Bon Voyage Theme Party

11 Fun Bon Voyage Theme Party Ideas

Saying farewell to someone close to you? Are you trying to think of the best kind of party to throw in their honor? Throwing a bon voyage theme party is the perfect opportunity for friends and family to say their temporary goodbyes and still enjoy a fun night for the person leaving. We’ve put together recommendations for bon voyage invitations, activities, and decor in order to throw a memorable party that your guests will never forget.

Bon Voyage Theme Party: Invitations

Bon Voyage Theme Party: Invitations

Invitations are essential because they set the tone of the party and communicate important information to your guests. You want to make sure they’re clear and concise. It’s fun to doll up the cards with the theme of the party. Here are a few bon voyage invitations ideas to get you started. 

1. Passport

Make copies of the front and the back of a passport. Glue the front copy of the passport to the front of a folded card and the back copy of the passport to the back of the same folded card. The card should be about the same size as the passport. On the inside, add a photo of the guest of honor as the passport photo, and write all of the party details. For an easier method, you can just buy premade passport invitations from Amazon.

2. Luggage

Make the card in the shape of the luggage! This is a nod to traveling and would be great for a goodbye party. You can personalize this how you want. Include fun colors and maybe the destination of where your friend is going for a fun little twist.

3. Envelope

If you don’t want to make your own invitations for whatever reason, you can easily order bon voyage invitations that are already made for you. There are numerous variations of these pre-made invitations, so there is bound to be one that fits perfectly with your bon voyage theme party.  

4. Postcards

The iconic postcard scene is an overused cliché in movies for someone that moved to communicate with people they know, so it’s definitely a cute way to send invitations. You can purchase postcards in bulk, get a variety pack, or pick out each one for each guest (if you really want to invest that much time in).

Bon Voyage Theme Party: Decor

Bon Voyage Theme Party: Decor

5. Welcome to…

Decorate your venue according to the city, state, or country that the guest of honor is traveling to. For instance, if he or she is going to Italy, decorated with balloons, signs, etc. that contain Italian-theme colors and symbols. You can decorate your food tables with the flags and symbols of the place your guest of honor is going to. For instance, if you’re serving Italian food, decorate tables with miniature Italian flags and mini chef hats. 

6. Bye Bye Balloons

Bon voyage balloons will bring your party to life! You can hang or tie these anywhere at your party venue. Bon voyage balloon letters are especially festive if you are looking to spice up your balloon decorations.

7. Classic Signs

No bon voyage party is complete without bon voyage signs. You have the option to pick from a variety of these signs if you look for them online. Hang these on doorways, chairs, tables, and walls at your venue. These signs are often made and constructed very nicely, so you can also give these signs to the traveling guest of honor as a remembrance of the party. An easier and cheaper alternative is to create a banner. Even if you’re not the most artistic person in the world, as long you try hard to make everything look good, your guest of honor is going to appreciate the effort you invested into making this party special for them.

8. Meals on the Map

Cover your tables with map tablecloths as a creative option rather than just solid color tablecloths. This is the perfect touch to your bon voyage decor that your guests and guest of honor will appreciate.

Bon Voyage Theme Party: Activities

Bon Voyage Theme Party: Activities

9. Who Said It?

On each party table, put a bin out with strips of paper in them. Have each guest write an anonymous statement about their favorite memory with the guest of honor. Then, collect the statements and read them aloud. Have the guest of honor try to guess which person wrote each one. 

10. Photographs

Make sure each guest gets their picture taken with the guest of honor. Set up a photo booth with bon voyage photo props or find local photo booth services. You can also take candid photos of everyone together with the guest of honor at the party. Then, create a scrapbook out of all of the photos from the party. A bon voyage photo album is a great option to put these photographs in. This makes for a great going away present for the guest of honor to have on their trip.

11. Where Am I From?

Write the names of different countries or cities onto name tags. Pin a card onto each guest’s back as they walk in. If your guest of honor has traveled a lot previously, you can use these specific places as the options to put on the guests’ backs. Each guest must figure out which country or city they have by asking only yes or no questions throughout the party. For some extra fun, you can pin the destination that the guest of honor is traveling to on a different guest’s back. Whoever has this destination can win a prize. 

12. Show and Tell 

Put together a slideshow or a short movie about the country to which the guest of honor is traveling to. You can find pictures from the Internet or gather pictures from friends who have been there.  Don’t be afraid to ask family and friends for ideas. Most countries will also already have short advertising films to encourage tourism.

13. Gift Opening

Gifting is totally optional! You can ask your guest of honor if they want gifts or not, but it’s not a requirement. However, if you do plan on accepting gifts, you could tell your guests that they should bring gifts that would be useful for travel or something your guest of honor may need in their new home.

14. Eat!

Every party is incomplete without some type of food for the guests. You can do something extravagant like hiring a catering team to feed your party, or you bring the food yourself. You could research the state or country your guest of honor is moving to, and then buy those regions’ local foods and snacks. There are also numerous recipe videos you could follow to cook their regional foods. On the other hand, you could just serve your guest of honor’s favorite food.


Traveling to a new destination can be intimidating, but it can also be one of the best experiences of a lifetime. Throwing a bon voyage theme party for your guest of honor is a great way to make them feel special and appreciated before they leave for a new place. We hope your next party is inspired by these great ideas. Check out more of our blogs for other ideas about planning events!

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