39 Creative Cabaret Theme Party Ideas

The mysterious and risqué atmosphere of a cabaret nightclub (even if it’s within your own home) is the perfect mood for a 21st birthday party. The unconventional cabaret performances ranging from burlesque dancing to dark singing and acting can easily become your entertainment for the night. You could ask your guests to prepare their own sets or you could even hire professionals to keep the party going. But most importantly, cabaret means you must, at any cost, keep the drinks flowing. 

A cabaret theme party is the perfect idea for you if you are looking to throw a wildly fun yet clandestinely classy party for your loved ones. Below you can find our list of ideas to ensure you organize the best cabaret party your world has ever seen!

Cabaret Theme Party Décor

Cabaret Theme Party Décor
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Create the 19th-century European nightclub atmosphere by using the most authentic decorative style possible. Use these cabaret theme party décor ideas for your event. The guests alone will be the main attraction as they decorate the room with cabaret attire: corsets, fishnets, top hats, and feather boas. You’ll find that many of the ideas below can be found on sale online. Some cabaret decoration ideas and elements to keep in mind when planning room décor can be found below. 

1. Dark Color Scheme

Red, black, and other deep colors make the perfect color palette to use when decorating for your cabaret theme party. 

2. Velvet Tablecloths

These can be purchased or rented. A black or red velvet tablecloth will really complement the mood of the party. 

3. Top Hat Centerpiece

Decorate the tables with top hat centerpieces. They’re simple yet fitting with the theme. You can even dress them up with feather boas.

4. Tinted Glassware

Serve food on tinted glass plates and set each tableware with a dark color scheme.

5. Black Balloons and Streamers

Keep decorations simple with black balloons and streamers to form that dark nightclub atmosphere.

6. Spotlights

Use dim lighting and shine spotlights down from above so guests will feel like they are center stage. Mix in some colored spotlights for a little more variety.

7. White String Lights

Line the room with white string lights to add some glow to the dim lighting of the room.

8. Door Curtains

Hang velvet door curtains around the entryway. These decorations will get your guests in the cabaret mood from the start. 

9. Lace Vase

Cabaret Theme Party Décor

Go online and purchase some beautiful black lace and inexpensive vases. Use clear glue to add black lace to the top of the vases, and then fill the vases with red flowers for the perfect burlesque decor. 

10. Performance Stage

Renting a venue with a stage would really set your party apart from others. The stage can be set with a series of entertainment acts throughout the night. You can visit our website to look for vendors who would be willing to rent out or build a temporary performance stage for you. 

11. Feathers

Keep it classy and sensual, add minimal feathers. Feathers come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. Perfect for placing them on table pieces. So pick the feather colors that go with your theme, size, and shape for the location of placement, and have fun with it!

12. Candles

Why not add something more sensual, add candles. Get creative and wrap them in a lace garter. Afraid of flames? Get the battery-powered candles. When the night goes on, the candle lights go on. You can also add some LED lights or fairy lights to add a more sensual aesthetic as well.

13. Corset Shaped Pieces

Add a corset-shaped box for cards. Perfect centerpiece for the food or drink tables. It adds a little spice to the overall aesthetic.

Cabaret Theme Party Entertainment Ideas

Cabaret Theme Party Entertainment Ideas
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Entertainment is the main attraction at any cabaret party. Planning games and activities that get your guests involved will make your party more memorable. Dance and comedy performances are two of the main entertainment choices in cabaret clubs. Here are some ideas you can plan for:

14. Cabaret Show

Traditional cabaret shows consisted of risqué dancing and funny monologues. Preparing a skit among friends would be a good alternative to hiring professional performers!

15. Dance Floor

Whether you personally play the Cabaret movie soundtrack or hire a DJ to get everyone on the dance floor, dancing to cabaret-style music will really set the tone for the rest of your planned activities!

16. Cabaret Dancing Lessons

Hire a professional to give your guests a cabaret dance tutorial. Holding a dance contest or having guests perform for the crowd is a great idea!

17. Comedy Contest

Set up a stage and have guests tell their best jokes. Judge their improv based on the loudest laughs from the audience, or make a voting station to determine the winner. This is sure to get guests up and moving. 

18. Cabaret Movie Screening

For a more relaxed vibe, screen the Cabaret-themed films. Showing the film will help guests assume their cabaret roles!

19. Talent Show

Cabaret clubs often involve an audience sitting and drinking while watching music, and/or comedy performances. Try holding a “talent show” for guests to take the stage and showcase their talents to the crowd.

20. Best Dressed

On the party invitations, instruct all the guests to wear cabaret-theme outfits. At the party, have your guests vote on the best or most authentic costume!

If you’re lost and don’t know what to wear you can find a dress, suit, or more online!

21. Dress-up Photo Station

Create a cabaret scene in a booth and provide hats, boas, and other accessories. Guests can take photos in the photo booth and print them out to take home as a keepsake.

Cabaret Theme Party Menu Ideas

Cabaret Theme Party Menu Ideas
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To knock the party up another notch, make sure your guests enjoy food that fits the theme. Cabaret has made its way around the world, which means there are a lot of menu options. Besides a beautiful cabaret theme cake, you will need a lot of additional elegant menu items to complete the setup of the event. Below are a few cabaret theme party menu ideas:

22. Open Bar

Nothing goes better with talent show party foods and desserts than cocktails! Liquor is a huge part of cabaret parties and should be the focus of yours. Hire a bartender to make drinks or leave it up to the guests. Maybe even create your own signature cocktail to give some liquid courage to guests for the talent show!

One cabaret-themed cocktail I found ingredients were to use 1 ounce of gin, 1/2 ounce of dry vermouth, 1/2 ounce of Benedictine, 2 dashes of bitters.

23. Serve Punch

A popular option for quenching thirst is a classic spiked punch bowl! For a special touch, sprinkle a few flower petals to float on top.

24. French-style

We take a lot of inspiration from the French, so it only makes sense that we continue to do so with the food. Serving mini quiche appetizers, coq au vin (a traditional French meal of chicken in wine sauce), onion tart, and salad would all be great menu options. 

25. American-Style

Cabaret has been a part of American culture and has returned with a modern twist. To match this, you can put an elegant spin on American favorites. Serve homemade fries and specialty burgers with blue cheese, mushrooms, caramelized onions, or bacon.

26. Chocalate Covered Strawberries

Perfect and easy snack or dessert. Use different white, dark, and milk chocolate to go with any theme. Get creative and use white chocolate and use food coloring or get the pre-colored chocolate to put on strawberries. So inexpensive and perfect to add detail or leave plain.

27. Bite-size Appetizers

Serve something from each culture with mini appetizers. Egg rolls, mini quiche, tiny hamburgers, onion tarts, chocolates, and shrimp cocktails would all make delicious starters for your party. 

28. Fruit Bowl

Pears, grapes, and berries are simple yet delicious to serve at cabarets. Add powdered sugar to sweeten them up into desserts.

29. Cream Puffs

Always a fan favorite, cream puffs are great, tasty desserts for any event. Not to mention the bite-size puffs are easy to serve. However, if you are in need of additional ideas for desserts, but also the most healthy ones, check out our recommendations.

Cabaret Theme Party Favors

Cabaret Theme Party Favors
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Cabaret theme party favors are not only fun and easy to find, but also a great way to keep your guests wanting more. Listed below are a few suggestions for cabaret event giveaways and theme prizes to send your guests home with.

30. Top Hats

Top hats are another accessory that is both gender-neutral and versatile to wear. They can also be turned upside down and filled to make a creative gift bag that fits with the theme. 

31. Mascara

Give your guests a cabaret-styled mascara that they can put on whenever they are feeling like going out.

32. Cabaret Printed Bags

Print a cabaret design or poster image on a black tote bag to hand out to your guests as they leave. You can fill the bag with extra favors as an additional gift.

33. Cabaret Movie

Give your guests a cabaret classic they can watch over and over again. The movie will remind them of this party every time they watch it.

34. Feather Boas

These are great to wear throughout the evening and fit perfectly with the theme of the event. They are also easy to find and cheap to buy. 

35. Cabaret Cookies

Decorate cookies into mini corsets or top hats. They will make for delicious and decorative theme prizes. Expand your list of ideas of DIY edible decorations with our recommendations!

36. Mini Champagne/ Wine Bottles

Let your guests take some of the fun with them by sending them home with a mini bottle of celebration. These giveaways can be customized or decorated to fit the cabaret theme.

37. Wine Glass Markers

Find or make wine charms with a cabaret design that guests can use on their glasses during the party, or at home. 

38. Posters

Cabaret Theme Party Favors

Hand out old cabaret posters designed like the advertisements in the 19th century. They can be used as a decoration or kept as a memento of the night! 

A cabaret theme party is the way to go if you’re organizing an adult event for guests who love to perform and aren’t afraid of letting loose.

Cabaret is an incredible form of self-expression and embraces self-enjoyment through drinking, performance, and unity. Using our list of tips and tricks, you are sure to put together the most memorable cabaret-filled night for your friends!

39. Eiffel Tower Figurine

A great addition to a gift bag is a mini Eiffel Tower figurine to commemorate where Cabaret originated from…Paris!


There are tons of ideas to choose from with your cabaret theme party. Luckily, there are plenty of ideas to go with. You can always add your own elements, and these ideas will be sure to help you out!

Written by: Claudio Hudtwalcker

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