Birthday Party Ideas At Home

Best 20 Birthday Party Ideas at Home

Organizing a birthday party during quarantine can feel like an impossible task. Budgets have tightened, local restrictions are in constant flux, and the typical celebrations can pose a serious health risk. Don’t despair! We have compiled a list of creative and fun birthday party ideas at home to keep your loved one happy and safe on their special day! Whether it be a virtual affair, at-home activities, or some outdoor fun, there are so many ways to maximize the wow factor of any quarantine birthday party!

Entirely Virtual Birthday Party Ideas at Home

The pandemic has destabilized a lot of methods for celebration that families have historically relied upon. People have gotten super creative to provide the best birthday experience to every age safely! Here are some digital ideas for all that require very minimal tech-savviness.

Entirely Virtual Birthday Party Ideas at Home

1. Throw a Zoom Party

Invite friends and family to log on and deliver their birthday wishes “face to face!” Put on their favorite music and throw an impromptu dance party. It can be a casual affair, or you can take the opportunity to dress up and exchange those sweats we’ve all become well-acquainted with this year for something a little fancier!

2. Virtual Zoo Tour

Visits to the zoo are always a fun birthday treat, and this year you don’t even have to leave the couch to do it! Several zoos across the country are offering live streams and photographs of their cutest creatures for free. The San Diego Zoo website boasts an especially impressive array of streaming sweethearts, offering a close-up look at its koalas, giraffes, elephants, pandas, and more. Additionally, several zoos are posting exclusive behind-the-scenes content for all the inquisitive animal lovers out there!

3. Host a Netflix Party

Everyone knows that friends are half the fun of a movie night! The Netflix Party feature allows multiple accounts to watch their favorite TV show or flick simultaneously, with a neat group chat for easy and quick conversations. Now the whole gang can enjoy all the benefits of a sleepover from their own homes.

4. Plan a Video Message

In the amazing age of technology, sending birthday love has never been easier or more personal. Forget the paper cards and opt for a coordinated video message. You could organize a montage of video messages from various friends and family or simply make one yourself using online tools. The personalized touch will be a warmly received gesture during this time of isolation.

5. Invite a Virtual Performer

Birthday performers have rapidly adapted to provide the best service in the safest manner. There are a wide variety of performers for all ages conveniently accessible online for hire. Whether it be a clown or a fortune teller, performers can add a new level of excitement and energy to any party, especially for the kiddos!

6. Virtual Museum Tour

Want to peer into the past without stressing over travel or the inevitable crowds? Science lovers will love the free NASA tour, and art lovers have a wide variety of free virtual environments to immerse themselves in, from MoMA to the Louvre. Museums around the world are offering an online look at their exciting exhibits, and there’s something for everyone!

7. Watch a Virtual Broadway Performance

There are a plethora of affordable Broadway performances available online for purchase or with a subscription! Indulge your inner thespian and end the day with an evening to remember. You could even queue up Hamilton on Disney Plus and learn a little history while being thoroughly entertained (yes, it really is as good as people say).

8. Volunteering

Sometimes birthdays can serve as a moment of reflection and gratitude. The unfortunate truth is that this pandemic is affecting the US population disproportionately. I guarantee to make someone else’s day will make yours, and there are so many ways to help right now. One such method is Easy Event Planning’s own social media campaign, Honor and Thank, where you can send a message of gratitude to first responders.

Non-virtual Fun Birthday Party Ideas at Home

It’s pretty safe to say that some of us have been a little too plugged into our screens as of late. What with virtual work meetings, conferences, and classes becoming part of our daily lives, it can be a nice break to unplug entirely and do something you enjoy.

Non-virtual Fun Birthday Party Ideas at Home

9. Take a Spa Day

We could all use a day to relax and disconnect from recent pressures and worries. Set aside sometime this birthday for peace, tranquility, and primping! Make it as fancy or simple as you want. Paint nails, wear a face or hair mask, enjoy a long hot bath with a treasured book. There are even some baskets you can order online filled with self-care spa treats that make for the perfect birthday gift! Birthdays really can be as simple and rewarding as unplugging and unwinding.

10. Bake a Treat

Want to make a birthday dessert for your loved one? Add to the gift by making it a shared activity! They’ll love spending time with you and creating something together. There are countless recipes online for every treat imaginable, for the amateur cooks and the pros. There are also some popular mug recipes out there for those who want to cut down on the dishes and bake customized treats for everyone!

11. Send Something Yummy

Not a baker? Live too far away to send something homemade? Not to worry! Local restaurants and bakeries have come to the rescue! Many places with yummy birthday sweets will deliver, and it’s a great way to support local businesses during this time. Some even offer the option to include a special birthday message!

12. Play Dress-up

Let your birthday kiddo pick a theme and go wild with store-bought or handmade costumes! You could even decorate the house to match. Light some candles and immerse the family in the Renaissance era, or blast some theme music and don those superhero capes. With a little creativity, this activity will make for a birthday they won’t forget.

13. Order some Takeout

Indulge their every food wish and order in from their favorite restaurant for a filling birthday night! No birthday is complete without a full stomach! Of course, remember to be mindful of temporary closures, shortened hours, and longer than usual wait times and plan accordingly.

14. Play Games

Cards, board games, video games, escape rooms over Zoom–there’s plenty of fun to be had! A deck of cards alone can make for any number of exciting games! Test your silver tongue with a round of Banana Split, exercise your speed with an adrenaline-filled bout of Egyptian Rat, or keep it simple with a strategic game of Blackjack. Make the day special by learning a new game and teaching it. Honing a new skill is a fun way to play and engages the whole family!

15. Send some Champagne

Needless to say, this idea is for the 21 and overcrowd. Restaurants and delivery services are aware that going out to celebrate can be a risky endeavor. Alcoholic gifts are easier to send than ever this year. This gift makes for a fun and safe evening by bringing the party home!

Outdoor Activities

Some adventurous spirits can’t be confined to the indoors! There are still ways to social distance and enjoy some fresh air. 

Outdoor Activities

16. Go Camping

You can pitch a tent in the yard and look for constellations or toast some marshmallows! Flashlights and spooky ghost stories are a great addition to any campfire, too. A temporary respite from the house could be just what they need, and a great bonding experience to boot. Depending on your area, local campsites might be a nice change of pace as well. Be sure to check out their guidelines and reviews online beforehand to see what sort of safety measures they’ve put in place and if they’re actually enforced.

17. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Quests are the epitome of excitement! You could make a seriously memorable day by planting clues around the house and yard for the birthday kiddo to solve. Make it as short and exciting or long as challenging as you’d like. It might even be fun to sprinkle a gift at each checkpoint, or hide them at the end of the hunt as a reward!

18. Jazz up the Front Yard

Birthday decorations are a wonderful touch, and let the whole community know that you’re celebrating! Balloons, sidewalk chalk, handmade signs–there are so many ways to tell them that they’re on your mind on their special day! If the birthday kiddo has some younger siblings, this is a wonderful project that contributes to the special day and lets their creativity run rampant!

19. Schedule a Drive-by Parade

It can be difficult to feel a sense of community right now, and for good reason. A lot of connections have been abruptly severed. However, many neighborhoods have banded together to maintain a semblance of normalcy while prioritizing safety. Reach out to friends, family, and neighbors about an upcoming birthday. Drive-by parades can make birthdays during quarantine truly special and provide a safer method of interaction and celebration.

20. Movie Viewing

This one takes a little ingenuity, but it’s totally doable! Take the computer or a projector outside and design an outdoor movie experience. Grab some candy, pop some popcorn, and lay out chairs or blankets. This viewing could allow a few socially distanced visitors if you feel comfortable, or just make for some unique outdoor fun!

Keep in mind that this is a difficult time for everyone, and there is no rulebook. What really makes any birthday special is knowing loved ones care and want to celebrate, no matter the medium! There are countless ways to go about planning a birthday in quarantine and plenty of fun to be had. Stay mindful, stay happy, and stay safe!


As you can see there are still some amazing birthday party ideas at home that you can try, even during quarantine season. And not all of the ideas have to be virtual! You can still gather in small groups, following safety guidelines of course, and enjoy celebrating someone’s birthday. Those were all the ideas in this article and hopefully, you found them inspirational.

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