Bridal Shower Ideas For Older Brides

Are you looking to throw a bridal shower? These bridal shower ideas will be suitable for any type of bride. We have included many bridal shower ideas for older brides that will excite the bride-to-be as well as the guests!

Down memory lane

Down memory lane

Story Time

To someone who loves to have quiet nights, hosting a quiet but fun story sharing night is ideal. Having your friends come over and sit around on your couch or on your bed is such a cute thing to do. Admire the bride-to-be on this night and make her feel special before her big day. It’s definitely a girl’s talk time and relaxing night. This will be a night to reminisce.

Get to know the Bride-to-be

Before that special day everyone has been waiting for consider hosting a quiz night! This will be a great bonding experience for everyone. The memories created before the big day will be ones everyone will remember forever! To add a little twist to the quiz night incorporate your bartending skills! Who knows the bride-to-be the most? Good luck!

Tea Time

Enjoy delicious scones and hot tea with your closet friends and family! Practicing fancy etiquette with your guests will allow you to distress from your special day! This special event can also be hosted at home to make it more meaningful for everyone who attends. Bonding over tea will create some amazing memories no one will be able to forget. Enjoy every second of your tea time. Remember pinkies up when drinking from tea cups!*

Food and Drink Activities

Food and Drink Activities

Wine Tasting

If you are looking for a classy way to celebrate a bridal shower for all ages, look no further. There are multiple ways that you can plan a wine tasting for a shower. First pick your location: Would you rather go to a cozy restaurant, or a vineyard with a professional Sommelier? Whichever style you are going for, wine tasting is a great option! The next thing you need to keep in mind is what kind of drinks you want to try. The reason wine tasting is such a great choice is that there is something for everyone. The whole party will find new drinks that they love, and everyone gets included. Going to a vineyard can educate the bride and find the perfect drinks for the wedding reception as well! If you are looking for an interesting bridal shower for any age, wine tasting is a classic way to go.

Cooking Class

Instead of going with the same old bridal shower ideas, spice it up in the kitchen! Take your party to a cooking class to learn how to make different dishes, and even compete with your friends. This is a unique shower that will leave no one out! If you have a small shower and want to save money, you can even do this at home! All you need to do is decide what items you want to prepare, find recipes online of what you want to make, and go buy the ingredients at your local grocery store*. At the end you can taste everyone’s food and decide who’s food was the best. If you are looking for a great bridal shower idea for a bride interested in learning new things, or just a bride that loves cooking, this is a notable option for your party.

Cheese Tasting

If your bride is a foodie, this is the perfect way to spend your bridal shower. You can either host a cheese tasting at home, or you can go enjoy a wine and cheese tasting. One thing you need to keep in mind is that cheese can be costly depending on the types of cheeses you are looking to get. If you are going to host a cheese party at home, ask the guests what cheeses they like to eat and keep this in mind, that way no one needs to waste money on cheeses no one is interested in. You can either purchase these different cheeses at a cheese shop, or even at a local grocery store*. A good thing about doing this at home is that you can accompany the cheese with anything you want. You can create cheese boards with a variety of different things including: Meats such as pepperoni or salami, fruits such as grapes or apples, nuts, or even different types of breads or crackers.

Cocktails/Mini Bar 

Cocktails/Mini Bar

What better way to unwind and release some tension than with classic alcohol? Make some of your favorite classic cocktails with your close friends! Reminisce on all the good old days drinking your cocktails and enjoy the emotional influence of alcohol. You and your friends will surely bond on your special last unmarried night together as a group. Be your own bartender while drinking responsibly! Cheers!

Stock-The-Bar Shower

If the bride and party are interested in drinks, and they want to stay home and save a bit of money this is a great option. A stock- the- bar shower is where the guests all bring something along the lines of alcohol such as wine, mixers* and more. This is a great way that the couple can do a registry so that the guests can bring the couple any type of alcohol that they want. It also allows the guests to bring nice gifts that do not have to be too expensive for anyone involved. Sometimes throwing a bridal shower can get expensive, however, this option is a simple way to have a nice and simple shower. If you want a classy and unique way to bond and celebrate with all of your closest friends, this is the shower for you.

Pampering & Feeling Good

Pampering & Feeling Good

Private Shopping Day

If there is one thing that most women have in common, it is the love of shopping, so why not incorporate that into your bridal shower? If you want a smaller-scale bridal shower you and your party can go shopping at all of your favorite stores. However, if you are looking to elevate the experience and to feel luxurious, you can book out a private shopping appointment. Many boutiques have an option to book appointments for occasions such as this. All you need to do is go online or call and specify the time and date. These appointments can go anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours long. This can also be a great way to get the bride-to-be the perfect gift. If you are looking for a unique and lavish party, this is the best way to go for an unforgettable bridal shower.

Spa and Beauty Shower

If you want a relaxing and refreshing bridal shower, look no further. We all know that with the stress of everyday life, taking a day to unwind is always needed. You can take the party right to the spa and customize what packages each person wants, so everyone will be happy. Many spas also give you access to facilities so you can dine and even enjoy a few drinks. If you’re looking to save some money this can even be done at home. While it may not be as luxurious, you can still have fun and relax right in the comfort of your own home. There are plenty of options for a home spa day such as buying face mask packs*, nail polishes*, and other beauty treatments. This is a great option if you want to save money since most beauty items can be found relatively cheap at most stores.

Wellness and Beauty Shower

If the bride is interested in beauty and wellness this can be a unique way to spend your bridal shower. There are many ways you can go for a makeup and beauty-related shower such as creating beauty products like scrubs, or mixing together your own blend of essential oils. The ingredients to sugar scrubs are very simple and are easy to put together. This will also allow the guests to take some home with them so it appeals to everyone. The same goes for the essential oils*, although they are a bit more expensive to purchase. All in all if you are looking to pamper the bride and the rest of the party and have a relaxing night in, this is the perfect route to unique activities.

Wellness and Beauty Shower

Paint Class or At Home

If you are looking for a truly unique and custom bridal shower experience, a paint class is the best way to go. Not only can this be done in your own home, there are also many available venues to take group paint classes. If you want a small bridal shower in the comfort of your home, or a larger bridal shower, you can go get taught step by step instructions by an art teacher. In some venues, you can even enjoy some wine while you create your art! If you want a bridal shower that will allow the party to let their creativity out as well as getting loose with a few sips of wine, this is a unique experience for any non-traditional bride!

Or invite your friends and have a little chilling session at home. By fully concentrating on painting*, you can relax the night before the big day. Relax and pretend you’re Bob Ross painting that beautiful mural.

Garden Shower

If you have a bride with a green thumb, this could be the perfect shower for them. Having a garden party can also be a great way to incorporate gifts for the bride as well. All you need is some tools, gloves*, and the plants of your choice. Whether you want beautiful flowers*, or succulent plants*, get your party to work on a gorgeous garden for the bride. Having all of your friends using their elbow-grease by pulling weeds and planting various greenery will give everyone a sense of satisfaction and achievement. This is a special way to bond with the bride and the rest of the party as well.

Active Shower

If you have a bride that is a lover of the outdoors, consider doing an active shower. There are countless different activities that you can do with your party such as hiking, dancing, boxing, or even yoga classes. These activities are things that people of any athletic level will be able to do and can be relatively cheap as well. Another reason this is a great option is that you can do these activities wherever you are located. If you live in the city you can book a private dance or yoga class for your party, or if you live out in the country you can hike at a local trail for only a few dollars. No matter what interests the bride or the rest of the party has, there are plenty of options for everyone involved.

It can be difficult to throw a bridal shower for an older bride, but these options are a great way to get everyone involved, and make the bride truly feel like it is their special day.

Bridal Brunch 

Bridal Brunch

Let’s start that day with a brush with your girls! A good mid-morning or early afternoon meal in your favorite restaurant and your close friends can definitely make you feel a happiness that lasts the entire day. Pick a seat next to the window, or if there is a choice available, dine out! Besides just eating, you have this great time to talk with your friends. Talk about how the wedding is going to be the next day, talk about how you imagine life will be after you get married, and talk about the past! Talk about anything you want, and just be chill for a day! 


If you don’t like painting but are also stressed about the wedding, then a spa is another amazing choice! Treat yourself by going to a spa, relax your body and your soul so you will be more prepared for the next day. You can invite your friend to come along and book a private room to spend that time together. I am sure you will have a lot to talk about with your friend that day.

Beach house 

Beach house

What best to contrast the magical wedding than a relaxing evening in a beach house? From swimming and relaxing on the beachside in the day to simple bonding after in the beach house with your friends. Multiple of the aforementioned activities can be combined into this serene and private location. Remember to wear sunscreen! 

Party at Your House 

Party at your house

Going back to some traditional usual bridal shower date night ideas, we can’t go wrong with a party. Hold a party with some good food, games, and alcohol. Invite all your friends over and have a night with them! To make that party more fun, you can set up a dress code, or make it a themed party. This will then definitely be a very special party and occasion!  

Sometimes, it can be more fun to invite not just your girls to this party, but even the boys from the groom’s side. Have that big party for your last night. This might not sound very traditional, but it will definitely create some amazing memories from celebrating the couple together. Everyone’s invited on this special night!

Binge a TV Show 

Watch your favorite shows* together from beginning to end in one night! An introverted activity, but nonetheless emotional with a good show. React to your favorite show together and enjoy the journey of the characters through the multiple episodes. Nothing wrong with having a more low key vibe, whatever suits you!

Dessert making 

Dessert making

Sometimes what most girls like to do is making desserts! On the last night, why not finally try making desserts with your friends? Even if it doesn’t come out as planned, it’s a great memory. After you get married, most of the time, you might be baking for your children or your husband. This is a great chance to actually make something for your friends. Since you are making desserts with your friend, teamwork is what matters. Take this as a chance to boost up the friendship!


Hopefully, you enjoyed these bridal shower ideas for older brides. You can choose a more relaxing bridal shower or fun bridal shower but either or we have something here for you. This is your special day and we want to make sure you are enjoying every moment leading up to it! Also make sure to check out our budget sheets and party checklists for every event at our website!

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