Baby Shower Themes Unisex

28 Best Baby Shower Themes Unisex

Are you thinking about throwing a fun baby shower, but want to escape the same old gender normalized themes? Look no further. Here we have 28 of the cutest baby shower themes unisex, of course, for an amazing party that will be sure to celebrate the mom-to-be and the little new life that’s on its way. 

Top 28 Baby Shower Themes Unisex

Top 28 Baby Shower Themes Unisex

1. Cactus

This little theme is perfect for a baby shower. Cacti are a big trend right now, and having this theme for your event will be sure to impress your guests and the mother-to-be. Decorate with plenty of cute mini succulents and cacti wall hangings. Make cacti cupcakes by using different piping tips with green frosting to create the texture of a cactus. Add an accent of red or pink flowers on the sides. 

2. Rustic Boho Chic

A rustic boho event is fun for the classy and chic new mother. Gather wood grain plastic tablecloths and set a lace doily in the center. Finish with a clear milk bottle centerpiece filled with beautiful baby breath flowers. Keep the rest of your decorations simple and boho with lots of white and greenery, with wooden accents. For a fun activity, get supplies and have everyone make their own unique flower crowns.

3. Cinco de Mayo

If the baby shower is in May, this is a fun theme that perfectly goes with the season. Celebrate with plenty of bright colors and floral decorations. Serve chips with guacamole and salsa. Set up a taco bar with tortillas, meats, and toppings. For dessert, serve classic Mexican candies or pastries such as Concha, and finish the menu with a colorful and bright cake. If you really love this fun theme but the shower won’t be in May, simply change the theme to Tacos! 

4. Panda Bear

Pandas are known as one of the most lovable and adorable animals, which make them the perfect theme for celebrating a baby on the way. Set up bamboo decorations and centerpieces, and print out panda bears to use either as little food toppers or to hang on the walls as wall decor. For a fun idea that is sure to catch everyone’s soft side, tie a bunch of balloons to a panda teddy bear’s arm and let your guests ooh and aww at the cute setup. 

5. What Will It Bee

If you plan on having a gender reveal at the baby shower, this cute play on words will be sure to set the tone for the day. Decorate your space with plenty of black and yellow decorations. To make the new mom feel extra special, give her a plastic crown or tiara so she can be designated as the queen bee. For a party favor, give out honey sticks or honey jars as a thank you to the guests for being a part of the hive. 

6. Apple Of My Eye

Another play on words that creates a sweet baby shower is “Apple of my eye”. Base your decorations on the delicious fruit, including setting up decorated wooden crates filled with apples. If the shower is in the fall, decorate with typical fall decors such as brown, orange, and yellow leaves. Serve apples and peanut butter, apple and walnut salad, and finish the meal with apple crisp or apple cake. 

7. Glamping

For the outdoorsy family, a “Glamping” (glam camping) theme is sure to excite everyone for the new baby on the way. Set up your party in an outdoor venue or backyard, and set up a large tent to cover the space. Drape outdoor fairy lights around the space to create a dreamy atmosphere. Serve up typical camping food such as sandwiches or hotdogs, and make a DIY s’mores station!

8. Woodland Animals

A gender-neutral theme that is innocent and unique is woodland animals. Decorate the party with lots of sweet little fox, deer, and rabbit decor. Use cutout paper or plastic mushrooms, flowers, and leaves to place around the space. Keep the theme up with your menu, and serve stuffed mushrooms, fresh fruit, and walnut brownies. 

9. Brunch

For a simple theme that can be easily shaped to fit the likings of the new mom, simply set up a lively brunch or breakfast party. Give the mother-to-be a relaxing morning with friends and family. Serve classic brunch food such as quiche, cinnamon rolls, and pancakes. Don’t forget the orange juice or smoothies. Add to the enjoyable ambiance with plenty of fresh-picked flowers and bright white tablecloths. 

10. Vintage Newspaper

Vintage Newspaper

Sell this party by sending out invitations saying “Extra, Extra, Read All About It!” For such a fun celebration, decorate the centerpieces with printed vintage newspapers glued around vases or milk bottles, and tie a brown string around them to finish it off. Complete the vintage feel with vintage rose plates and napkins, sepia photos, and vintage baby carriage decor. 

11. Beach

A nice relaxing vacation may be just the thing for a new mom to be before the hard work arrives. Set up a party with aquamarine table cloths and scatter seashells and starfish decorations on the center of the tables. Serve up tropical fruit and beverages, pasta salad, and a cake covered in blue frosting and plenty of cocktail umbrellas. 

12. Rubber Ducky

This is a classic baby shower theme for a reason! Rubber duckies are a symbol of childhood and make for the cutest little decorations. Cover your tables with light blue or white tablecloths and create a cute centerpiece with a clear wide vase. Fill the vase with water and add a few floating mini rubber duckies. If you want, add a tea-light candle in the middle. Have plenty of yellow and red foods, and add orange frosting to the tips of Peeps marshmallow candies as the perfect cupcake or cake topper. 

13. Pamper Party

Pamper the mother to be while she has time! Invite the girlfriends over and dress up in white robes, put on face masks, and decorate with light blues, greens, and pinks for a relaxing event. Serve tea sandwiches, cucumber salad, and elegant macarons. Add some fun relaxing music and let everyone imagine the excitement that is soon to come. 

14. Food Baby

For the foodie mothers out there, this theme is sure to leave everyone happy and full. Have a food area dedicated to guilty pleasures and weird pregnancy cravings such as an ice cream bar and pickle rollups. For a fun activity, have a decorating competition and see which one of your guests can create the cupcake that the mother to be will choose as her favorite. By the time this party is over, everyone will be rubbing their tummies in satisfaction. 

15. Baby on Board Games

For the game-loving mama, this is a fun theme to keep everyone entertained–especially if you have younger children celebrating as well. Choose a few board games to base your decorations off of. One fun idea is to create The Game of Life tile tracks throughout the venue either on the floor or on the wall. If your guests have gone through the life events on the tracks, such as “Bought a car”, “Traveled out of the country”, or of course “Baby on the way!”, give them a beaded necklace. Let’s see who has the most beads at the end of the party.

16. It Takes a Village

 This saying cannot be more true for raising a child! Celebrate all the love that the child will soon receive by decorating with different cultural decor, and cuisine from different countries and cultures. Ask your guests to write and share their own pieces of advice or fun family traditions down on pieces of paper or a notebook for the new momma. 

17. Mom-osas

Take a classy approach for the baby shower and create a sparkling theme to celebrate the new mother and baby to come. Serve mimosas for your guests, but don’t forget to make non-alcoholic versions with sparkling cider or orange juice and sparkling water for the special lady! Decorate with simple gold and white shimmering decorations for a beautiful party. 

18. Story Time

Transform your party into a scene right from your favorite children’s book. Choose one or multiple books and take any details you like from them to create your own decorations and menu. Have your guests draw pictures of your own life and see who comes up with the most creative and accurate story! 

19. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

For the new mom and her little star, this theme is adorable and sure to get everyone excited for the baby. Set up dark navy balloons and attach paper stars to the end so they float, and scatter gold or silver stars everywhere. If you can find or make one, a golden cake or cupcakes is sure to wow everyone. 

20. You Are My Sunshine

You Are My Sunshine

For the brightest and happiest baby shower ever, consider this fun theme. Make sure to decorate with lots of yellow balloons, streamers, and tableware. Add lots of sunflowers or other yellow flowers of choice to spruce up the room. Serve deviled eggs, cheese platters, and lemon bars for dessert. Hand out cute sunnies as party favors. 

21. Baby It’s Cold Outside

If you want to have the coziest winter baby shower ever, this theme is perfect for you. Set up plenty of white and blue decorations, including snowflakes for the perfect winter wonderland. Hang string lights up for a warm and comfortable glow. Pin some adorable little mittens and hats to excite everyone for the baby. Provide hot cocoa, peppermint bark, and snowball cookies. 

22. Oh The Places You’ll Go

This Dr. Seuss theme is perfect for a baby shower. The future is bright and the options are limitless. Pastel yellows, pinks, blues, and more will be the perfect soft decor to set the tone. Add travel elements like hot air balloons and airplanes to your decorations list. Food that fits the color scheme such as yellowcake pops, pastel marshmallows, and candy hearts are perfect.

23. Showered With Love

A play on words for the baby shower itself is sure to amuse your guests. Hang little white umbrellas from the ceiling and decorate with flowers, party streamers, or string lights. Serve rainy day comfort food and keep everyone entertained with typical rainy day activities. Make an adorable cloud cake by decorating a white cake and add cotton candy bunches on top.

24. Rainbow

For the most colorful event ever, turn your baby shower into a fun rainbow heaven. Pin colored streamers up in the shape of a rainbow on the wall, and tape white balloons on the ends to look like bunches of clouds. If you want your guests to dress up, ask everyone to choose one color of the rainbow and fully dress in that color. As for the mom-to-be, she deserves to dress up with all the colors of the rainbow! Serve plenty of bright fruits and veggies, and make a seven-layer rainbow cake. 

25. Cute As a Button

A unique theme to celebrate the cutest baby to come is a button theme. Make mason jar centerpieces filled with plenty of fun and unique buttons. Circular snacks such as crackers and cheese, macarons, and donuts are sure to fit right in. Host a guessing game and let guests make a guess on how many buttons are in one of the centerpiece jars. 

26. Name

If the name of the little cutie to come is already known, try centering your baby shower on that. Get balloon letters that spell out the name and place in the center of the party. If the name is Rachel, celebrate with red jelly donuts, rainbows, and roses. Try and come up with little puns or spin on names as titles for the different sections of your shower. 

27. Alphabet

Similar to the last theme, come up with decor and food that has to do with the letters of the alphabet. Simply make the theme the A, B, C’s or challenge yourself to add decorations that represent all the letters of the alphabet. Apple pie, banana pudding, and chocolate cake are some suggestions. Use cute alphabet letter blocks as table centerpieces or accents on the food table. 

28. Bun In The Oven

Bun in the Oven

Last but not least, this super fun pun creates the most interesting idea for a baby shower. Give your guests baking aprons as a fun costume, and decorate the tables with checkered tablecloths. Add baking utensils and rolling pins as extra decoration. Serve cinnamon buns, sweet rolls, and cupcakes to pump your guests up for the bun in the oven!


However you want to welcome your baby without knowing their gender, or maybe not limiting them to the stereotypical colors that society puts on them, this list will help. This list has hopefully, provided all of the baby shower themes unisex ideas that you need to think of the perfect party to plan for this special little child.

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