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8 Classic Party Games for an Adult Birthday Party

Hosting an adult birthday party that’s fun and lively can be difficult. Trying to find games that are competitive but fun is vital in creating a party environment. Additionally, the birthday person will be able to enjoy themselves knowing that those around them are also having a good time. In order to create this festive environment, these helpful games below can help boost the fun for all. We put together 8 classic party games for any birthday party or get together.

Top 8 Classic Party Games

1. Guess the Song

Create a Spotify or iTunes playlist of classic songs that were heard during the birthday person’s childhood or teenage years. Try and make the list as long as you can and shuffle the playlist in order to also make it fun for the person who created it. When someone raises their hand, have them guess the name of the song and the artist gets a point. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins. To make it more competitive, split the guests into two groups. Play the song for 5 seconds and then pause it, the group with the first correct answer for the title of the song and artist wins. 

2. Charades

Divide your guests into two groups. Each member takes a turn acting out something from a category (ex. – scary movies). The category can be chosen and agreed upon beforehand by the guests. You can keep it to categories like movies or music, or make it even harder by having them choose whatever word they’d like. The person acting out the word can’t talk and must act it out. The more creatively they present their word, the higher chance of having their teammates guess correctly. If the team guesses it correctly in under a minute, they get a point. Check out all the rules for charades here.

3. Musical Chairs

Why limit this fun event to just kid’s parties?  Create a playlist of fun music and line chairs up in two rows back to back. The amount of chairs must be one less than the amount of guests playing, for example, if you have 12 guests playing, there should be 11 chairs. Once the music starts, players walk around the chairs in a circle, and once the music stops everyone must race to find a seat for themself. The person without a seat is “out” and the game starts again with one less chair. Pushing is prohibited!

4. Yes or No Chairs

Set up chairs in a circle and have all of your guests take a seat. Choose someone to ask simple (or probing!) yes or no questions. When a guest answers yes, he/she moves to the chair to their right. If the answer is no, they stay in their seat. The first person to make it all the way around the circle first wins. If someone is in the chair, you can share the chair if your guests are comfortable. 

5. Hula Hoop Race

This game requires groups of at least three or four. Give the first player in each group a hula hoop. To play, you must move the hula hoop to the last person in line and then continue moving it all the way to the agreed upon finish line. Every teammate must be holding hands with each other, making it trickier to complete. The first team to move it all the way across the field or gym line wins. To see an example of a hula hoop relay race, find it here!

6. Liar, Liar

Get out small sheets of paper and hand one to each guest. Have them write down two true sentences about themselves and one false one in whichever order they choose. Then, each player will read theirs out loud, and the other guests will guess which one was the lie. Each guest to guess the lie correctly gets one point. After everyone has read their sentences, the player with the most points wins.

7. Hug It Out

This game gets people acquainted quickly and always gets some laughs.  Place all of your guests in a circle with a good amount of space between them. Choose a leader who will yell “Rollup” and everyone will stretch their arms out and keep them separated (ready for a hug). When that person yells “Unwind”, everyone finds another guest to hug. By the end, everyone will have hugged everyone.

8. It’s All In Your Head

Pair up people who don’t know each other and give them a small circular object, such as a ball or fruit, which they have to hold between their foreheads. A leader will call out commands that include jumping, walking and moving in different directions. The last pair with the object still between their foreheads, without dropping it, wins.


Whether you choose to play one, two, or multiple of these games, they’ll help liven up your party’s atmosphere with these classic party games for both the birthday honoree and your guests. Make sure to keep in mind of CDC Guidelines for gatherings and to account for social distancing, wearing masks, and COVID-19 testing if you’re planning to incorporate any of these games at your party!

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