Bridal Shower Spring Themes

50 Beautiful Bridal Shower Spring Themes

Are you the lucky one who is getting married soon or are you the friend of the soon-to-be bride? Why not make spring the focus? Whether your heart was set on food-based, indoor, or outdoor bridal shower spring themes, we have all the ideas you could need below. For bridal showers to be fun, they need creative themes that both the bride and the friends like. Take a look at these 50 fantastic ideas for the best choice.

Seasonal Bridal Shower Spring Themes


1. April Showers

Are you planning to do the bridal shower in April? You are so lucky! The beautiful setup of April Showers will be the best for you. There are tables with the perfect spring settings and the upside down umbrellas are really pretty. If you want a picnic outdoors with your friends, go for it! The flowers in the background will boost everyone’s mood. If you aren’t a fan of the outdoors, no worries. The flowers on the table will be more than enough for the special day.

2. Spring Lilacs

What feels more like spring than a bunch of flowers? Lilacs come in different colors, so you can choose the one that best fits your theme. They will make everyone happy because they are pretty and also because of their scent!

Outdoor Bridal Shower Spring Themes

3. Sail Away

Do you like cruises? Then a party on the boat will be the best theme for the bridal shower! With the sea breeze around you, you will be able to enjoy the time of your life. If you want, you can fish and eat the freshest seafood. Grab a couple of beers and have fun with your friends. Dress codes will be fun too. Everyone can dress like a sailor with matching hats. Take some pictures so you will always remember the day!

4. Backyard Bliss

If you have a backyard, why not use it? It won’t be as fancy as a restaurant or a party place, but it is an intimate space that is private and the best part is that you can customize it the way you want. Decorate the backyard with flowers and balloons and arrange a picnic with your beloved ones. You won’t even know that it was a backyard when you’re done.

5. Tranquil Spa Day

Have a spa day so that the soon-to-be bride can get some rest before the wedding. You can go to an actual spa or rent a hotel and make the place a spa. Decorate the place with blue and green objects so that it matches the colors of a spa. You can put the soap you like – any scent and color. Give each other massages and don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

6. Outdoor Movie Night

Do you remember the last time you had a movie night with your friends? It’s probably been a long time since everyone is busy working. Arrange a movie night to bring back your childhood memories! You can go to a theater or make your house or backyard into a mini theater. The place doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re making precious memories with your friends. Relax and enjoy it!

Indoor Party Bridal Shower Spring Themes

7. Glam Pajama Party

Are you a person who loved pajama parties as a kid? Who says adults can’t have pajama parties? Throw a pajama party with your friends! Trust me, it’s a great girls’ night in idea. Add in some pizza, drinks, and games and it will be just perfect. You can do it at your own house or a hotel – up to you. Just don’t forget to have a great time.

8. Jump Into a Pool Party


Is it too cold to go to the beach or is the beach just too far? Don’t worry. How about a pool party with some fresh juice or drinks? A towel with touching words will be perfect to impress your friends. Don’t forget to tell your guests to remember to bring their swimsuits so that they can get the most out of the party!

9. Fiesta, Fiesta

Is the bride a fan of tacos, tequilas, and guacamole? Why not throw a fiesta party? Add some piñata for extra fun! Don’t forget to serve a lot of food – margaritas are a must, some salsa and chips to go along with them. If you want to hold the party outdoors, go ahead! Nothing is stopping you from enjoying your day.

10. Garden Party

For those who like plants, garden parties are a great choice – even a greenhouse will work! Do you have your own garden? Even better! Serve fresh food, some drinks, along with the great view of your very own plants. Do you have a job related to plants such as a florist? Hold a flower class. Your guests will have the once in a lifetime experience!

11. Pantone Party

If you were impressed by Pantone’s 2016 colors – Rose Quartz and Serenity – why not decorate the room with those colors? They are the perfect combination to make a great mood. Choose the desk cloth, balloons, and even desserts that go with the color. Every bride will be obsessed with the party room!

More Specific Bridal Shower Spring Themes

12. Paris Romance

Paris is such a gorgeous country that it is also a great party theme. Choose food that reminds you of the country – French wine, cheese, and dessert. Consider placing an Eiffel Tower somewhere in the party room. Decorate the room with pastel colors and there you go, the perfect party room!

13. Sports Lover

Did a specific sport and sports in general bring you and your friends together? A sports theme will be perfect for you. If you are a fan of a specific team, get the items that are related to the team and decorate the room with the team’s colors. For some more fun, prepare desserts with the team’s name on it or with the team’s logo. Even better, throw the party on a game day and watch it with your friends. Best party idea, right?

14. Shabby-Chic

For rustic vibes, choose the right decorations, serve teas in pretty mason jars, and add some baby-breath centerpieces. Homemade desserts are also a great way to boost the vibe. If you’re planning to have a lot of guests, ask them to bring their favorite plate. What’s better than spending time with your friends eating your favorite food?

15. Coed Jack and Jill Shower

Yeah, it’s called “bridal shower,” but who says that there should be only girls? Bring your significant other with you and you’ll be surprised at how good an idea this was. Don’t like the name bridal shower? Change it to Jack and Jill shower when you’re sending out the invitations. The more the merrier!

16. Aloha

When you think of Hawaii, doesn’t it give you happy memories or thoughts? Hawaii is actually a famous bridal shower theme. Decorate the place with tropical colors, flowers, and fresh fruits. If you want your guests to remember the day, give them customized leis as a souvenir to take home. Add some flamingos and palm trees, and you’re all set!

17. Baking

If the bride is a baker or if she enjoys baking, baking is your theme! With a wide selection of desserts – either store-bought or homemade (better!) – everyone will be enjoying themselves. The bride can even hold a small baking class. It would be a great time baking with your friends and eating the desserts you made with your own hands.

18. Travel Theme

If your friend is a fan of traveling, that is the theme for you! Decorate the room with pictures of places all around the world. Place some souvenirs that you brought from some countries and serve food and desserts from different places. Talk about all the countries you want to go to while enjoying the time with your friends.

19. NYE Bridal Shower

Who says New Year’s Eve theme only has to be on the 1st? Throw an NYE bridal shower to wish the bride the best luck for the year. Add some cookies and your favorite alcohol. If you’re having the party outdoors, how about some fireworks?

20. The 20s / 50s Style Shower

For retro vibes, pick a theme from those times; some examples are the 20s or the 50s. Vintage items such as crystal vases and metal glasses will make you feel like you’re actually in those times.

21. Roller Disco

Throw a disco party to bring back memories of when you were younger. Those who show up in jumpsuits, super curly hair, and way too much makeup get applause! Blast some loud music and add some disco balls.

22. Coachella

It is not a secret that Coachella tickets are expensive. However, who has to go to the Coachella when you can recreate it? Make your best dish and enjoy it with your friends. If you have a backyard, even better! You can even throw a barbecue. It’s a Coachella that’s cheaper and with fewer people.

Food-Based Bridal Shower Spring Themes


23. Creative Brunch

Is brunch your favorite meal? If so, throw a brunch party and be creative about what to serve! You can have fresh fruit, or if you want to make it tropical, add some coconuts and serve the food on tropical-looking dishes. You don’t have to go to an expensive brunch place to have a great time.

24. Food Truck

If you want good quality food, but don’t want to pay a lot of money to the caterer, how about a food truck? You can arrange several food trucks that serve different food – from salad to pizza to ice cream. Is this food heaven?

25. Bridal Barbeque

If food is your priority, throw a barbeque party for your guests! You can’t go wrong with a barbeque. Are you vegetarian or vegan? Don’t worry! Barbeques don’t always have to be pork and beef. You can add vegetables to the menu.

26. Global Cuisine

Again, if food is the most important part of your party, how about serving different kinds of food? From American to British to Chinese, it will be better than any buffet out there. You will feel like you’re having a food tour around the globe.

27. Dessert Bar

If you have a sweet tooth, dessert bars are your best pick! You can serve scones with jam, macarons, donuts, and many more. Once sugar is in everyone’s blood, you will be happy that you decided to have a dessert bar.

Alcohol-based Bridal Shower Spring Themes

28. Sip on Mimosas

Mimosas pair well with anything, but they go best with brunch. Serve some freshly made mimosas with freshly squeezed fruit juices and herbs. You can never go wrong with waffles, pancakes, and french toast.

29. Taste Lots of Wine

If you’re a fan of wine, why not taste a lot of wine? It may help you pick the wine for your wedding. Have the best wine along with the best cheese. If you’re an outdoor person, sit on the patio and enjoy the food with the pretty scenery. If you prefer indoors, go to a wine place with a gorgeous setting.

30. Tour a Brewery

Is beer more of your thing? Then a brewery tour will be better suited for you! Take the day to learn about how beer is made and taste all the different kinds of beer. You might find the perfect beer that you’ve been looking for your whole life. Good luck!

31. Champagne Brunch

It’s never too early for champagne! Put a bar next to the waffle bar. Since it’s brunch, be creative. Serve some fresh fruit, freshly baked goods, and some healthy foods as well. Enjoy your time, but don’t drink too much!

32. Whiskey Tasting

Neither wine nor beer interests you because you love whiskey? Who says there aren’t any whiskey tours? Go for whatever drink you like. After all, this party is for you!

Other Ideas Bridal Shower Spring Themes

33. Plan an Around-the-Clock Gift Exchange

This idea is better with a lot of guests, but the number of people doesn’t matter. The idea is every guest giving the bride a present according to the time. For example, for 8 am, a coffee maker will be ideal. If you write a small letter along with the gift, it will make the bride happier and may even burst into joyful tears!

34. Foreshadow a Destination Wedding

If your friend is going abroad for the wedding, why not recreate the party room like the country? It will be a preview of her wedding. If you can’t make it to the wedding, this will be the best time to tell your feelings about her and give her the wedding gift. Place a world map on the wall, some globes on the selves, and serve great food.

35. Quiz Guests

For some extra fun, quiz your guests! Play Bingo or a short quiz. If there’s a prize, everyone will be even more motivated. The most important part is that the bride doesn’t get hurt even if someone doesn’t know the answer. Don’t worry, we all love you, friend!

36. Shower the Bride-To-Be With Good Advice

Ask everyone to write a piece of advice regarding married lives on paper or a wooden spoon. They may help you out a lot in the future, so be aware of them. It’s also a good memory that your friends care a lot about you.

37. Hang Photographs of the Couple from Balloons

You could place picture frames all over the room, but photograph balloons are a more creative choice. You can add the pictures to the balloon itself or tie them to the string so that they are more visible. They take up less space, but they sure are prettier!

38. Guestbook Selfies

Place a camera in a pretty setting so that everyone wants to take pictures there. Don’t forget that the background has to be pretty and lighting should be good. That way you don’t have to go to everyone to take pictures with them. Instead, you’ll have a whole photo book with everyone in it! Less work, but more fun.

39. Fruit-Infused Water

To make the party interesting, add some fruit in the water. They are not only pretty, but they also taste good and pair well with any food. You can also add them to cocktails for an extra hint of fruit scent.

Brand-Inspired Bridal Shower Spring Themes

40. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The Tiffany & Co. blue bags are every woman’s dream. Implement the design in the party place. Swap boring napkin holders with sparkling ones. Are you planning to give the bride a gift? Make a customized blud bag for her with her name on it. Swap “Tiffany” with her name and she will be flattered. A blue dessert dar or blue table cloth will also make the place look like Tiffany & Co. Use your imagination!

41. Kate Spade

If the bride is a person that is loved by everyone, Kate Spade is the perfect theme! Decorate the place with hot pink and black objects along with a great floral scent. Be creative and add some gold colors as well. Can’t wait to see the bride’s face?

42. Coco Chanel

Are you a fan of Coco Chanel? Did you know that it’s a good theme for bridal showers? Take the elegant design along with the colors – black, white, and pink – to make the party place beautiful. You can make desserts with the logo and add some of Chanel’s best perfume’s scent. A perfume bar is also a good idea – a place where everyone can make their own perfume.

Celebrity-Inspired Bridal Shower Spring Themes

43. Julia Child

The great cook, Julia Child, inspired a lot of chefs all over the world. If the soon-to-be-bride is a chef, this is the theme for her! Get some cookbooks, oven mitts, and cooking supplies for her as a present and decorate the room like a gorgeous restaurant. The bride will be filled with tears by the thought that her friends did all the work for her. Thank me later!

Bridal Shower Spring Themes Using Movies, Cartoons & Episodes

Movies, Cartoons & Episodes

44. Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Do you remember the tea party in Alice in Wonderland? Recreate that scene into a bridal shower! Find items that look like the ones in the cartoon. Dress like Alice for some extra fun. Serve desserts with the characters’ faces on it.

45. Disney

Who didn’t watch Disney when they were a kid? Bring back those cute memories with Disney themes! Make Mickey Mouse cupcakes, Daisy cookies, and Donald Duck cakes. Add Disney quotes in fortune cookies and pass them out to your friends. A photo booth with Disney inspired goods will make your guests even happier.

46. Game of Thrones

Throw a party with America’s favorite TV show – Game of Thrones – as the theme! Decorate the wall with pictures, add balloons with dragons, dress like the characters. Try to pretend that you’re from the show and mimic the accent. Take a lot of pictures because it will be a great day to look back to!

47. Beauty & The Beast

Throw a party for your best friend aka Belle! She found her prince or the beast. Wish them luck at the party. Dress like Belle or even the prince. Decorate the place to make everyone feel like they are in the scene.

48. Princess & The Frog

Decorate the place with flowers and wear a blue dress like the princess! Wish your princess, the bride, the best of luck. You can even watch Princess & the Frog again. Who knows –  it might actually be touching!

49. Downton Abbey

This is a theme for those who were or still are obsessed with the British show, Downton Abbey. Be creative and make a dress code – all the bridesmaids dressing like maids. Throw a tea party or a party with British food.

50. Burlesque

Do you remember the musical Burlesque? Wear feathered clothes and put on extra-high heels to feel like you’re the main character. Play some funky music and you’re already in the musical. Enjoy the night girl!

Did You Choose the Perfect Theme?

How were these 50 bridal shower spring themes? Were they enough for you to make up your mind or did all of them sound so good that you couldn’t decide? Take your time – either it’s for you or your friend, it is a really important day. Whatever theme you decide, remember this – enjoy and have the best time of your life!

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