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38 Easy Bubble Theme Party Ideas

To remind guests of the memorable celebrations they’ve had, it’s important to send them home with a special treat that encapsulates the theme of the party. Consider treating your guests to some of these bubble theme party favor ideas. They’ll respect the effort you’ve taken to make them feel appreciated and cared for. Take a look at these great bubbly giveaway ideas:

Bubble Theme Party: Favors

Bubble Theme Party: Favors

1. Fun Sized Gumball Machines 

These are great bubble theme party prizes!  They can be purchased online at Amazon or local toy stores. Add a tag around each one that says: “Thanks for attending our bubble blowout!”

2. Personalized Balloons  

Send guests home with balloons. You can take them from decorations at the party or have a stash prepared to hand out as guests leave. Put each person’s name on the balloons using colored markers or stickers

3. Bubble Wands 

These can be found in many stores like Target and Amazon, especially around summertime. Add some sheer sparkly ribbon around the handles to add some elegance to the wand

4. Bubble Gum 

Packs of bubble gum can be fun and inexpensive giveaways. Encourage guests to keep on blowing bubbles even after the party is over. 

5. Treat Bags 

Place prizes like candy buttons or other circular candies in clear plastic bags. Wrap silver or blue curly ribbon around the bag to make the favor more visually appealing.

6. Mini Bubble Blowers 

Search online for a retailer that sells battery-operated bubble blowers. You could also check local stores for this fun toy that guests are sure to enjoy long after the party is over. 

7. Individual Bubbles 

Packs of miniature bubbles can be bought at little cost. Separate the packs and give them to guests as a thank you. Add a label that describes the event and the year, such as “Harper’s 1st Birthday 2012.”

8. Bubbly Plastic Jewelry 

Purchase beaded jewelry from dollar stores. The beads look like bubbles, especially if you can find blue and clear colored beads.

9. Bubble Straws 

These extra thick straws are great for quickly devouring cold drinks. They also allow adequate airflow to blow bubbles in the drink and create fizz. 

10. Bubble Necklaces 

These are little bottles of bubbles attached to a string to hang around a child’s neck. They can be ordered from online retailers and often come in popular cartoon character shapes. 

Bubble Theme Party: Activities

Bubble Theme Party: Activities

11. Tag, You’re It! 

Play this game as you would play a regular game of tag. The twist is to give the player who’s “it” a battery-operated bubble blower. They will use this to tag the other players.

12. Colorful Bubble Art 

Pour bubble mixtures into bowls; then add food coloring to each bowl. Give each guest a straw to blow air into the mixture and create bubbles. Set a white piece of paper over the top of the bowl to create a colorful image. Move from bowl to bowl until each guest has all the wanted colors on his or her page.

13. Blow Race 

Set up a starting line and a finish line. Each guest must begin by blowing a bubble. They then must use air from their mouth to keep the bubble afloat and get to the finish line. Don’t pop the bubble!

14. Dodge That Bubble 

This game is similar to dodgeball but with bubbles. Guests should separate into two teams and blow bubbles at each other. Once a bubble hits a player, he or she must sit out. The side with the most remaining players is the winning team. 

15. Bubble Drift 

Have some party guests hold up hula-hoops while other guests try to blow bubbles through the hoops. Increase the distance for a more difficult challenge. 

16. Don’t Break the Bubble 

Have guests blow bubbles and take turns catching them on bubble wands. The challenge is to not break the bubbles.

17. Frozen Bubbles 

Blow some bubbles and catch them on a wand or plate. Freeze them before they pop and amaze guests with the neat effects of the frozen bubbles. 

18. Battle the Bubbles 

Use a bubble machine to blow a massive amount of bubbles. Give guests fake plastic swords or sticks to slash as many bubbles as they can.

19. Big Bubble Blow 

Keep measuring tape close by and see who can create the biggest bubble without popping it. 

20. Keep the Bubbles Afloat 

Have guests blow a bunch of bubbles. Challenge them to keep the bubbles in the air for as long as they are able just by blowing.

21. Bubbles, Bubbles, and More Bubbles

Challenge guests to see who can blow the most bubbles in a given time frame. This is harder than it seems because the bubbles won’t form if they try to blow too fast. 

22. Don’t Use Your Hands! 

For this activity, guests should try to pop massive amounts of bubbles without using their hands. Kids especially will love jumping and using karate kicks to break the bubbles. 

23. Bubble Pool of Fun 

Fill a kiddie pool with tons of bubble liquid. Allow guests to take turns stomping around in the pool creating bubbles and foam. Use caution with this activity. The bubbles can be slippery, and the liquid burns if it gets into your eyes. 

Bubble Theme Party: Invitations

Bubble Theme Party: Invitations

24. Balloon Invitations 

Blow up balloons and write information such as the date, time, and purpose of the gathering with a marker. Then deflate the balloons and mail them in envelopes to guests. Include instructions to blow up the balloon to read the invitation message.

25. Message in a Bubble Bottle 

Buy small bottles of bubbles for each guest you wish to invite. You’ll only need the empty bottle to start creating your invites; pour the contents into a larger container to save for later bubble blowing. Print out little information sheets and roll them to place into each empty bubble bottle for a unique invitation.

26. Bubble Invites 

Purchase small bottles of bubbles for each guest. Instead of emptying the contents, unwrap the label. Then wrap the new invitation label around the bottle. This way, guests will get to keep the bubble bottles for future use!

27. Bubble Invitation Cards

If you’re looking for a more traditional bubble themed invitation, you could always use circular invitation cards. If you can’t find invitation card that are circular in shape, you could easily just but a generic invitation card and cut them into circles yourself. I suggest selecting cute pastel colored invitation cards.

Bubble Theme Party: Menu

Bubble Theme Party: Menu

28. Cake Bubbles 

Create a cake using a circular cake pan. Then, use icing to make the cake look like a bubble. Create a shadow effect with different blues and add a reflective spot of light. You could also make cupcakes for each guest and make each one look like smaller individual bubbles.

29. Translucent Treats 

Use circular Jello molds to create translucent bubble treats!

30. Bubble Cookies 

A cookie’s natural circle shape makes it the perfect food to coordinate with a bubble theme party. 

31. Pretzel Wheels 

These round snacks provide an excellent crunch for guests. Set up various bowls around the party for when guests need a quick snack.

32. Fruits and Veggies 

Cut fruits and vegetables into circular slices. Try it with bananas, cucumbers, or any other healthy alternatives. Provide various dips to make the fruits and veggies even more delectable. 

33. Pasta Salad 

Pasta salad is always a popular side dish to add to your menus at parties. Use pasta wheels instead of regular pasta to play off of the party’s bubble theme. 

34. Cheese and Crackers 

This is another popular menu item for gatherings. Use round crackers and purchase cheese balls that resemble the circular shape of bubbles. 

35. Round Out Foods 

Try to make any other foods you wish to have into circle shapes. For example, if you plan on having sandwiches, use a round cookie cutter to make circle crusts. Guests will notice all of the effort and detail, which will give your menu and party a greater impact. 

36. Champagne

There is no food or drink more closely associated to bubbles than champagne. These bottles of carbonic acid can spruce up an adult event with a touch of refinement and allow everyone to enjoy the event more. You can use this as an opportunity to use your fancy champagne flutes. If you don’t want to risk damaging your nice sets, there are also plastic ones available.

37. Spaghetti and Meatballs

This Italian classic is so versatile. If any of your guests have dietary restrictions it’s easy to find alternative ingredients to accommodate everyone. There are gluten-free spaghetti, plant-based meatballs, vegan pasta easily available for purchase.

38. Donut Holes

Donut Holes are universally loved by all. This dessert can do no wrong, and it is a surefire way to make sure everyone enjoys something at your event. You can easily find donut mixes if you’re not confident in making them. They’re also the perfect shape for bubble themed parties as well.


A bubble theme party is a very unique idea for your next party. There’s not a kid in the world who doesn’t enjoy bubbles! We hope this article has generated some ideas of your own and inspired a great bubble party for your kid. 

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