7 Festive BBQ Picnic Party Activities

Food? Check. Invitations? Check. Decorations? Check. Activities? We got you covered! Fun BBQ picnic party activities are crucial for a memorable barbeque picnic. Since these gatherings normally take place outdoors, there are a variety of BBQ picnic party activities that you can implement. Easy Event Planning has put together recommendations for fun activities and games to do at your BBQ picnic party. The supplies and instructions are included in the descriptions. 

7 BBQ Picnic Party Activities

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1. Summer piñata 

Piñatas are fun for guests of all ages. A sun piñata, a palm tree piñata, or any other summer piñatas are great for BBQ picnics. Fill the piñata with wrapped candy of your choice. Don’t forget to also get a piñata bat or a plastic bat for your guests to hit the piñata with.

2. Balloon slip and slide 

Purchase a slip and slide for kids and adults, a plastic tarp, or garbage bags. Cover the slippery runway with water and latex water balloons from start to finish. The water balloons will pop as you slide down, making the ride more slippery as you get refreshing bursts of water splashing at your face.

You can also add dish soap to make it easier to slide across the balloons and the runway. If some water balloons were not popped after guests took their turns, save the extra water balloons that haven’t popped yet for a spontaneous water balloon fight. Make sure you include on the invitations for guests to bring their swimsuits or an extra pair of clothes for this water activity. 

3. Balloon dart board

One fun activity to have at a birthday party is a traditional carnival style balloon dart board. To make this game a little more competitive, add a colored jelly bean into a few latex balloons. Each jelly bean correlates to a prize that you can lay out near the dartboard. For example, popping a balloon and seeing a green jelly bean fall out could correlate to your guests winning a gift card or that they get the leftover desserts.

The prizes you could implement are endless. Make sure that only a few balloons have jelly beans, so guests are eager to and willing to give this their best efforts. Your guests will smile when they see their little surprise fall out after a round of carnival darts!

4. Classic outdoor games

Outdoor games, such as bean bags and horseshoes, give all age groups a chance to cherish their time together even more. Order bean bag boards/cornhole boards (these usually come with bags) and a horseshoe set. Break up your guests into pairs and make tournaments for both of these BBQ picnic party activities. These classic outdoor games will serve lots of fun for all guests.

5. Karaoke

One of the biggest things you can control, which will elevate your barbeque picnic parties, is music. To add some fun, get a karaoke machine for any of your guests to get up there and sing a song during the party. This is always a fun time and will definitely generate some laughs.

6. Spikeball

A newer game, spikeball has grown into a popular outdoor activity and actual sport. You can order the net and balls online. The game is 2 vs. 2, so it is another great game for splitting up your guests and creating a tournament. For instructions and official rules for the game, check out this link from the Spikeball Roundnet Association.

7. Sack racing

Sometimes you just need to keep falling to learn to stand (or to keep hopping). That’s the name of the game when it comes to sack races. Purchase sack race bags for adults and kids. Split guests up into even teams and create a start and finish line with tape or sticks. Once one team member crosses the finish line, he or she hops out of the sack and the next team member hops in. This happens for each time. The first team to have their last team members cross the finish line wins!


BBQ picnic parties are all-around good times for guests. We really want to ensure that your guests are enjoying themselves by suggesting these games for your next summer gathering. For more tips and ideas for BBQ food, decorations, and DIY things, check out other blogs by Easy Event Planning. We are here to make planning your next event as easy as possible!

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