20 Best Ideas for Baby Shower Gifts

So, you’re invited to another baby shower and you, yet again, have to think of some gift ideas. Not sure what parents will really need or what will just make them smile? Well, EasyEventPlanning has got you covered! Here are 20 ideas for baby shower gifts that will definitely make any newborn mother’s day.  

Classic Baby Shower Gifts to Consider

Baby Shower Gifts to Consider

1. Mobile Cribs 

While often a seemingly good choice, there are many issues with different cribs. When you’re choosing one, make sure to check it out in person or test it out if possible. While they are toys, they are supposed to help the baby fall asleep, not entertain them. Also, watch out for small parts—we don’t want choking hazards! Cribs can be tricky as children try to find any way to hop right out of them. Your best bet is to get one that is safe and durable. Ask an associate and see what they recommend!

2. Activity Quilt 

A lot of the time, activity quilts might not fit the baby properly. Depending on the baby’s size, he might be too small or too big. We recommend buying one a few months after the baby is born, when their preferences for different objects begin to develop. If you do end up purchasing one, don’t fret! They are a perfect gift for a baby to get started with. Activity quilts are fun as they come in different shapes, sizes and colors. 

3. Changing Table Cover 

While a changing table cover is pretty nifty, parents will often just use a towel or nothing at all when in a rush. If you’re looking to gift a changing table cover, feel free to choose based on looks since the majority of options will have the same practical features. Make it exciting for the parents to whip out! Keep in mind that it should be small enough to keep as a portable. Changing covers are important as they will protect the baby from any bacteria or dirt left by the previous user. It is important to make sure that they are thick and made out of the right material to ensure that the baby’s skin is not irritated. 

4. Cradle Set 

Some families never use one and some use it all the time. Before buying, check-in with the parents—some will be more comfortable than others when sharing the bed with a newborn. If it’s not needed, it can be fairly useless and bulky, so be sure to find out in advance! On the other hand, it can be very useful. They keep the child calm and will put them to sleep in a rocking motion. If you do consider this item, look into different shapes and sizes. Make sure that the cradle set fits in the home and matches the other furniture for the baby.

5. Nightlight

A nightlight is a very accurate representation of a “family” gift. While families will make more use of it than others, it is incredibly pleasing to look at. If you’re looking for something pretty rather than practical, this is a great choice.

6. Wallpaper 

Make sure to check in with the parents prior to buying this one since they might already have plans for their own wallpaper. If not, it will make for a beautiful, personal gift that lasts a long time.

7. Mirror

Babies love seeing faces and at a younger age are very obsessed with mirrors, making them an educational, fun, and pretty gift for a baby! Crib mirrors are a great option, but make sure not to buy a rear view mirror as they can be very dangerous in a car accident.

8. Baby Bottles 

Even though the parents might already be stocked up on them, a few more baby bottles will never hurt! If buying some, make sure that they aren’t plastic—while they’ve become safer to use in recent years, plastic is still not the best option. Teether sets are a great addition to this gift.

9. Breast Pump Set

Definitely check in with mom-to-be; is she planning on working soon after the baby has been born? If yes, a breast pump would be a great gift! 

10. Safety Gate

If the parents have pets, this will provide pets a comfortable little “safe corner.” Not only that, but it also makes the parents’ life easier as the baby won’t wander around the house too much. While babies are smart enough to overcome obstacles, they definitely don’t do so in very safe ways, so make sure to let the parents know of safety guidelines if you do get a gate.

11. Baby Clothes

When in doubt, getting new parents baby clothing will always be a win. There are so many kinds of clothing you could purchase like onesies, socks/booties, pajama sets, etc. It’s easy to give a personal touch with different designs and colors. You could even go the extra mile and get monogrammed clothing sets!

12. Swaddle Blankets

Swaddle blankets are an essential baby shower gift that has many uses. This versatile gift can be used as a burp cloth, a stroller/car seat cover, and, of course, to swaddle a baby. These blankets come in many different designs and sizes which can make the buying experience that much more fun.

Unique Must-have Baby Shower Gifts

Must-have Baby Shower Gifts

13. Bibs 

There are never enough of them. Babies eat a lot, and they eat very messy food. Bibs get dirty very fast, so you might want to consider buying at least two. Practically, it does not matter how they look—they will get fairly worn out within a couple of months. This gift is truly practical and reduces laundry by leaps!

14. Diaper Pins+Reusable Diapers

Buying reusable diapers is a small move towards a better future, but it counts! Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they are also made of a material that’s healthier for babies. At the same time, they are much, much cheaper in the long run. Using cloth diapers may also prompt the child to try potty training at an earlier age since they don’t have that same dry feeling as they do when they use disposables. 

15. Wall Hanging Mobiles 

Very pretty. You could try a DIY mobile to make it even more personal! Brownie points if it matches the nursery.

16. Bassinet 

Cheaper, smaller, and safer than a crib—a great, practical gift! Make sure that parents go over the safety guidelines prior to use.

17. High Chair 

Make sure that no one else is getting the family a high chair, and you’ll be set! Modern high chairs can have several handy features. There are quite a few foldable high chair brands for eating on the go.

18. Nursing Pads

Nursing pads are extremely helpful for a mother. It might not be the prettiest gift, but they’re super practical! Make sure to go for a reusable option—while they are a bit more time-consuming, they are much healthier and safer for the baby. You could pair this with a feeding pillow that the new mom is sure to appreciate.

19. Splat Mat

If you or somebody else is gifting a high chair, the splat mat will be a great addition!

20. Gift Card

A recent phenomenon that is becoming popular in all gift-giving situations, not just baby showers, is that of giving gift cards. This allows the receiver to be able to buy something they know they need or want. You can buy a baby store-specific card or a general card (think Amazon gift cards).


We hope you have found some good inspiration among these ideas for baby shower gifts! Now go to and have fun spoiling that wee one!

Written Kathleen Kilmer, Matvei Mozhaev, and Amy Chiang

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