Best Gifts For a 9 Year Old Girl

55 Best Gifts for a 9 Year Old Girl

Gift buying can be a hard decision for people to make, no matter the person or relationship. If you are searching for the best gifts for a 9-year-old girl in your life, we have the perfect list of ideas for you! Easy Event Planning has found awesome gifts to give based on what many 9 year old’s like. We picked out our favorite items on Amazon below to give you some fun ideas to consider. There are categories based on her hobbies, electronics, board games, and much more. Links are included to make the entire process as easy as possible. 

Best Gifts for a 9 Year Old Girl’s Hobbies

Best Gifts for a 9 Year Old Girl's Hobbies
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1. EARISE T15 Portable Bluetooth Karaoke Machine 

Does your 9-year-old love singing? Get her this portable karaoke machine so she can sing her heart out at home or on the go. This EARISE karaoke machine has a powerful sound system and flashing LED lights that add to the karaoke experience. She’ll really feel like she’s at a concert with this gift!

2. MindKoo Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones

These MindKoo Cat Ear headphones are perfect for your music-loving nine-year-old. They are comfortable and stylish which makes listening to music that much more entertaining. When your nine-year-old girl listens to music, help her do it in style. With up to 70 hours of playtime and changing LED lights, this gift will definitely be a win. 

3. How To Play The Harmonica Book And Kit

This instructional gift is the perfect way to get your 9-year-old girl started in harmonica playing! This is a unique gift that will give her something fun and educational to do. This gift includes an instructional book and CD to make learning as easy as possible.

4. Loog Pro Electric Guitar 

This super cool electric guitar is definitely on the pricier side, but if your nine-year-old girl has a passion for rock music or electric guitars this is the gift for her! This guitar comes in several colors and has built-in amps and speakers. The Loog Pro kids guitar is the perfect gift to allow her passion for music to flourish!

5. DIY Ukulele Kit 

Want a fun way to develop your nine-year-old girl’s love for music even further? Having her build her own instrument gives her the chance to connect with the music she plays. This kit gives you the opportunity to show your nine-year-old how well you know her! 

Sports and Dance

6. JOYSTAR NEO Kids Bike 

This fun bike is great for nine-year-olds that love spending time outside. The kids’ bike comes in many fun colors and sizes so you can choose what is best!

7. Duncan Toys Juggling Balls

This sport is a little more on the unique side, but it is sure to entertain your nine-year-old. Gifting her juggling balls can give her the opportunity to grow into a new hobby or simply a fun way to pass the time. Juggling balls are a great way to distract kids from tv and phone screens.

8. WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners

Skateboarding is a super fun sport that kids of all ages can enjoy! This skateboard is designed for beginners and skilled skaters, so either way, it is a great birthday gift for your nine-year-old.

9. Just Dance 2019 – Wii Standard Edition

Most people don’t think of a video game when they think of dancing as a hobby. However, this game has many fun and creative dances that are guaranteed to keep your nine-year-old girl on her feet for hours! The choreographies in this game will definitely help her practice her dancing skills. This can double as a great party activity as well!

10. Mad Moves Game

This game will test your nine-year-old girl’s potential to dance creatively. Mad Moves will be a crowd favorite with both family and friends. Good dancing abilities are not required!


11. MindWare’s Make Your Own Cross-Stitch and Embroidery Set 

This set gives your 9-year-old the opportunity to wear her art. It’s perfect for kids that love crafts and want to learn how to stitch and embroidery. This is a great gift that will teach her skills that will last a lifetime. 

12. 4M Kidzmaker Origami Flower Lights Kit

This very fun kit is the perfect decorative gift. Your nine-year-old girl will be able to make her very own flower lights through origami. What more can a crafty girl want?

13. Fat Brain Toys Make A Real Mosaic: Butterfly 

Mosaics are perfect for any craft lover, no matter the age. This kit specifically has simple and straightforward instructions so any girl can enjoy creating a real butterfly mosaic. If butterflies aren’t her thing, this brand also has a fox mosaic set, sun mosaic set, and more.

14. Craft Crush – Bracelet Box Kit

Got a jewelry-wearing, craft-loving 9-year-old in need of a gift? Well, here ya go! This DIY kit allows your nine-year-old to customize and create her own bracelets. It’s a great way to show off her individuality and style.

15. DIY Slime Kit Toy for Kids 

For a slightly more playful gift, you could also get your nine-year-old girl a slime kit! Slime is all the rage these days and kids are buying it by the pound. This kit will allow your nine-year-old to make her very own slime. Who needs store-bought goo when she can make her own? 


16. Crayola Spin & Spiral Art Station

This art station is perfect for any artistic nine-year-old. With separate spin and spiral stations, making art has never been easier. Have your nine-year-old girl make some fun art that is perfect for hanging up on the fridge!

17. Polaroid Now I-Type Instant Camera

Does your nine-year-old girl have an eye for photography? Gift her this super cool polaroid instant camera! Instant cameras are incredibly popular these days, so this gift cannot disappoint. 

18. Emvency Decorative Throw Pillow Covers

This artistic gift doubles as a decorative gift. Your creative nine-year-old gets the chance to color her own pillow cover any way she chooses!

19. Crayola Marker Maker

This gift is similar to the Build Your Own Ukulele kit, but for artists! Creating her own markers will give your nine-year-old a closer connection with her art. The Market Maker craft kit is even educational in the color wheel!

20. Fat Brain Toys Jixelz Under The Sea Arts & Crafts 

These fun puzzles are an awesome craft gift. Your nine-year-old girl can use the pieces to make several fun designs. Apart from the Under The Sea set, there is also a Fantasy Friends and Up In The Air set! Choose from whichever you think your nine-year-old will like best and just wait and see how much she loves it!

21. Arteza Acrylic Paint

This awesome kit has acrylic paints for canvas painting. With 24 colors, your nine-year-old girl will have more than enough range to practice her art! 

Best Electronic Gifts for a 9 Year Old Girl

Best Electronic Gifts for a 9 Year Old Girl
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22. Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit 

Harry Potter gifts are always a fan favorite, but this kit has the added benefit of being a coding kit. This gift can be fun and educational with challenges that teach the user how to code. There is no better gift for a tech-talented kid!

23. Kids Smartwatch 

Smartwatches are very popular right now, but many parents hesitate to get their young children that kind of technology at such a young age. Well, here is a wonderful replacement! This Kids Smartwatch has several useful amenities like a music player, photos, games, and more. If you have a SIM card to install, you can even make calls on it!

24. HANVON Go Go Bird Flying Toy

This unique drone-style gift is a great gift for a nine-year-old girl. Comparable to a flying airplane toy, this flying bird is remote-controlled and is easily controlled. It’s perfect for outdoor flying fun!

25. Fire 7 tablet 

The Fire 7 tablet needs no explanation. For the book-loving nine-year-old girl, this gift is everything they need! This tablet has a battery life and storage capacity that is perfect for reading books and doing more like streaming shows and playing games.

26. Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition Game Console

Vintage is back and this is no different for games. Get your nine-year-old girl this super cool redesigned classic Nintendo game system with 30 preloaded games! This can even be a fun way for you to reconnect to your childhood memories with your child. 

Best Educational Gifts for a 9 Year Old Girl

Best Educational Gifts for a 9 Year Old Girl
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27. ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run– Toy of the Year Award Winner

This fun maze is a challenging game that can help your nine-year-old develop her critical thinking skills. With several multi-level challenges, this is the best way to help your child learn while playing!

28. Klutz Candy Science: Maker Lab STEM Kit

Who knew learning could be so yummy? This Candy Science Lab Kit promotes STEM with candy to bring out the scientist in your nine-year-old girl! Combine this with the same brand’s Bubble Gum Lab and Gummy Candy Lab to cultivate her love for science… and candy!


The volcano science project is a quintessential part of childhood. Start off your nine-year-old girl’s love of science with this cool Earth Science Kit! This kit allows for multiple experiments over earth science topics like tornadoes, volcanoes, and more!

30. CubicFun Notre Dame de Paris 3D Puzzle

This 3D puzzle is extremely cool! Nurture your nine-year-old girl’s love of history and architecture with this Notre Dame puzzle. You can also check out other 3D puzzles like the Taj Mahal and the Rome Colosseum by the same brand!

31. K’NEX Education Swing Ride Building Set

This kit is fun for the builder in your nine-year-old girl. With 486 pieces, the opportunities are endless for fun experiments and constructing!

Best Cosmetics Gifts for a 9 Year Old Girl

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32. GirlZone Hair Chalk Set

This gift is an awesome way to help your girl express her individuality. This cool hair chalk offers a variety of colors she can add to her hair or face to show off her style!

33. Cool Maker GO GLAM Nail Stamper

This great gift is amazing for that special little girl in your life. With multiple nail patterns, your nine-year-old girl can mix and match her nails to her pleasing! This gift is great for her to play on her own or even with friends at a sleepover. 

34. Creativity for Kids Make Your Own Lip Balm

Perfect for girls ages 7 and up who want to create their own lip balm. Your nine-year-old can create her own fruity lip balm, customize her lip balm case, and carry them everywhere with the included carrying case!

Best Clothing Gifts for a 9 Year Old Girl

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35. Doctor Unicorn Soft Hooded Galaxy Bathrobe 

Brighten up your child’s nightly schedule with this cool bathrobe! There’s no better way to make boring activities (like bedtime) fun with this unique design. Even better, she’ll stand out at sleepovers with this fashionable piece. 

36. Fashion Design Light Pad Sketch Set

This isn’t actual clothing, but it is vital for your clothing-loving daughter. This sketch pad is a great starter kit for your budding fashion designer. 

37. Creativity for Kids Designed by You Fashion Studio

This design kit gives your nine-year-old girl the ability to actually create her own fashion pieces. With a sketchbook, mannequin, fabric swatches, and more, this kit is perfect for beginner designers to practice their skills and learn new techniques!

38. Cartoon Cotton Dog Crew Socks 

These wacky socks are the perfect way for your preteen to express some individuality. Crazy socks are in, no kid wants bland white or black socks! These cute socks even have little ear shapes that add flair. 

39. Crocs Kids’ Classic Tie Dye Clog

You would have to be living under a rock to not know that Crocs have made a big comeback. Get your kid in on the trend with these super cool Crocs!

40. Fashion Angels Neon Tie Dye Scrunchies Kit

And we’re back with another DIY kit! This time we have an idea to give your nine-year-old girl the tools to make her own scrunchies! Like Crocs, scrunchies have found their way back into mainstream culture, so your kiddo will surely appreciate being able to make her own personal scrunchies!

41. Cubcoats Reversible Kids Face Mask

As tired of masks as everyone is, they are still a necessity. With these reversible face masks, you can make being a responsible citizen a little more fun and a lot cuter! Since they are reversible, you can switch it up without having to buy more masks.

Best Décor Gifts for a 9 Year Old Girl

Best Decor Gifts for a 9 Year Old Girl
Source: Amazon

42. BRIGHTWORLD Moon Lamp 

This beautiful moon lamp is a great way to decorate your daughter’s space. They are sure to love this space-themed decorative item. It is also the perfect decoration for an astronaut-themed party!

43. Electric Jellyfish Tank Table Lamp 

This jellyfish lamp is an incredibly unique decoration item! With peaceful color changes, this lamp can be more than just a night light. Don’t worry, the jellyfish inside are completely fake although they do look pretty realistic. 

44. USA Toyz Illuminated Globe of the World 

This gift easily doubles as an educational gift and a decoration item! This globe has LED constellations as well as being a normal globe. That means it can be a cute, educational night lamp!

45. INNO STAGE Kids Pod Swing Seat

This indoor/outdoor swing seat is the best way to give your young girl her own private space to relax and hang out! It can be a cool decor item in her bedroom or a fun hangout spot outside on a porch. It’s like a modern-day tire swing for your nine-year-old girl!

46. Gemaxvoled Color Changing Cinematic Light Box

This decorative lightbox comes with letters, numbers, and symbols so your little girl can customize her own personal messages. With changing LED colors, this gift is versatile and fun!

47. Blochair Inflatable Chair

What do you get when you mix a beanbag chair and glitter? A glitter inflatable chair aka your nine-year-old child’s dream chair! This cute chair with multicolored glitter is the perfect way to add some style to your little girl’s room. 

48. Litake LED Cat Night Light

This cool cat night light is a small way to add personality to her room! With color-changing LED lights, this decoration adds flair to your regular boring night lights.

Best Board Game Gifts for a 9 Year Old Girl

Best Board Game Gifts For a 9 Year Old Girl
Source: Amazon

49. ThinkFun Dog Crimes 

This fun game has everything young girls love: mystery and dogs! If your nine-year-old loves to play board games, this game will definitely earn you brownie points. 

50. Beat That!

This game makes a great gift for your young girl or even just to spice up a family night gathering. It includes over 100 fun challenges that will bring the entire family together. 

51. Apples to Apples Junior

This board game is just like its original counterpart, but it has been designed for a younger audience. Get your nine-year-old this cool game to enjoy with her friends!

52. Monopoly Game: L.O.L. Surprise! Edition 

Is your nine-year-old a big fan of ‘L.O.L. Surprise!’? Get her this fun monopoly game that is inspired by the dolls!

Best Gifts for a 9 Year Old Girl: Unique Gifts

Best Gifts For a 9 Year Old Girl: Unique Gifts
Source: Amazon

53. Gift Republic Sloth Adoption Kit

This gift is a little different, but very special. If your nine-year-old has a soft spot for sloths, buy her this sloth adoption kit! In it, she will get the chance to adopt her own sloth for a whole year.

54. MasterChef Junior Cooking Essentials Set 

Does your nine-year-old have an affinity for cooking? Get her a MasterChef Junior Cooking set! The set comes with tools she can use to practice her recipes or even just throw on the apron while watching the show. 

55. Original Tamagotchi 

If you had a Tamagotchi as a kid, this is the perfect way to reconnect with your childhood and bring your kid along with you! 


We hope this comprehensive list of ideas helped you make the tough decision of buying the best gifts for a 9-year-old! Any of the gifts on this lift will definitely put a smile on her face, so have faith in your purchase. No matter if this is for your daughter, niece, friend or someone else, this list can help you show off your gift-giving skills! If you found this list to be helpful, check out our blog for other awesome party and event articles with more tips.

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