Beach Theme Bridal Shower Decorations

11 Fun Beach Theme Bridal Shower Decorations

Planning the perfect bridal shower can be very overwhelming and feel like an impossible task. That’s why we are here to help make the planning process as easy as possible. This blog will share fun beach theme bridal shower decoration ideas, from games to drinks and desserts. By adding some of these beach theme bridal shower decorations to your event, you will have the most beautiful and memorable bridal shower.

Things to Consider with Beach Theme Bridal Shower Decorations


1. Invitations 

There are many great options for sending out invitations; you can choose something as simple as a card with a starfish and ocean design on it. You can also take the invites one step further and send out each guest their own “message in a bottle.” You can buy small plastic wine bottles, fill them with a little sand, and put your invite right inside. The message in a bottle is the perfect way to get your guest excited for the beach theme bridal shower. 

2. Getting the Bridal Shower Crew Ready 

Get the bridal crew together and bring them out to the spa the day before the bridal shower for full mani/pedis and massages. This is a fun way to get the bride’s bridal shower crew ready for a big day on the beach and also keep the bride relaxed, as planning events like these can be stressful. 

3. Location 

The ideal location for this bridal shower would be right on the beach! Of course, If you don’t have access to the beach, any outdoor area would work just fine. Even if you must hold the event indoors, there are many ways to make that location feel beachy. The indoor locations could also go for an “under the sea” theme and have unique blue lights and streamers to give an under the water feel. 

4. Color Scheme 

The color scheme is essential for all events but is it especially important to pull off the perfect beach-theme bridal shower. For your beach theme shower, you should stick to the colors white, yellow, and blue. Of course, you can use many different variations of these colors, but sticking to these will keep your bridal shower on the beach theme vibe. It is essential to keep these colors in mind even when it comes to food and drink choices. 

5. Decorations 

What’s a better way to achieve a beach vibe than with decorations straight from the beach!…or Walmart. Starfish centerpieces and scattered shells will make your guests feel as if there are at the beach even if you’re hundreds of miles away. Another idea could be to have jars filled with sea glass for the centerpiece of each table. The jars can also have candles in them, and the sea glass would glow beautifully. For seating arrangements, you can have guests find their own mini surfboard with their name on it. If you have the bridal shower outdoors, you can set up custom beach towels and blankets with the bride and groom’s names on them. 

Ideas for Beach Theme Bridal Shower Decorations

6. Photo Booth 

The photo booth would be a fun event for the guests and an excellent way for everyone to leave with photo memory. It would help if you had fun props like snorkels, surfboards, funny sunglasses, coconuts, and other beach props for the photo booth. If your photo both is outdoors on the beach, you can have even more fun items like pool floats and sandcastles. 

7. Treasure Hunt or Beach Bingo 

If you have the ability to have your bridal shower actually be on the beach, you can set up a treasure hunt! The treasure hunt would include fun items like beach theme alcohol and fun shell necklaces. If you can’t have your bridal shower on the beach, you can still play beach bingo! Instead of the card reading “Bingo” across the top, it can say “Beach,” and guests can play for fun beach-theme prizes! You can also play another classic bridal shower game like Bride Jeopardy to put your friends to the test and see who knows the bride best. 

8. Seafood 

Although seafood could be pricey, it will make the perfect meal for your beach theme bridal shower. For appetizers, you can never go wrong with a shrimp platter and mini crab cakes. The entrée can be anywhere from lobster tail to salmon or even a sushi bar. Dessert can consist of a beach theme cake with edible shells and starfish on it. You can also use a shell-shaped cookie cutter to make fun beach cookies to go along with the cake. 

9. Wine

There is one rule of thumb when throwing a bridal shower, the more wine, the more fun! You will want to have empty wine bottles slightly filled with sand; with these bottles, you can attach small pieces of paper for guests to write a “message in a bottle” to the bride and groom. This gives the guest another opportunity to spread their love to the bride and groom. 

10. Beach Drinks 

Be sure to have an endless supply of Pina Coladas and Mai Tais! These beach theme drinks will make you feel as if you are on a tropical vacation with every sip! Also, Corona Light buckets can be served to each table, as Corona says, “Find your Beach!”. Another fun drink idea could be coconut drinks; not only do they taste great, but drinking out of a real coconut makes for some great photo ops. 

11. Beach Tote Bags 

A great party favor could be custom beach tote bags with either the bride and groom’s names on it or their guest names. The tote bag can be filled with beach theme items like mini sunscreens, sunglasses, beach scented candles, and sun hats. This will give guests something they can cherish and use for years to come, rather than just a standard thank you card that would get thrown away. 


Hopefully, after reading this article, you feel much less stressed for your special day and now have a bunch of good ideas on beach theme bridal shower decorations that will make your bridal shower one of the most memorable days of your life! The beach is calling your name. Enjoy the sun and get ready to throw the perfect beach theme bridal shower!

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