Bed and Breakfast Theme Party

47 Creative Bed and Breakfast Theme Party Ideas

Want to experience a home away from home, but at a party? A bed and breakfast theme party is an excellent way to allow your guests to kick back and relax. It is perfect for bridal showers, birthdays, and slumber parties. However, pulling this off can be a bit complicated, especially if you aren’t familiar with B&B do’s and don’ts. Luckily, we have you covered. Here is a list of 47 essential bed and breakfast theme party venue, menu, decor, and activity ideas to help with your party planning.

Bed and Breakfast Theme Party Venues

Bed and Breakfast Theme Party Venues

1. Bed and Breakfast Facility

Perhaps this is obvious, but holding your party in a real B&B facility is the best way to get an authentic bed and breakfast feel. It’s also tons of fun to relax in a new setting with people you love.

2. Airbnb

The modern twist on the B&B facility, an Airbnb is perhaps the less expensive alternative to traditional hotels or lodging. You’ll have to do all the cooking yourself, but it allows for privacy and tons of fun, especially if your Airbnb is a larger home or condo.

3. Garden

A garden is a beautiful idea for holding a morning party. It will still have the feel of a B&B country inn venue. The fresh flowers will look lovely and fit perfectly with your bed and breakfast country inn theme.

Bed and Breakfast Party Menu

4. Milk

Serve ice-cold milk with your breakfast menu. Make sure to provide non-dairy alternatives, too, such as oat milk or almond milk.

5. Orange Juice

A breakfast classic. Make sure you provide both pulp and no pulp, as some guests may be picky.

6. Champagne

For an elegant breakfast drink, serve plenty of champagne or sparkling cider. Mix with the orange juice for mimosas!

7. Coffee

For the “you wouldn’t like me before my coffee” people, you will want to make sure to have plenty on hand.

8. Tea

For non-coffee drinkers who would still enjoy a hot beverage offer a variety of teas. It’s always a good practice to provide honey, sugar, and stir sticks as well.

9. Hors d’oeuvres

Stick with light hors d’oeuvres like bite-sized fresh fruit, pastries, and miniature treats, like fruit tarts.

10. Cereals

Nice and easy, and inexpensive, too!

11. Muffins and Bread

Carbs are many people’s go-to breakfast food. Blueberry muffins, banana bread, and so many more options. Is your mouth watering yet?

12. Toast

Serve toasted bread with plenty of butter, jam and honey.

13. French Toast

There are many ways to make French toast, including stuffing it with cream cheese and berries. Make sure to provide syrup and whipped cream for toppings!

14. Pancakes

If you are planning on having a bigger breakfast, you’ll want to make plenty of pancakes to serve your guests. Don’t forget the syrup!

15. Waffles

Where you find pancakes, you’ll probably find waffles, too. Waffles served with berries and whipped cream is a delicious breakfast treat.

16. Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit is a staple breakfast food. Keep it seasonal with apples and pears in the fall and fresh berries in the summer.

17. Yogurt

Serve plenty of varieties of yogurt – it’s great with the granola! Make sure to keep them on ice if you will be serving breakfast outside and away from a refrigerator.

18. Eggs

Perhaps the first protein-heavy food item on this list. Serve several varieties of cooked eggs so that each guest can have their eggs just the way they like them.

19. Bacon

Sometimes considered the most essential breakfast food. You can never bring enough.

20. Granola

Delicious and nutritious, granola is a great addition to any breakfast. It can double as a cereal or a yogurt topping.

21. Sausage

Sausage is a classic breakfast side that will go well with any breakfast menu item.

22. Cheese and Ham

For a heavier breakfast option, try platters of ham and cheese.

Games and Activities

Bed and Breakfast Theme Party Games and Activities

23. Facials

This is a relaxing B&B Country Inn activity for everyone, including the men. Put together homemade face masks, or purchase some at your local body shop. Be sure to purchase many different ingredients or masks for those with allergies or sensitive skin. Provide plenty of lounge chairs for your guests to relax on, and play some calming music while they cleanse their minds, bodies, and souls.

24. Massages

If you’re able, hire a masseuse to treat your guests to nice massages. They will definitely thank you later.

25. Picnic

If your party is outdoors, put together a picnic! It’s a classic way to enjoy all of the food you are providing. Don’t forget large blankets for your guests to sit on.

26. Card Games

For a simple activity for everyone, take out a deck of cards, and play some card games. For guests who are not interested, bring extra decks for card castles.

27. Board Games

Another sit-down activity that everyone will love. Keep in mind that some games, like Monopoly, can go on for a long time. Both traditional and new games are sure to keep your guests entertained.

28. Croquet

If you have a fairly large backyard, set up a croquet game! This is the perfect activity for a warm morning or a sunny afternoon.

29. Hiking

If you live near hiking trails, take advantage of a beautiful day by going on a hike. Keep the weather, your guests, and their shoes in mind when choosing a trail. If your guests are not up to or dressed for a hike, keep it simple by going for a walk on the beach or around the park.

30. Horseback Riding

If you have access to horses, take your guests out for a horseback ride. Make sure it is an easy trail so that your guests can still relax. This will make them truly feel like they are staying at a real country inn.

31. Campfire

If your B&B theme party is at night, build a campfire for your guests to enjoy. You can tell stories, roast marshmallows, and have someone play the guitar. A campfire makes for a very comfortable and relaxing evening.

Bed and Breakfast Theme Party Decor

Bed and Breakfast Theme Party Setting and Decor

32. Size

The size of your party space will determine what seating you should have. You don’t want a small space to feel cluttered with too much furniture. However, if you have a large space, arrange your seating into small groups to keep your party space cozy.

33. Location

Play with your location and ideas when choosing a decorating scheme so that your “bed and breakfast” feel natural and not out of place. For instance, if you are near the beach, decorate with seashells and beachy colors. If you are near the woods, decorate with pinecones and dark greens and reds.

34. Seating

Relaxation is key. If your party is outdoors, have plenty of hammocks or chaise lounges for your guests to relax in. If your party is indoors, use sofas or armchairs as seating.

35. Atmosphere

Make sure your space has a warm and inviting feel by decorating with colors such as earthy oranges, yellows, and browns. Incorporate these colors into tablecloths, cloth napkins, slipcovers, etc. If this just doesn’t work with your room or location, no worries: you can still make guests feel invited with smaller decor accents, like bowls of fresh fruit, flowers, or potpourri. These aroma-heavy decorations can remind guests of home and create a cozy atmosphere for them to enjoy.

36. Lighting

Lighting matters more than you think. Harsh lighting, especially those with blue or white undertones, can make guests feel uneasy. Opt for softer lighting, or none at all if your party is during the day and near a window. Homey light fixtures, like hurricane lamps, are classic B&B lighting staples and can be a fun addition to your decor.

Party Favors

37. Bed and Breakfast Coupons

Treat your guests to a stay at an actual bed and breakfast with bed and breakfast coupons!

38. Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen utensils are a necessary element to any bed and breakfast, and they make good party favors too. Utensils like wooden spoons or wire whisks are great gifts for guests – tie different kinds of kitchen utensils together with a cute ribbon for a nice aesthetic.

39. Kitchen and Bedroom Coupons

If you’re not sure of your guests’ taste in decor, don’t fret: buy them a gift card to a home goods store! Your guests will love certificates and coupons they can use to spruce up their own homes. Maybe they will be inspired by your party décor!

40. Recipe Books

Give each of your guests a breakfast recipe book so that they can treat themselves every morning. Or, if you used a special recipe to make a menu item at the party, you could give guests the recipe so they can make it at home.

41. Homemade Soaps

Homemade soaps are lovely ideas that are perfect for your bed and breakfast theme party. If you don’t make them yourselves, many artisan-made soaps are available in small stores, farmer’s markets, and online.

42. A Spa Set/Coupons

A spa-related favor is a terrific way to keep your guests relaxed. This can be a set for a DIY spa or a certificate to a local spa.

43. Potpourri Sachets

The scent is a key part of making a house feel like home. Give your guests potpourri sachets to help keep things fresh and cozy.

44. Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are always useful and a great way to make any home more comfortable. Choose designs that fit with your bed and breakfast theme and color scheme.

45. Pottery

Whether it be a jar, vase, cup, or bowl, pottery items make perfect party favors for your guests to decorate their homes with.

46. Small Hurricane Lamps

If you decorate your bed and breakfast with hurricane lamps, give your guests small versions so that they can recreate your décor at home.

47. A Book on Interior Decorating

To give your guests that cozy feel often found in bed and breakfasts, give them a book on interior decorating to make it happen in their own home.

Written by Jessica Bundy

Edited by Jillian Smith

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