Brunch Budget Worksheet

Easy Brunch Budget Worksheet

Everyone loves brunch! Hosting a brunch for family, friends, company events and more is a fun and delicious way to spend time together, and with Easy Event Planning’s brunch budget worksheet, you can host the perfect gathering. It includes some commonly expensed items and is easily downloaded into Google Sheets for your personal use. Keeping track of brunch expenses is an important part of any planning process but it can be simple with this expense sheet. We have all your bases covered with this tracker as it includes a wide range of important categories from decor to the food and beverages and themselves.

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6 Reasons You’ll Love Our Brunch Budget Worksheet

6 Reasons You'll Love Our Brunch Budget Worksheet

1. Event-Specific

Your brunch should be a completely unique and memorable event. Your expense tracker shouldn’t be any random template! Our brunch budget planner already has categories and line items such as menu cards or alcoholic beverages that will be the most useful in planning your brunch specifically.

2. Good For Organizing

If you are sharing this sheet with others, you can simply assign people to different expenses with the ‘who pays’ column! This way, expenses are delegated and everyone is organized making your planning process as smooth as possible.

3. Collaborative

This sheet is easily shared through Google Sheets. This means you can easily work with friends, family, and any other guests or planners that are going to attend your brunch to get this event planned as efficiently as possible. The ability to work on the sheet at the same time and have all users viewing the same thing ensures that possibly costly mistakes are fixed.

4. User-Friendly

The sheet is organized so that users see a comprehensive view of their expenses. Instead of having every single item in one confusing list, this sheet organizes your expenses by putting them under separate categories so that you can search and categorize them accordingly. Our brunch budget planner

Another helpful feature for planning is the estimated and actual columns. Estimating prices will give you a useful rough budget for the estimated column, and after you know the actual prices, you can simply adjust your spending accordingly.

5. Individual Payment Tab

The Payment Tab on our sheet (found on the bottom) allows you easily track individual payments. You can even break them up by amounts of the total cost. You just enter the Total Cost and then fill in who the person responsible is for the payments. Then enter the payments made and see how much of the total amount is left.

6. Helpful Visuals

Seeing how much you’re spending visually on certain categories is a great tool for planning! Just fill in your budget items on the brunch budget sheet and the pie chart will automatically start filling in for you which can be viewed at the top of your page. These pie charts are helpful in deciding whether or not you want to allocate more or less to a specific category.

How to Use Our Brunch Budget Worksheet

How to Use Our Brunch Budget Worksheet

All you have to do to access this helpful tool is click the “Download” button and the “Make a copy” button. This will add the sheet to your personal Google Drive so you can share it with others. When you’re ready to start planning brunch, visit our instructions page where there are accessible step-by-step instructions. If you have any questions about how to collaborate on your sheet, or how to customize any line items, you’ll find all you need to know there!

If you have any more questions there is an FAQs page that you may find helpful, as well as help with Google Sheets if you need further assistance.


Now that you have a great and easy-to-use tool to help organize your brunch expenses, you can plan stress-free! Our budget calculator will be able to help you organize all the little details so all you have to worry about is enjoying your perfectly planned brunch. If you find this brunch budget worksheet to be useful, we have plenty of other event budget sheets that might be helpful, too! Check out our site for resources to help you plan any event you might be thinking of!

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