Bad Taste Theme Party

20 Bad Taste Theme Party Ideas

If you want to throw a party your guests have never experienced before, a “Bad Taste” theme party may be the party choice for you. “Bad Taste” parties can range from the merely tacky to the downright disgusting. How you want to organize the night is up to you! If you have guests with a sense of humor, a “Bad Taste” party can be a hilarious event. Here are some bad taste themed party ideas, including nasty favors, trash decor and gross menus.

Bad Taste Theme Party Food

1. Gross food 

Use food dye to paint your meals in a truly unappetizing light. Sandwiches can be touched up with a bit of green food dye for fake mold. For foods like pasta and rice try smashing other foods that taste good with it. It’ll look gross but still taste like a pasta and rice meal. This isn’t limited to just food. Make your drinks look gross with food coloring or mix juices together to make a gross brown color (it’s ok! the juice will still taste great.) If it’s a party for adults, get mixers and alcohol for wild colored drinks! 

2. Twinkies 

These creamy squishy filled foods are what may be the most unhealthy snack treat of all time. These are the epitome of bad-taste desserts. To make it fun with your bad-taste party, smoosh them into creamy Twinkie balls. Then make an icing with food coloring for a disgusting look to it. 

3. Cat litter 

Buy a new cat litter tray and fill it with litter-colored candies, such as crushed peanuts and pine nuts. Scatter chocolates across the tray (for poop!) and leave a “litter” scoop by the side. This is good for any candy that can have stuff stuck to it. You can disguise gummies, nuts, chocolate, even fruit! Don’t mind bigger chunks of fruit or sticking gummies together in some chocolate. You can also crush up some dark chocolate pretzels! 

4. Cheap beer 

Keystone, Natural Light, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Busch Light, etc. Order from a local liquor store. Cheap beer is pretty sickening. Feel free to try and make it tasty by mixing it with other drinks or even candies. Who knows, it might actually match more with the bad tasting theme. Don’t do this if you’re not 21 or older. 

5. Spray cheese 

A college kid’s staple, have a few cans of spray cheese on hand with crackers for an appetizer. 

6. Fast food 

Any fast-food chain will do – find the greasiest food you can! 

7. Cheese doodles 

These are a great snack, and they leave a cheesy trail that will disgust your guests.

Bad Taste Theme Party Décor

8. Trashy costumes 

Have guests come dressed in terribly- ripped, stained (and maybe a little smelly) clothes. You can take the word “trashy” to a whole other level for adults. Wearing ripped lingerie, ripped fishnet stockings, broken heels and smudged messy makeup to tie it all together. 

9. Sleazy costumes 

Corny suits, sleazy comb-overs, and overly made-up faces (think Scott Disick, Snookie, etc.) Gold chains, hairy chests and “bling” would also suit the mood. You can find costume materials at a toy store, costume store, or online. 

10. Terrible décor 

Decorate the room terribly with ripped drapery, stains on the carpet, and a mess in the room. It’s also “tasteful” for a bad taste theme party to have tacky decor. Use bright mix match colors, decorations that don’t go together at all, and designs and patterns that would make your head spin looking at them together. 

11. Garbage bags 

Instead of balloons, use trash bags to decorate the room. Tie or glue the opening shut and blow up with helium like an actual balloon. This may be time consuming and it might not even work, but it’s worth a shot! If you have trash bags around at least you know you can clean up easily, right? 

12. Toilet paper 

Hang toilet paper from wall to wall instead of streamers.

13. Props 

Props can spice up your party or make it worse! Mix and match holiday decorations, place plastic palm trees around the room, and put up cardboard beer cutouts. Really any prop can set this up. Have old barrels by the door and fake trash around the house like balled up pieces of paper. You can tee-pee your own house and leave a couple pieces hanging outside. If you have a pool get some cheap styrofoam noodles and make tears in them. Check if food coloring will ruin anything, you don’t actually want to make a mess. If you’re in the clear add food coloring to your pool to make it look like a swamp or dirty lake! How weird!  

14. Tacky music 

Play one hit wonders, retro collections, and songs by celebrities who are wannabe pop singers. Remember those 1980s songs that had a ton of synchronizers and electric piano? Yeah, play that. A lot of your tacky music can come from the 80s and 90s era of everyone trying to make it big with a camera and a cheap music video for MTV. You could also play old mail-order CDs, like Now That’s What I Call Music. 

Bad Taste Theme Party Favors

15. Toothpicks 

A little plastic bag of toothpicks would make a perfect tasteless party favor. If you want to be truly gross, make them used toothpicks!

16. Drink cozies 

You could get drink cozies with pictures of bad-taste things, like the cast of Jersey Shore or the Kardashians.

17. Cans of spray cheese 

For a truly nasty touch, give out the already-opened cans of spray cheese you used at the party itself. Your guests might still be in a silly party mood as they’re leaving. This is great for an outside food fight and use the rest of the cheese you didn’t use inside. 

18. Bottle openers 

A single bottle opener isn’t a very inviting party favor- but it’s perfect for a bad taste guest. 

Bad Taste Theme Party Games 

19. Costume contest 

Offer a prize for the most poorly dressed guest.

20. Disgusting food contest 

Challenge the guests to eat an array of disgusting food. Whoever eats the most unappetizing item wins! 


This may seem like an odd theme but it can be really fun with friends. Go crazy with this theme and enjoy your Bad Taste Theme Party.

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