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Backyard Party Ideas for 20 Covid-19 Friendly Options

Hosting a backyard party is a classic way to kick off summer. The unforeseen pandemic we are currently experiencing is forcing us to be creative in keeping with tradition. Let Easy Event Planning’s checklist help prepare for a fair amount of improvisation. You might take the name of “front yard festivity” or “driveway disco” instead, for example. Below are some backyard party ideas and tips to help you ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all. 

Backyard Party Ideas Guest List

back yard party ideas: guest list

1. Reach out

Reach out to your neighbors and invite them to spend some time apart, together. Inviting neighbors is ideal because they can retreat to their own bathrooms if necessary. 

2. Technology

Embrace technology for including friends and family are on the guest list but can’t be there in person for safety reasons. 

3. Quarantine Buddies

If you know you are planning a back yard party in advance tell all of your guests 2 weeks ahead so they can do their best to quarantine and keep contact with others to a minimum. This may sound hard to do, but with so many people working remotely it might be an idea to use.

Backyard Party Ideas Games & Activities

Backyard Party Ideas: Games

4. Lawn/Driveway Games

Croquet, badminton, and volleyball will not be attending our parties this summer. We can, however, embrace this time to polish our dance moves. If you or any of your guests have a speaker available, hook it up and get the social distance dance party started! Freeze dance is another silly twist. If you have children, you can spice it up by giving requisites, like “jumping dance moves” or “low dance moves,” which will enrich their mental and physical development. 

5. Karaoke

Singing along to your favorite songs on the patio is a classic activity we get to keep! Although, we might have to sing a little louder and more dramatically. But isn’t that what makes karaoke so much fun anyway? 

6. Cook-Off!

For this one, we will be compromising the competitive aspect of this classic event. However, you can invite your neighbors to bring their grills to the lawn or their driveway if possible and enjoy cooking and socializing with each other from a distance. Maybe use this time to share cooking tips or recipes with each other.

backyard party ideas cool-off

7. Water Balloons 

Beat the heat and cool down with a string of water balloons! For a good time, make a piñata line with water balloons hanging off for people to hit. It’s fun for kids too!

8. Summer Playlist 

What’s a party without good music to go with it? Make a summer-filled playlist that you can have playing throughout speakers as the day goes on. Make sure it’s filled with songs everyone can enjoy and that they are uplifting. Here are a few favorites:

  • “Summer of ’69,” Bryan Adams
  • “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” Jimmy Buffett
  • “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay,” Otis Redding
  • “Walking on Sunshine,” Katrina and the Waves

Backyard Party Ideas Decorations

9. Chairs

BYO seating! Have your guests bring their own lawn chairs so everyone has their own seat. Have a couple back up chairs incase some one forgets.

10. Balloons

For whatever reason, balloons seem to make everyone feel festive. You can surprise everyone by ordering balloons for the participating families from a local vendor. 

11. Light it up 

The easiest way to make your backyard party look better is to buy string lights and wrap them around your trees. It won’t take long to set everything up, and they’ll be shining all night long. If you want, you can even do Tiki Torches, and those will also keep the mosquitos away! 

12. Fire Pit 

What a better way to end the evening than gathering around a campfire. This is a perfect spot to tell stories and make some smores. Be sure to stay safe by checking that there are no low-lying branches. This activity can also be done at an acceptable social distance standard. 

Backyard Party Ideas Favors

backyard party ideas glow sticks

13. Recipe Cards

Handcraft a recipe card with a dish you wish you could have shared with your guests. Snap a picture of the recipe card and send it virtually through a picture message. Encourage your friends to send you a picture when they have recreated your meal at home. Handcrafting the card is a great way to make your guests feel special. Take it to the next level by encouraging a recipe swap. 

14. Glow Sticks

Light up the party by providing everyone with their own personal glowsticks. This just adds a little creative flair to everyone’s outfit. It also makes it easier to see people when it gets dark! 

15. Personalized Cups

This is the perfect party favor that helps your guests keep track of their own cup during the party. It’s also a fun gift to send your guests home with.

Backyard Party Ideas Food

backyard party ideas: food

16. Pre-made Food

Pre-make food for your household and invite guests to do the same. This could be anything from potato salad, macaroni salad, or homemade guac. 

17. Grill

Grill separately for your household and invite guests to do the same. You can have the classics, like hamburgers, hotdogs, or different types of bbq. 

18. Drinks

What is a backyard part without drinks–alcoholic, kid-friendly, water, juice, or soda. It is imperative to provide your guests with an array of options to drink and make sure everyone stays hydrated! 

19. Desserts

You can’t forget the desserts. There are so many options when it comes to a backyard party. You can do s’mores, provide ice cream (sandwiches, cones, or bowls), or even frozen fruit slushies. 

backyard party ideas s'mores

20. Veggies and Fruits 

Although it is a backyard party, some people might want to eat on the healthier side. This can be accomplished by providing a veggie and fruit tray for people to snack from. Be sure to provide proper sanitation equipment for people to use in between getting food. 


That concludes our backyard party ideas. This is a great way to enjoy time with family outdoors after some time apart. Even after covid it is strange to get back into the world so this is a great to spend time together.

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Written By Stephanie Castillo, Grace Zarate, and Mercedes Loescher 
Edited by Chris Legere and Erica Eberly

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