24 Special Confirmation Party Ideas

Going through the confirmation process is an important part of your child’s journey into adulthood. Every girl and boy looks forward to their confirmation party to celebrate their accomplishment. You may find it hard to put together a party that caters to your kid’s youthful excitement and that acknowledges the seriousness of confirmation. If you find yourself stuck, here are a few pointers to keep in mind when planning your confirming party.

Confirmation Party Ideas: Decorations

Confirmation Party Ideas: Decorations

1. Photographs

Confirmation Decorations that everyone loves is looking at photographs of their loved ones. Gather a collection of pictures of your child at a church event or having fun at home. You can include pictures of their christening, pictures from youth events, or celebrating religious holidays. 

2. Cross Centerpiece

Order a cross statue and use it as a centerpiece. You can decorate it with a flower bouquet or with rosary beads. The cross is a sacred symbol that carries a lot of meaning in your child’s religion. Using a cross throughout the room is a simple way to outline the real reason for celebrating the day.  

3. Flower Arrangements

Purchase various flower arrangements to set up around the event space. Guests will love these simple, beautiful decorations. They smell great and look even greater. It’s a good way to brighten up the room. 

4. Twinkling Lights

If the weather is agreeable, consider having the confirmation party outdoors. Decorate the event space using decorative lights. You can use off-white lights that sparkle on and off. This adds a magical element to the party. You can string them around the doorway or around the border of the room. 

5. Candle Centerpieces

Candles can make beautiful centerpieces. You can use real or fake candles. You can use floating candles with a decorative bowl or tall thick candles in pairs of three.  Purchase decorative rocks or shells to put at the bottom of the bowl. You can also purchase a clear glass candle holder and a mirror.  

6. Decorative Cake

You can custom order a cake for your child’s big day. Some confirmation cake ideas include having pictures of your child on the cake. Many bakeries can screenprint a picture of your child onto the cake. If you don’t want a picture of your kid on the cake, a simple printing of your child’s name onto the cake along with flowers or crosses would be perfect for their confirmation. You can also make your own cake if you’re a gifted baker!

7. White Decor

Because this is a religious celebration, white is the color best suited for the celebration. Purchase white table cloths, light-colored napkins, plates, and streamers to exemplify the beauty of a pure white theme. Dressing in white can also be a very nice touch to the occasion.

8. Various Religious Statues

Order various religious figures, such as doves, crosses, or Virgin Mary statues. 

9. Christening Gown Memories

Find the young person’s christening gown from their baptism as a baby. Set this up on a table with pictures from the christening event to remember the first step in the person’s walk of faith and to meditate on how they have grown over the years.

10. Table Backdrop

The Table backdrop is one of the most memorable parts of the decorating process. You can start by grabbing photos from their alter serving days, first communion, and all the way back to their baptism. You can use fabrics to make a garland that wraps around the room or behind the table. Then with this beautiful garland, you can add the pictures however you would like. This will take you right down memory lane!

11. Invitations

The Confirmation Invitations is one of the best memories you can keep from a child’s confirmation. The best part of having a memorable, beautiful confirmation invitation idea is that you can also double this as a decoration around your party. Ways that people incorporate this into their decorations, can be a collage with the invitation in the center surrounded by memorable pictures of family and friends. You can also simply display the invitation upon arrival so guests know they are in the right place!

12. Gift Basket

A decorative Gift Basket is a perfect way for the guests to know where to put their gifts. You can make this simple or you can be creative with this. You can get creative and make a DIY basket or purchase a large basket and decorate how you want!

Confirmation Party Ideas: Favors

Confirmation Party Ideas: Favors

Party favors are a way for the host to say thank you to each of the guests that attended the party. These can be as simple as a little goodie bag or personalized cookie. You can’t go wrong with a little thank you. 

13. Prayer Journals

Find a store that sells journals and notebooks in bulk. Purchase enough for each guest to bring home. You can write an inspirational Bible verse or famous quote on the first page or inside cover and allow your guests to use these as a daily prayer journal or diary. 

14. Decorative Candles

Purchase white or light-colored candles and some colored ribbon. Write the name of the person whose confirmation you are celebrating and the date on the ribbon and attach it to the candle for your guests to bring home. 

15. Cross-Shaped Cookies and Chocolates

Visit your local bakery or chocolate stop to purchase cross-shaped chocolates or cookies. The cookies can even have your kid’s name on it. These are yummy party favors that every guest will love.

16. Delicious Candy Tins

Order some decorative tins. Fill these with candies and chocolates. You can also decorate them with religious images such as crosses, doves, colored ribbon, or the name of the guest of honor and the date of the party.

17. “In Memory of…” Christmas Ornaments

Visit your local craft store for supplies to make personalized Christmas ornaments. You can make your own or have them custom made by the store. Include the person’s name and the date of the confirmation as well as a picture of the person. Guests will love this yearly reminder of the special event.

18. Goodie Bags

Purchase small gift bags and fill them with anything from chocolates to mints or assorted nuts. Decorate the bags with various religious images or a picture of the person whose confirmation you are celebrating along with their name and the date. Guests can munch on these during the party and bring the bag home for a fun reminder of the day. You can also personalize these for your daughter or son to how they want them!

Confirmation Party Ideas: Games

Playing a few games can ensure that your kid has fun at their party. Sometimes confirmation parties turn out to be more for adults than the kids involved. Playing games will help generate some fun and joy at your confirmation party.

19. Word Search Puzzle

Print out a couple of religious word searches and place them around each table for your antsy kids to help pass the time. You can also give a prize to the kid that finishes first! Word searches are just a fun little activity to keep the mind occupied. 

20. “Who Am I?” Icebreaker

Whether you have a close group of friends and family or a large group of people who may not know each other at the confirmation party, use this game to get everyone on their feet to interact with one another. Before the party, prepare index cards with famous Biblical characters or modern-day religious figures. Tape one card to each person’s back. Guests have to ask yes-or-no questions to figure out which character they are. Award a prize to the first person to guess correctly.

21. Bible Charades

Turn this classic game into one that involves significant events in the Bible. Some examples for clues could be, Daniel in the lion’s den, Jonah and the whale, or Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt. This is a great game because it gets everybody moving and laughing.

22. Bible Verses Race

Before the party, pick out some of your favorite inspirational Bible verses. Type these verses on your computer and leave out one word perverse. After printing them out, write the missing words on index cards. At the event space, then tape the cards onto a blank wall. To play, read a random verse aloud, and then call two guests’ names. They have to race to find the right word. Award the winners with candy or other small prizes.

Confirmation Party Ideas: Food

23. Snacks and Appetizers

Depending on what time your confirmation party is held, you might want to stick to just snacks! Everyone loves a fruit salad or even an appetizer board of your choice. Make sure not to forget the appetizer plates as well. Another popular item for a confirmation party is an array of sliders.

24. Cake ideas

You have to make sure to include a special dessert during your confirmation party. You can do a cake decorated with a dove and tongues of fire representing the gifts of the Holy Spirit. You could also do a special cake with your son or daughter’s picture on it.


I hope these ideas have inspired you to host an amazing confirmation party for your child. They will remember this day for years to come and so will your guests! So pick up the phone or grab your craft tools and get started on your party today!

Written by Rachel Word 

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