Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

22 Creative Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

Do you need a great birthday party idea for a girl? Well, stress no more because here are 22 wonderful party themes and birthday party ideas for girls that will spark your imagination. Below you will find what to buy, where to buy, and how to set up an awesome party. Enjoy!

Top 22 Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

1. Slumber Birthday Party

If you are a mother, then you might remember the days you used to love slumber parties. Now imagine if your little girl could have her own special slumber party. Nowadays this type of party is financially easy to set-up compared to other themes. The easiest way to throw a slumber party is to invite your little one’s friends and have them come in their pajamas. The decor could include some pillow-shaped balloons and you could order a cake in the shape of a blanket.

2. Rainbow Birthday Party

Does your little girl love the idea of rainbows and sunshine? Well, a rainbow party is key to making many girls happy. For this party, buy a unicorn cake because this trend is never out of style. As for the embellishments, buy as many colorful napkins, plates, and cups as you can find. If you wanted to you could even hire a cosplayer to act like a unicorn to spice things up a bit.

3. Spa Birthday Party

Top 22 Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

Do you have a teenage daughter and the idea of planning a birthday party is stressing you out? If so then a spa themed birthday party is for you. You can have two options here: either book an evening at your local spa for all of the guests or if this is not convenient for you, then make your own spa at home. The easiest way to do this would be to buy mani and pedi kits from your local superstore. Don’t overthink this, just buy the essential spa equipment that you can find.

4. Art-Themed Birthday Party

Does your daughter love art? Then it would be ideal for you to go to an art-based birthday party. Start off by ordering a cake in the shape of a paintbrush and buy whatever decors you can find. The color of plates and napkins doesn’t matter here so don’t worry about this. Another thing that will make your party unique is to buy a small art pallet and poster for each guest. This will be a fun idea for all of the guests to enjoy because they could paint whatever they wanted to.

5. Unicorn Birthday Party 

If you are all out of ideas, then go with the basic unicorn themed party. Nothing beats the classic unicorn party for girls. Order a cake in the shape of a unicorn, buy colorful balloons, and hire a cosplayer as a unicorn.

6. A Modern Hello Kitty Birthday Party

A Hello Kitty idea is very convenient if you are planning a party for your little one. In order to begin, you should buy hello kitty utensils, and usually, these won’t be hard to find. You can find Hello Kitty based products almost at any grocery store or market. Another great add-in would be to create goodie bags for the guests. In these bags, you could include candy, stickers, etc.

7. A Dreamy Under-the-Sea Birthday Party

If you are planning a party for a little girl who loves “The Little Mermaid” then you should definitely hire a cosplayer as the mermaid. The cake should have the mermaid on it and the guests should come in character as their favorite Disney princess.

8. A Safari Birthday Party For an Animal-Lovin’ Little Lady

Top 22 Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

If you have a girl who loves safaris and animals then go with a safari party. Book a 2-hour safari tour that would be the most convenient for you and the guests. A safari would not only be good for the kids but would also keep the adults entertained. If this is not an option for you, then don’t worry you can simply create a safari theme at home. Hire a cosplayer to play as your little girl’s favorite animal. You could decorate the party by using a representation of wild animals such as Zebras, Tigers, etc.

9. A Cowgirl-Chic Birthday Party

Are you from Texas? Whether your answer is a yes or no, a cowgirl theme is great for a girl’s party. You could have the guests come in character as cowboys and cowgirls with hats and boots. The easiest way to make the cake look distinguishing is to have the cake be ordered in a hat shape.

10. A Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party

A strawberry shortcake themed party is either a go big or go home type of idea. To start off, you should order a strawberry flavored cake and buy party supplies that resemble strawberries. If you can’t find decor with strawberries, no worries go with buying pink or red plates.

11. Dreamy Balloons

A dream-like party is going to be every girl’s wish and you can make it happen. If you have an older girl, go with buying bright lights and if you have a younger one, go with sparkling lights. Things should be kept appealing so add in some goodie bags or have every guest be greeted at the door with glitter dust. The music for the party should be kept calm and peaceful as this will represent what dreams are made of.

12. Simply Pink

A simple pink party is the way to go if you don’t have the time to think of party themes. Plan the party out according to the color pink, specifically the cake and the decorations should be in this color. If you wanted to you could take things up a notch by having guests come in pink clothes.

13. Butterfly Garden 

If you want a party theme that sets you apart from others go for the butterfly garden idea. You can have two options here: either book a party in any garden or create this at home. If you decide the garden, then make sure you choose a location that is accessible for guests; however, if you choose at home then pick certain decorations. At home decorations should include flowers, a floral cake, and anything else you might want to add.

14. Cinderella 

Top 22 Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

If you have a girl who loves Cinderella, then you might want to go with this theme. The first thing you should do is hire a cosplayer as Cinderella and then buy the party supplies. In this case, you should buy baby blue decorations because this color matches Cinderella’s dress. The cake should be in the shape of Cinderella’s shoe to keep everything fancy.

15. Indoor Carnival

 If you are holding a party in the fall time-then you should go for a carnival theme party. During the October-November times, state fairs and carnivals are very popular among people. Include a carnival cake with decorations that could be yellow, blue, or red, because these are carnival colors.

16. Fairytale Party

A fairytale theme party is the best option for those who have a little one who loves princesses. You do not need to think crazy about this theme, because it’s much simpler than it seems. You can order the cake to be in a castle shape and find party favors at your local supermarket. Take things to the next level by having guests come in their princess costumes. 

 17. Cruise Themed Party – All Aboard

A cruise themed party is a great option for a girl who loves being near the ocean. This idea requires you to get creative. You can plan a spontaneous trip with a few of the girls’ friends down a near-by lake or ocean. If this is not a suitable option, you can always make this an at-home event. Buy some ocean-themed decorations and a cake with a seashell on it (a resemblance of the sea).

18. Paris Party – Good Times in The City of Light

Top 22 Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

A party that makes guests feel like they are having a night in Paris? Nothing gets better than this. Start off by booking a cake in the shape of the Eiffel Tower and buy whichever party decors you would like. You really don’t need to overthink this, just buy any supplies you can find. If you want to get even fancier, place some goodie bags with stickers and candy. If you have the time you can place a special order for customized charm bracelets that have an Eiffel Tower in them as gifts for the guests.

19. Jasmine Party – Magic Carpet Ride to Adventure

Many girls love princess jasmine-which is Disney’s animated princess. If you have a girl who loves her, then throwing a jasmine themed party would be ideal for you. Start off by buying a Princess Jasmine costume for the girl or you could hire a cosplayer to play the character. Next, buy arrangements in the color purple or lilac (since this is the color) that Princess Jasmine wears in the movie.

20. Bowling Alley

You may think that a bowling alley party is a bit strange; however, if your girl loves bowling go with this theme. You can have two options here: either book a party at a bowling place or make a bowling alley themed party at home. If making this at home, you should set up a bowling ball arena in your backyard. You could even add cupcakes that are decorated in the shape of a ball.

21. Swimming Pool

A swimming pool party would be efficient if you needed to hold a birthday party in the summertime. The best way to plan this type of party would be to get a water slide that is placed in the backyard and have foods such as watermelons, and lemonade, etc.

22. Arts and Crafts Store

If you want to get creative with the party planning, go for an arts and crafts themed party. You should start off by buying some crafting equipment (you can find this almost anywhere). The next thing you could do is buy some simple cupcakes and have guests decorate them. Don’t be afraid to get creative here, the sky’s the limit. 


Every girl wants something different for their birthday party. This can make it a challenge to plan a special event that they will truly enjoy. I hope after reading this article, whether you were planning a young or older girl’s birthday party, you found an idea that you think they will love! That’s all for this article about birthday party ideas for girls.

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