Birthday Party Ideas Teenage

Best 8 Birthday Party Ideas Teenage Edition

Thinking of the perfect birthday party for your teenager can be difficult because they want more of an “adult” party. As a parent, you want them to have a good time with their friends, and thank you for the awesome party at the same time.

Trying to figure out what’s “cool” for your son or daughter’s generation can be challenging because it seems that what they are into is constantly changing. I want to help parents out with this dilemma so I’ve put together these birthday party ideas teenage options list. Hopefully, this will give you the best shot at winning “Coolest Mom/Dad of the Year” and get in with your teenager’s “clique” so that you can party with them while supervising at the same time without them even knowing it!

Teenagers are often overestimated when it comes to party planning, not all of them want an extravagant birthday party, most just want to go out with their friends to a special place or hang at home and throw a pool party. So, no worries about spending your vacation money on your teenager’s birthday party just to excite them. There are plenty of teenage birthday ideas that are affordable and can cost you little to nothing! 

Top 8 Birthday Party Ideas Teenage Themes

1. Instagram Party 

What teenager doesn’t love Instagram? I would recommend this kind of party for your daughter because we all know that teenage girls love getting their photo taken and enjoy all-out photoshoots with their friends whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Maybe you could be the ultimate photographer! Your daughter and her friends will love you and think you are the coolest mom because you captured their “best side” in the ultimate lighting. You could set up a background on a wall in your house and put up “special” lighting to make them feel like they are at a real shoot.

You could even add accessories for them to put on and party balloons for your daughter to hold up with her new age. 

2. Outdoor Movie Party 

Teens love watching movies together. Put the party outside and they’ll think it is twice as special because it’s not something they get to do all of the time. You could have a popcorn and drink station and they’ll feel like they’re at a real movie, even put on a bonfire if the weather calls for it! You could have everyone bring their own chairs, blankets, and beanbags

3. Minute To Win It Party

Minute to Win It games are perfect for teens because they get bored doing something too long anyway. These games are super easy to put together and literally only take a minute to play! They make for lots of laughs as they are silly and challenging to do for anyone. Teenagers will play the games to the extreme just to up the antics a little bit.

4. Night Games Party

Night games are so popular with teens because something about doing anything after dark is more compelling to them. Teens love to post about their night games, which makes for a great party theme. To spice up the game night, have them go outside and play music and leave snacks and drinks for them to enjoy between games! Glow sticks are a MUST for this theme party.

5. Emoji Theme Party 

Have you ever seen a teen not use an emoji in their text message or Insta post? Never. That’s why it makes for an awesome party theme. The best thing about an emoji-themed party is the cake and cupcakes that you get to make that resemble the real thing! They are so cute to look at, but even better to eat. You could even make a game, getting everyone to try to make the face of the emoji and have them vote whose is the best/most accurate.

6. Giant Slip N’ Slide Party

If your teen’s birthday party is in the summer then this should be your first idea. Slip n’ slides are fun for literally all ages and do not cost much; you don’t even have to buy a “real one” just use a roll of plastic and you are set! They can entertain teens for hours as they try to do stunts down the slide and add soap to see who can go down it the fastest.

7. Teen Beach Party 

Teens in the North crave some sunshine and the beach. We can’t always take the party to the beach, so we bring the beach to the party! There are endless beachy decorations out there that can really give the teens the illusion that they are somewhere tropical for the day. You could even make Piña Coladas and daiquiris (virgin of course), so your teens can really feel the beachy vibes. 

8. S’mores Party 

The thing about s’ mores is that you can just make the simple marshmallow, chocolate, and graham cracker combination OR you can put literally any toppings you want on them, which makes them a favorite for everyone. Teenagers love having fires together because they get to gossip, eat their favorite treat, and tell ghost stories to scare their friends.


All a teenager needs for a birthday party is something low key and fun to do with their friends. These top 8 ideas are sure to achieve this. So don’t stress too much about planning a party for your teenager! I hope this birthday party ideas teenage edition gave you some awesome ideas for this year’s birthday.

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