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41 Adorable Baby Shower Ducky Theme Ideas

Updated on: May 08, 2023

41 Adorable Baby Shower Ducky Theme Ideas

If you're looking for some baby shower ducky theme ideas, then you've come to the right place! Theme parties are all the rage now, so now you’re looking to spice up your next party with a cute and fun theme. Maybe you’ve considered mermaids, cartoon characters, unicorns, dolphins, or even teddy bears. But now you have finally come to your favorite idea, a baby shower with a ducky theme! Here we have gathered the very best ideas for baby showers with a ducky theme that you will find out there! 

If you’re worried about this party costing an arm and a leg, don’t fret! We’ve collected some wonderful cost-effective ideas, along with some pricier options. We don’t want you to miss out on any of the fun, so buckle up, get ready, and quack along with us while we offer some fun ideas for your ducky-themed baby shower!

Baby Shower Ducky Theme Decorations

There’s nothing better than having a well-decorated party, and here are some creative ways to do it!

1. Ducky Water Station

Are your guests looking to wet their beaks? Have a fun inflatable ducky pool to keep nice ice-cold water bottles! You could do something like this and just not turn on the water.

2. Decorative Ducky Triangle Flags

Hang some ducky flags on your walls, doorways, or ceilings and your guests will be shocked with how great your ducky-themed baby shower looks! These flags cover around 10 feet, meaning with only a few, your whole party area is going to look very festive.

3. Bubble Machine

Nothing screams “BUBBLE BATH” more than a bubble machine! You can rent or buy a small bubble machine, or even better… hand out bubble-blowing materials to all your guests! Both of these options can be fairly inexpensive, and it’s a great way to liven up any party.

4. Centerpieces

Try out some different ideas such as ducky centerpieces! There are lots of options for ducky centerpieces. You can go with the OG rubber ducky at the table, you could have fish bowls with water and duckies floating, you could also have decorative paper duckies. If you don't want to get too creative or add another thing to your to-do list, here are some adorable centerpieces you can order! Whatever you decide, it is sure to look duck-a-riffic!

5. Bubble Balloons

There’s nothing a rubber ducky likes more than a good bubble bath! Decorate your house or party area with some light blue, dark blue, white, and clear balloons to make it seem super sudsy. 

6. Ducky Themed Photo Background

Do you ever want to take cute pictures at a party but every background seems cluttered or has bad lighting? Well, no need to fret! We've got the perfect solution for you and your party. Have a great background so all your guests can take pictures and remember your baby shower forever!

7. "Mommy to Be" & "Daddy to Be" Sashes

If you want to be dressed to impress, here are some fun and interesting duck-themed sashes that mom-to-be or dad-to-be can wear around the party!

8. Ducky Themed Photo Props

If you want the perfect props for your new photo spot, here are some ducky options! Have options for your friends and family to quack up their pictures.

9. Customized Yard Sign

What's a better intro to your baby shower than a ducky-themed sign to put out in your front yard or driveway! Welcome everyone to your party with an adorable sign.

10. Flowers

Getting some yellow flowers is a great way to liven up some decorations while staying in your duck theme. Maybe get some yellow tulips, sunflowers, or if you’re really strapped for time, maybe grab some dandelions from your front yard! Kidding, I wouldn’t suggest that.

Baby Shower Ducky Theme Favors

Last but not least, party favors! What are your guests going to be walking out the door with? Hopefully, it is something cute, memorable, and inexpensive for you!

11. Ducky goody bags

Purchase some cute rubber ducky-themed goody bags and fill them with duck-themed items. Below we have some great ideas for what you can include in your ducky goody bag including duck-shaped soaps, stuffed ducky toys, or just classic rubber ducks!

12. Duck-shaped soaps or rubber duckies

A great idea would be to put together small bags with small duck-shaped soaps or rubber duckies in them. While it might be something small, it is definitely on-brand for your theme, and it's a cute little way to share the memories of your great day for days or weeks to come!

13. Ducky cookies

Put together some packages of duck-shaped cookies for your guests to take home. Cookies are always a hit, and this is an easy thing to mass-produce (especially if you bought the duckie cookie cutters for the M&M idea!).

14. Ducky Themed Hand Sanitizers

If you want some useful pieces to include in your ducky goody bags or ducky baskets, here is a great option! Some duck-themed hand sanitizers to thank your guests with.

15. Make a "ducky basket"

Much like an Easter basket, you can fill up your baby shower ducky basket with some candy, cute items, and maybe include some small stuffed ducks! Or you can go with the bath time theme and include some hand soaps, moisturizers, loofahs, and more! The duckie basket offers a lot of options for whatever direction you want to go in.

16. Duck-shaped bath towel

This might be a little more difficult than previous options, but if you want to get fancy this is a great idea! Channel your inner fancy hotel and fold a yellow hand towel into the shape of a duck! This can be a stand-alone item or can be the vessel for your duck-shaped soaps and rubber duckies. How you want to do it is up to you!

Baby Shower Ducky Theme Food & Beverages

The most important thing at a baby shower besides the mom, dad, and baby is the FOOD! Here are some creative and fun ways to present and prepared your food and beverages for your guests.

17. The cake or cupcakes (or both!)

Now this one might be straightforward, but it is still a critical part of any party! The cake is a highly photographed feature of any party, so to ensure the best results consider the following ideas. If you are not artistically gifted and want to make the cake yourself, duck-themed colors can do! If you are going to be ordering a cake, request some duck imagery. If you are doing cupcakes, get small rubber ducks to top the cupcakes or get some cute duck cupcake toppers!

If you want to get really fancy, have a duck-themed cake decorated with cupcakes that have ducks on top. While this might seem a little bit overboard, ask yourself “is anything really that overboard when it comes to your baby shower?” And the answer is probably no. So go crazy, go wild, go absolutely DUCKY!

18. Blue punch bowl

Have a nice big punch bowl with some blue drink in it, surrounded by some rubber duckies! This is a cute little way to get your drink selection involved in your theme. Just make sure if anyone ~spikes~ the punch, keep the mom and baby away from it!! 

19. Have a big plate of “Cheese and Quackers”

Was this joke too cheesy for you? Too bad! It’s a cute and funny way to have some snacks at your party. Make a cute sign to accompany your cheese and crackers display and your guests are guaranteed to give you a chuckle (genuine or out of pity)!

20. Your bread recipe of choice accompanied by a “Don’t feed the ducks!” sign

If you’ve ever gone to a local park and seen the infamous sign “DON’T FEED THE DUCKS”, then you’ll know what this is about. Use a bread bowl to create your favorite dish or make some bread-centered recipes, such as garlic bread, bruschetta, or more! 

21. Yellow and Orange M&M’s in ducky cookie cutters

Now here’s where you can get creative! Instead of just having a bowl of M&M’s, purchase some ducky-shaped cookie cutters and fill the center in the color scheme of a duck! It’s inexpensive, cute, and very creative! This idea will be having all your guests saying “how have I never thought of that?!”

22. Ducky Toothpicks

These ducky toothpicks are great for your food displays, as well as a much-needed toothpick for your guests! You'll be able to keep your duck bills clean for picture time with these.

23. Toothpick Foods!

A great way to add some ducky to your food is to use toothpicks with duck cutouts on the end! Any kind of finger food could work with this idea. Baby pickles, chocolate-covered strawberries, fruit platters, your cheese and quackers, bacon-wrapped scallops, or any deli meats platters. While this is not an exhaustive list, it is a good way to get the ball rolling!

Baby Shower Ducky Theme Games

The thing that can make your baby shower super fun and memorable is involving some games for your guests to play. 

24. Baby Shower Ducky Word Search

Have your guests hunt down all the baby shower words in your very own word search! See who's on the lookout for those diapers and strollers, and who might be missing the mark.

25. Duck, Duck, BABY!

This is a new spin on the classic game of “duck, duck, goose”. All the rules are the same; sit in a circle with one person going around the circle, tapping people on their heads saying “duck” until they pick the person they want to tag. Then in this version of the game, the person says “BABY!”, and the person they tap has to try and catch them before they make it all the way around the circle. While this might seem childish, it’s a baby shower! Make it fun and entertaining, just remember to play the games before the cake comes out… you don’t want to see any of that cake coming back up!

26. Musical Duckies

This is a ducky spin on musical chairs. All the rules are the same, only this time instead of being eliminated when you can’t find a seat, you are eliminated when you don’t have a rubber ducky in hand. 

27. Rubber Ducky Bingo

Here is a classic game that is always sure to get everyone on their feet! Play the game traditionally with everyone sitting down, or have everyone fill out their cards with common baby shower phrases! As you hear the phrases, mark it off on your Bingo card, and the first person to get Baby Shower BINGO wins!!

28. Guess the number of ducks

Put a bunch of rubber duckies into a jar and allow your guests to guess how many there are. The person with the closest guess can win a prize!

29. Ducky Egg Toss

A baby shower spin on the classic Easter pass time. Get some real eggs, or possibly a duck-themed egg toss game, and get your guests tossing! See who is competitive and who is clumsy with this hilarious game.

Baby Shower Ducky Theme Party Supplies

30. Rubber Ducky Paper Napkins

Nothing screams adorable quite like a rubber ducky napkin! Have everyone cleaning their duck bills with the cutest napkins around, all while keeping everything perfectly on theme.

31. Rubber Ducky Paper Plates

Can you think of anything better than having your cake, cupcake, or cookie resting on the most adorable ducky plate? Having the right plates, napkins, cups etc. for your theme party is SO SO important to keep the theme consistent! Nobody wants a ducky theme party that is perfect except for cake time. Getting some of these are an inexpensive way to have a splashin' good time!

32. Rubber Ducky Plastic Table Cloth

With this cute plastic table cloth, your post-party clean-up will be a breeze! No need to worry about frosting, drinks, or other messes getting all over your tables. Put this protective layer down to make cleaning time a QUACK!

33. Rubber Ducky Cone Treat Stand

Fill your guests' stomachs with some cute treats with this rubber ducky display! Guests will be able to easily grab their cone filled with the snack of your choice, popcorn, M&Ms, Hershey Kisses, etc.

34. Ducky Paper Straws

If you want a cute and eco-friendly way to have your guests sipping on their drink of choice, here is a great option!

Baby Shower Ducky Theme Invitations

The best theme parties all start with the same thing, the invitations! There are a few different ways that you can make these invitations. You can print personalized ones at home or at a printing shop, you can use email to send personalized e-vites (check out various options here), or you can fully customize them by hand. No matter which option you choose, here are some cute and quacky ideas and taglines for your ducky invitations. 

35. Splash Splash Baby Shower Invitation

If you're looking for a cute ducky theme baby shower invitation, Oriental Trading has this adorable option!

36. Ducky Theme Invitation

Here is a simple, classic, but cute invitation that you can find on Amazon. The best thing about this one is that it is inexpensive and can be shipped to your house quickly!

37. Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Invitation

Here you not only get the invitation for your party out but you also are already equipped with the thank you cards to send out to all of your lovely guests to thank them for attending and/or if they brought a gift along with them! This custom invitation is from a designer on Etsy.

38. Rub-a-Dub-Dub Ducky Invitation

This adorable custom yellow and white invitation can be a wonderful way to inform all of your friends and family of your upcoming baby shower! Splish splash this invitation is cute! This is also from one of the brilliant Etsy designers

Invitation Wording

If you're looking to create your own invitation, here are some cute songs or poems to use on with your invitation!

39. "Rubber Ducky" Song

Rubber ducky, you’re the one,

Who makes bath time lots of fun!

Swim on over for _____’s baby shower

40. "Rub-a-dub-dub"


There’s a new ducky in our tub

Splash your way over for _____’s baby shower

41. "Lucky Ducky"

We’re so lucky

We’re having a new ducky

It would quack us up if you came to _____’s baby shower

Now that you’ve got a great intro, now it’s time to get to planning the rest of your wonderful ducky themed baby shower!


Now that you’ve gone through our list of fun baby shower ducky theme ideas, go out there and start prepping! Try and get creative, find ways to make your favorite things duck-themed. There are tons of options on our list, as well as some great idea starters for you to paddle your own path. Have fun and get ducky!

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