Baseball Theme Party

30 Creative Baseball Theme Party Ideas

Baseball Theme Party Ideas

Ah, baseball, America’s Pastime, a sport loved by many. Whether it’s cheering on their favorite team, participating in a fantasy league, collecting cards, or playing the game, baseball fans love getting involved in the sport in as many ways as they can. If you or someone you know is a huge baseball fan, consider throwing them a fun baseball-theme party. Here are some amazing ideas for decorations, favors, food, and activities that will knock your party out of the park!

Baseball Theme Party Decorations

Baseball Theme Party Decorations

1. Helmet Bowls

This easy decoration doubles as food storage. Simply purchase plastic baseball helmets and flip them upside down. Fill them with your favorite snack and you’re ready to go.

2. Baseball Wreath

Creating a baseball wreath to hang on your front door is easier than it looks. You can do this by gluing several rows of baseballs onto a foam wreath base. If you want to go to a little more effort, you can create a smaller wreath out of a single row of baseballs tied together with wire. For this wreath, you need a drill and enough baseballs that if you mess up you have a few spares. For a real baseball fan, this wreath can be used as a décor item all season long.

3. Baseball Cutout

For a fun photo opportunity, take a picture of the guest of honor in a baseball uniform striking a baseball pose (like he is getting ready to pitch the ball, for instance). Then, have the picture printed into a life-size cardboard cutout. This can be placed by the front door to greet the guests and used for photos with your guests.

4. Baseball Card Garland

Decorating with a garland is an easy way to draw attention to your theme. If you use cheap packs of baseball cards you can create a baseball themed garland. Not many supplies are needed – simply attach the different cards to a piece of string, either by gluing or threading them, and tie the garlands across the party area.

5. Balloon Bouquet

Balloon bouquets are a fun way to draw in your theme. These are easy to create by tying a baseball-shaped balloon to a few green balloons and a few white balloons. You can also tie the baseball balloon to a bouquet of balloons in your favorite baseball team’s colors. Use these bouquets as centerpieces or welcome decorations, or tie a bouquet to the guest of honor’s chair to make them feel special.

6. Baseball Player

A great MLB decoration idea is to purchase life-size cutouts of famous MLB baseball players to decorate your party room with. It would be fun to create a speech bubble for the cutouts that wish the guest of honor a “Happy Birthday” or saying any number of things depending on the occasion.

Baseball Theme Party Favors

7. Gumball Machine

A fun favor would be to tie into baseball players’ love of bubble gum! Give each of your guests a mini gumball machine so that they can indulge in a favorite baseball pastime whenever they want. Fill the machines with baseball-shaped gumballs and place one at each table setting so that all of your guests have one to take home.

8. Baseball Chew

Another way to help your guests feel like real baseball stars are by giving them a big-league favorite – Big League Chew bubble gum. You can give them each one flavor or give them a few different flavors wrapped in a cellophane bag.

9. Mini Baseballs

Miniature baseballs are a great favor for your baseball event guests since they are baseballs that can go anywhere. They are also often softer than full-sized baseballs which makes them perfect to play with, even indoors. 

9. Inflatable Baseball

On the opposite end of the spectrum, large inflatable baseballs make great baseball theme party prizes and are a lot of fun for kids to play with. If your party theme is focused on a particular baseball team, look for an inflatable baseball that has that team’s name on it.

10. Maracas

There’s no better way to cheer on your favorite team than with noisemakers. These always come in handy at baseball games and are great giveaways. So give your guests a baseball theme noisemaker, like baseball maracas.

11. Baseball Cap

Nothing says baseball like a traditional baseball cap. You can give each of your guests a baseball cap in the guest of honor’s favorite team, or customize it with fabric paint. Simply buy some assorted baseball caps of different popular teams or buy caps of the same local team. Your guests will love wearing them!

12. Baseball Tickets

Pro baseball tickets are quite expensive, but making homemade baseball tickets for your guest of honor’s baseball team is a simple DIY idea. Or you can make baseball cards of the guest of honor, complete with a picture and stats, for your guests to take home.

Baseball Party Invitations

13. Invitations

Baseball Cards 

This works well if you have several baseball cards lying around the house. Simply write the party information on a sticky note and attach it to the cards.


Using baseball to invite friends is a fun way to start off your party. You can use permanent markers to write your party information on the ball. 

Personalized Baseball Cards 

One way to make the guest of honor feel really special is to use a personalized baseball card as the invitation. By using a picture of the guest of honor to create your own baseball card, you can make sure to include his or her stats and the party information on the back.

Pro Baseball Ticket

Why not make your birthday like a baseball game! Invite your friends using a Pro Baseball Ticket. Fill in the blanks as your event and have them numbered, perfect for keeping count of how many people have RSVP-ed. Such a creative way to integrate a passion in with a birthday party.

14. Baseball Phrases for Your Invitations

Opening Day

Tell your guests to come “catch” the opening day with your family at your party venue. Give your party venue a stadium name, like Smith stadium.


Another fun way to invite your guests to your baseball theme party is to write a baseball theme poem. One example is, “You’re invited, so step up to the plate. Help us make Steve’s birthday great!”

Baseball Chant 

Get your guests ready to party with an exciting baseball theme chant, such as “Johnny’s party will be a home run with cracker jacks, cheers, hot dogs and fun!”

Baseball Theme Party Menu Ideas

15. Cupcake Glove

Instead of a cake, consider having a cupcake glove at your event. Purchase several cupcakes frosted with chocolate icing and arrange them in the form of a baseball glove. Place a white frosted cookie with red icing lacing in the middle of your cupcake glove so it looks like your glove just caught a baseball!

16. Hot Dogs

Foot-long hot dogs are a classic baseball stand food. Serve them in buns and set out all the favorite hot dog condiments for your guests to use.

17. Baseball Cake

Use a dome cake pan to make your cake into the shape of a baseball. Frost it white and add red frosting laces. Add a bit of green frosting “grass” around the bottom edges of the cake so that it looks like your baseball.

18. Beer

If your guest list consists only of adults then be sure to serve beer at your baseball theme party. If there’s kids involved, get root beer for a non-alcoholic option.

19. Snacks

Some delicious baseball snack ideas are peanuts and pretzels. You can set them out in bowls or you can create trays, like the ones they carry around at baseball games, to serve your baseball snacks.

20. Nachos

Nachos are another great stand food. Serve them in the paper trays for food like they do at the games.

21. Cracker Jacks

Set a box of cracker jacks at each table setting for your guests to enjoy.

22. Drinks

An old fashioned bottle of coke is a cute baseball drink idea, but you can also decorate bottles of water with a baseball-theme label for a baseball-theme drink.

23. Popcorn

I don’t know about you, but I love the saltiness of popcorn that are at movie theaters or live games. You can buy the popcorn. If you want to make it authentic, rent or buy a popcorn machine and pop your own! Add some candy like gummies or chocolate and it’s almost like we are at a baseball game!

24. Soft Pretzels with Mustard or Cheese

Soft Pretzels are a favorite in my family when we go out to sporting events! Why not share that with your friends and family. You can have either mustard or melted cheese or have both. Perfect for sharing and you can easily add toppings to your pretzels. Perfect for pleasing everyone at your event.

25. Cotton Candy

Add some sweetness to your already cool party with some Cotton Candy. Such a light and sweet snack to add to the mix. Really get into the summer-sport aesthetic.

26. Lemonade

Lemonade is a classic summer drink! Perfect to enjoy while watching a game. Add some ice with a blender and make it a slushie. Add some tea and make an Arnold Palmer. Got any liquor for your adult guests, mix it in. Perfect summer drink with many different ways to change it up. Perfect for everyone of all ages.

Baseball Theme Party Activities

27. Baseball Movie

Your guests will love watching a baseball-theme movie to celebrate your softball-theme party occasion. Set up a movie-watching space with plenty of chairs, beanbags, and floor space. Supply your guests with movie watching snacks, such as cracker jacks, and turn on a baseball movie.

Some options include Sandlot, Angels in the Outfield, and Rookie of the Year. You can also turn this into a sports game. Pick a baseball theme word, such as “baseball” or “pitch.” Count the number of times the word is said in the movie and have your guests keep track of every time they hear the word. The guest with the closest number is the winner.

28. Autograph Session

Need a sports ball idea? Purchase several baseballs, one for each of your guests, and have each of your guests sign every baseball. This way everyone can take a signed baseball home. For the guest of honor, create a baseball jersey with his or her last name on it. Have all of the guests sign the jersey and then have it framed to hang in the guest of honor’s room!

29. Wiffle Ball

If your yard is too small to hold a softball game, consider holding whiffle ball games. This is basically a “lighter” version of baseball.

30. Baseball Game

If your party is celebrating a particular team, here are some tips. Make sure to have one of their games ready to watch. This could be a live game or one that you found online. Even if you’re not celebrating a particular team, watching a baseball game is still a great activity. Make sure your guests feel like they are in the stands with appropriate stand food and snacks, like hot dogs and peanuts.


Wether is a fun baseball movie or an themed baseball entre, your baseball theme party will rock with this crazy and creative ideas. We hope you enjoy these ideas and have a wonderful event!

Written by Jessica Bundy and Kristin Pocius
Edited by Marianne Vanderbeke

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