Bridal Shower Location Ideas

6 Best Bridal Shower Location Ideas

The Bridal Shower location is crazy important for a bride. The location determines what sort of activities you will do, who is going to be able to come, what types of clothes you can wear, and so many other factors. We have compiled a list of bridal shower location ideas that will help you find the perfect option for your desired event, as well as give suggestions for where to host. A bride only gets married once typically, meaning there is only one bridal shower to be had! You want to have fun with all your best girls while making memories that will last a lifetime. 

Bridal Shower Location Considerations 

Bridal Shower Location Considerations 
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The first thing to consider when choosing a location is what type of activity you want to have your guests do. If you want to have a sit-down meal and have more genuine and intimate conversations with your guests, choosing a venue that hosts banquets or a restaurant could be a good choice. You can get really creative with activities such as making your own perfume bar or going glamping, but we will get into that later. Simply start by picking your activity.

Number of Guests

You’re going to want to consider the number of guests you intend to host once you pick your activity. Is the activity suitable for a large group, or does it need to be a smaller more personal group of friends? Once you determine this you can start assessing which venues meet your needs. 


Some venues can be extremely weather-dependent, and you’re going to want to consider what risk you are willing to take when it comes to the weather. You also need to consider what season your wedding is in and what your guests will be willing to put up with. If you live by the beach and your wedding is in the summer, outdoors may be a good option. But somewhere central may not want an outdoor party. 

Now that we’ve assessed what considerations need to be taking when choosing your location, let’s talk about some actual locations!

Bridal Shower Location Ideas

Bridal Shower Location Ideas
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1. Restaurants

As we said earlier, restaurants are a great option for throwing a fun bridal shower party with a smaller group of friends. Many restaurants have options where you can rent out their event rooms for an even more intimate experience. A local steak house or fondue restaurant could add some excitement to the typical restaurant outing! You could even try to find a rooftop restaurant to get those lifelong pictures taken. 

2. Hotels

Hotels are a super fun way to get away for the weekend in a new place, as well as easier for finding a central location for all of your guests to meet up in! Many hotels host afternoon tea, which could be where your actual bridal shower party is held. Before and after make use of the pool, spa, room service, and the bar and lounge! Hotels are also fun because no one has to leave at the end of the night or worry about driving home. 

3. Your Home

This is definitely the most inexpensive location option if you’re trying to cut costs in your bridal shower department. If you have a good space for hosting events, turning your home into the perfect bridal shower venue is easier than it seems! There are infinite places to acquire inexpensive decorations, Etsy being an amazing source. You can access those here! Hosting in your home also opens up the option for catering, which takes lots of stress off of the host. You could also invite guests to bring dessert or drinks while you provide the main course. A buffet is an easy way to serve everybody in a timely manner, and it’s fun! The options are endless!

4. Pool or Beach

If you or your friend own a pool or have access to one, this is a super fun switch up from the regular bridal shower! Especially if you are having a summer wedding, this location is perfect for getting outside while also remaining cool. If you or your friend owns a pool, spruce up the area with fun decorations and lots of pool floaties. Bring out tables for food and beverages as well, so guests don’t have to enter the home to retrieve them when they’re wet.

You could also provide monogrammed towels and koozies for your guests! If you or your friend do not own a pool, get in contact with a local country club or community pool to see if you can rent out space for the day. Finish off the event with a fun cookout! If you are fortunate enough to live near the beach, take advantage of this opportunity! Bring a four-legged tent, chairs, and lots of beach blankets to get ready for a full day of being in the sun! 

5. Boat

A boat or river casino is an exciting way to take your bridal shower to the water! If you or a friend owns a boat, fantastic! But there are also many charter and rental companies you can get access to one with. Companies such as this one, even specialize in parties on boats. If the weather is permissible, this is a great option if you’re not wanting to do your typical venue. You and your guests can wear matching swimsuits to get some great photos, bring food and beverage, and have a fun day out on the lake or ocean!

6. Vineyard

Odds are you and your girlfriends are fans of wine, so what better place to celebrate the happiest day of your life than at a vineyard? Vineyards are fantastic for taking pictures, walking around and exploring with your group, and of course… drinking wine! You’ll also learn a lot about the vineyard and wine you’re drinking, which is switching things up from your typical wine night. 


As you can see, there are many bridal shower location ideas that won’t break the bank and ensure that you have an amazing day. Use these considerations and suggestions for your special day!

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