Bridal Shower Sign In Ideas

19 Unique Bridal Shower Sign-In Ideas

Bridal shower sign ins are a great idea to remember your shower in better detail. Sign ins allow you to see everyone’s name and will give you a keepsake from your special day. Sign in don’t have to be a plain book they can be creative! Here are some unique bridal shower sign-in ideas.

Bridal Shower Sign-In Ideas: Cute Decor

Bridal Shower Sign In Ideas

Be reminded of this special day with these unique Bridal Shower Sign-In Ideas that are greate for decor in your home.Start this next chapter with something that reminds you of your wedding day.

1. Polaroid Photos

These old cameras* are the new in. Not only do the guests get to put their name but they get to take a picture too! 

2. Sealed Envelopes

This makes the sign in as a little activity! Guests can write a little note and seal it into the envelope* as a keepsake for the bride.

3. Plant Holder

A great idea for those boho themed showers! Get a plant holder* and let all of the guests sign it. It makes for a great keepsake that can always be used.

4. Typewriter

Not only does it make for a great sign in but also as a decoration at the shower! Having everyone sign in on a typewriter* is a fun and unique idea.

5. Instrument

The music lovers are sure to love this one! Get any instrument and have all of the guests sign it.

6. Branded Guest Book

A unique twist on a traditional sign in. Get a guestbook* custom made for you to have the guests sign!

7. Paper Airplanes

Who says unique has to be elaborate? Just put out some paper for the guests to sign. You can either have them fold the airplanes themselves or do it ahead of time.

8. Log Slice

The perfect sign in for an outdoor party. A log slice* (or maybe a couple) makes for a unique sign-in idea!

9. Shells

Great for a beach party! And a cheap idea too! Get some seashells* and have the guests sign it. Or if your shower is at the beach, have the guests find the shells themselves!

10. White Shoes

White shoes* are a must in today’s wardrobe and a great addition to a bridal shower! Having the guests sign the shoes lets the bride have a unique present that she could even wear to the wedding!

11. Christmas Tree Ornament

This is a must for any Christmas wedding. Get some little Christmas trees* to decorate for the shower and lay out some blank Christmas ornaments*. The guests get to sign the ornaments and put them on the trees! This makes for a great sign in and some even better decorations (for now and next Christmas)!

12. Shadow Box

Shadow boxes* are clear boxes with an opening on the top to put different trinquets inside. Get a shadow box and some little decorations for the guests to sign and put in the box. This is a unique idea that creates an awesome decoration.

Bridal Shower Sign-In Ideas: Common Use

Want to be reminded of all your loved ones that came to support you on your special day? Here are some Bridal Shower Sign-In Ideas that you can use more often and be reminded of the people that support your marriage. Here are some common use Bridal Shower Sign-In Ideas for your special day.

13. Surfboard

A great idea for surf lovers or a Hawaii wedding. Having a surfboard* for everyone to sign is a unique twist on the sign-in that also makes a great souvenir for the bride!

14. Quilt

A handmade quilt* is not only great for a cold night but for a bridal shower. Quilts create a unique sign in for all of the guests!

15. Globe

A go-to idea for those travel lovers! A globe* makes a great sign in and an even better decoration for the future bride.

16. Puzzle Pieces

This is a personal fav! Buy a puzzle* and dump out all of the pieces for each of the guests to sign. This is a unique sign in and great activity for the bride-to-be!

17. Apron

Great for any chefs or future brides with a passion for cooking! Buy a plain apron* and have all the guests sign it!

18. Jenga Set

Such a fun and unique idea! Buy a jenga set* and lay it out for the guests to sign. A great sign in and a fun game for the future!

19. Records

Another one for those music lovers! Buy some records* and have the guests sign them. Such a fun idea!


Putting a unique twist on any tradition always makes for a good time. Sign ins don’t have to be boring so get creative! Use one or a couple of our bridal shower sign in ideas or come up with one yourself! We hope you find a way to have these unique Bridal Shower Sign-In Ideas represent your wedding for a day to remember.

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