ideas will help you plan an epic Deep Freeze party that your friends will always reminisce excitedly about. But most importantly, remember, a Deep Freeze theme can suit many party types besides baby showers! Just put your imagination to work & let your creativity lead your party to success!

Written by Laura Sastre and Aditi Parkikh
Edited by Isabel Tenney

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