Best U.S. Cities for a Brewery Wedding

20 Best U.S. Cities for a Brewery Wedding

Are you preparing for your important day? Are you a fan of breweries? Whether you’ve decided to have a brewery wedding or you’re still deciding, this post will be just right for you! Take your time and look at the 20 best U.S. cities for a brewery wedding listed below to find the one that catches your attention. Let’s get ready for your big day!

Best U.S. Cities for a Brewery Wedding: Pacific West Area

20 Best U.S. Cities for a Brewery Wedding


1. San Diego: Viewpoint Brewing

Viewpoint Brewing has a great view and offers both indoor and outdoor spaces to accommodate any type of wedding. There are swinging benches for you to relax and plenty of games on the lawn for your guests. There is a wide variety of food, so you can have any type of buffet for your guests.

2. Escondido: Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens

Stone Brewing is one of the largest craft breweries in the US. They are famous not only in America, but internationally, so if you want your special day to be at a famous place, this is it! They have a beautiful garden with plenty of flowers, herbs, and trees that will provide a great background for your pictures. The place is recommended for receptions with more than 25 guests and the garden can hold up to 150 guests.

3. Temecula: Ponte Winery & Vineyard Inn

Do you want a place that is beautiful, but doesn’t look like everything is intended? Take a look at Ponte Winery & Vineyard Inn in Temecula, CA. They have a great wine motto – “If you like it, it’s good.” They offer gourmet food and have gorgeous vineyards that offer a great view. It is one of the brewery wedding venues that has the best outdoor reception place.

Best U.S. Cities for a Brewery Wedding: Plains Area


4. Garland: Lakewood Brewing Co.

Are you planning to have a lot of guests, but still want a nice brewery? Lakewood Brewery has two floors so they can accommodate more than 200 guests. The taproom is separated from the production area, so you can take pictures anywhere. No need to worry about the background! They have an outdoor garden where you can sit, drink, and chat.


5. Littleton: Breckenridge Brewing’s Farmhouse

How would you like to spend your special day in Colorado’s second home? Breckenridge Brewing’s Farmhouse was a carnation farm before it turned into a brewery. It was a good idea since they became famous! They offer different options for private events so you can choose the one that works best for you. Give this special location a try for your important day!

Best U.S. Cities for a Brewery Wedding: Midwest Area


6. Chicago: Revolution Brewing

Did the Windy City catch your attention? Good decision! Revolution Brewing offers a variety of beers and beautiful space. Over the past 6 years, their dedicated planning team has hosted more than 500 weddings. Not only do they have 130 kinds of cocktails, but they also have small rooms for intimate weddings and bigger rooms for those who want a lot of guests. Their rooms look authentic with glowing floors and fireplaces with bookcases.

7. Barrington: Wild Onion Brewery and Banquets

Are you in the mood of a rustic wedding venue? Wild Onion Brewery and Banquets might interest you! They have a beautiful lake and waterfall near them that makes the view overwhelming. The venue can accommodate up to 200 guests and couples can choose from three different spaces – indoor and outdoor. They provide all-inclusive services that include setup/cleanup, the wedding cake, and even parking.


8. Holland: New Holland Brewing

Do you want the best craft beer and spirits in Holland, MI? New Holland Brewing is waiting for your visit! They are known for their beer, spirits, and food – all that’s needed to make everyone happy. They have indoor and outdoor seatings; for outdoor, you can choose between covered and uncovered. They are considered as a small to medium-sized venue, so if you have few guests, this is your best pick.

9. Three Oaks: Journeyman Distillery

If you want a wedding venue that has some historic aspects, Journeyman Distillery is a great choice. The wooden interior provides an aesthetic atmosphere. Do you want to spend less time planning? This venue offers full-service wedding plans with catering and event coordination. You can even choose the cuisine – a certain style or a buffet. Couples that are planning to have a lot of guests will love this venue since they can hold up to 500 people.

10. Fenton: Fenton Winery & Brewery

Fenton Brewery is known as one of the best wedding spots, especially good for those who are aiming to have their wedding outdoors. If you want an indoor wedding, don’t worry. They offer indoor events as well. A combination of both is also available. This venue offers full-service weddings to make wedding planning easier for future spouses. There is a beer and wine garden for guests to enjoy cocktail hours. 


11. Milwaukee: Bavarian Bierhaus

If you want a venue near hotels so it’s convenient for your guests, this might be your pick. There are six hotels nearby and the venue offers free parking. The unique aspect of this venue is that they offer a combination of German and American food because they have a German heritage. The menus are all customizable and there are various drink options that you can choose from. This venue has one of the largest spaces; the Park and outdoor pavilion can hold up to 4000 people.

Best U.S. Cities for a Brewery Wedding: Northeast Area


12. Boston: Harpoon Brewery

Are you planning to have a family-friendly wedding at a brewery? Then you should pick a place that serves non-alcoholic beverages too! Look no further – Harpoon Brewery is your place. They not only serve craft beer, Seltzer, and hard cider but also non-alcoholic root beer, ice tea, and lemonade. They provide brewery tours, so if you want to take a closer look, jump on the tour. They have parking spaces, so tell your guests that they don’t have to worry about that.

13. Fiskdale: Hyland Orchard & Brewery

If you want an easily accessible venue, why not pick one that is in the heart of New England? This place is unique because you can tie a knot on top of an Orchard. The outdoor setting has plenty of space for your guests to play games, enjoy s’ mores, and spend time with their kids.

New York

14. Troy: Brown’s Brewing Company

25 years ago, Brown’s Brewing Company remodeled its 150-year-old warehouse into a great event space and that was a great decision. They are now in charge of more than 75 brewery weddings every year. Their food is one reason that they’re so famous – their perfect barbecue, sauces, and many more. If you’re planning to have a lot of guests, take a look at the Revolution Hall. It can hold up to 300 guests. For small weddings, the Trojan Room will be great; it holds up to 30 people.

15. Milton: Nostrano Vineyards

For those who want the most out of the venue, here you go! Nostrano Vineyards has a lot of different types of places such as the winery, vineyards, barns, farms, and ranches. They offer farm views, fields, mountains, and lagoons. Their style is a mixture of rustic, modern, and even industrial. It is truly the place where you can enjoy everything. This venue can hold up to 150 guests seated and 200 for cocktails.


16. Purcellville: Catoctin Creek Distilling Company

Do you want your special day to be filled with music – maybe even a private band? You can get that experience at Catoctin Creek Distilling Company! They have music, bands, and even concerts. They offer private tours and workshops. How nice would it be to take home a bottle of whiskey that you made yourself on the most important day of your life? It’s a once in a lifetime chance – take it!


17. Branford: Stony Creek Beer 

Do you not have a specific dress code in mind? Do you want your guests to have freedom of what they wear? Stony Creek Brewery may be your best choice! No need to worry about how you’re dressed; just enjoy the night. They offer romantic rooms with plenty of space for your guests to enjoy their time. Their food and drinks are well-known as well. Not to mention their flowers; if you’re a flower person, there is no place better than Stony Creek Brewery.


18. Dallastown: Wyndridge Farm

Do you want a venue that has a farm, a cidery, and a chapel? Wyndridge Farm is waiting for you! They have several spaces for the wedding, a patio for relaxing, and an inn to spend the night. If you want a wedding package, go ahead and pick one. They offer packages with different options so that you can ensure it is the best for you.

Best U.S. Cities for a Brewery Wedding: Southeast Area

North Carolina

19. Charlotte: Catawba Brewing

Why not have a wedding in a movie-like place? Catawba Brewing started in Asheville and made their way to Charlotte. They wanted a place that is perfect for both ceremonies and receptions. Previous guests said that they liked that they could use any furniture in the brewery. They mostly used them as props for their pictures since the venue had unique props such as old cars, trolleys, carriages, and many more.

20. Asheville: Highland Brewing

If you want a venue that has a lot of space, take a look at Highland Brewing. They have 3 different spaces – the main floor, the mezzanine, and a rooftop beer garden – that you can use. If you want, you can decorate the spaces according to your wedding plans. If the weather is nice, there is nothing better than enjoying your time with your family and friends on the rooftop bar. They have several events such as food trucks and fitness classes, so make sure to check ahead of time!

Have You Made Up Your Mind?

After seeing all of the 20 best U.S. cities for a brewery wedding, how do you feel? Have you picked one or are you still unsure? Take your time and consider every brewery carefully. Besides, it is your day and it will be remembered for your entire life! I hope the best for you and your spouse – good luck! 🙂

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