Country Bridal Shower

36 Ideas for a Country Bridal Shower

Excited to have a country-themed bridal shower? When you are planning to throw a bridal shower party for your family and friends, the idea of a country party may be the right idea for you. Here is a list of the best “Country” bridal shower party ideas for you to bring this idea to reality. All of these ideas will create the most amazing party that your family and friends will remember forever. 

Country Bridal Shower: Decorations

1. Banner

Banners* are a great decoration that you can pin to any wall. It is also a perfect representative of the rustic theme. 

2. Table Cloth Runner

A rustic table cloth runner* is something that you can put on your tables to help to tie the theme into every aspect of the party. 

3. Rolled Paper Flowers

Having these rolled paper flowers on your table decorations can tie together any theme and are very cute to look at as well. 

Paper flower decorations

4. Wooden Confetti

There are a variety of options that have confetti* in the shape of wooden hearts. This can be put on tables during the shower or can be thrown on the floor to add an extra flare. 

5. Burlap Ribbon

This type of ribbon can be used to make bows. These bows can then be put throughout your party. For example, they can be put on the backs of chairs. 

Burlap ribbon used for decorating country themed party

6. Welcome Sign

Having a welcome sign at the front of your bridal shower can welcome your guests to this exciting day.

7. Rustic Vases

On tables during your bridal shower, there can be a rustic vase* on the tables that can hold flowers or branches. 

8. Mason Jar Light Decoration

Mason jars are always a cute way to bring in a country theme and this decor is a light fixture* that can bring light to any room.

Country Bridal Shower: Party Favors

9. Party Favor Boxes

These favor boxes* are the perfect thing to use to put your party favors in while staying on theme. 

10. Candles

Giving candles to your guests as a favor is a way for you to customize your favor bags. These can consist of handmade candles that you can buy at a number of shops. 

11. Soaps 

There are a wide variety of handmade soaps that can be made and can be made in a lot of different shapes and colors. 

12. Champagne Bottle with Candy

These bottles with candy are the perfect way to give candy to your guest in a cute fun way. 

13. Candy Bar Wrappers

Candy bar wrappers *that are customized to the bridal shower are a cute personalized way to wrap around your favorite candy bar.  

14. Personalized Wine Glasses

Personalizing wine glasses are the perfect way for your guests to remember your special bridal shower and is a functional gift as well. 

Country Bridal Shower: Menu Items

15. Candy Bowls

Utilizing candy is a great, sweet idea that can give your guests a variety of choices to have as a snack during the bridal shower. Wooden bowls* are a perfect way to provide candy to your guests!

16. Themed Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a party staple and even better with a themed cupcake wrapper*!

17. Cornbread

Since the meal can be inspired by Southern cuisine, cornbread goes perfectly with this meal. 

Cornbread recipe for a country party

18. Salad Bar

Salad bars* are a great way to provide more options for snacks and healthier options. 

19. Cactus Toothpicks

These cactus toothpicks* are a perfect part of the dining experience at this country-styled party!

Country Bridal Shower: Activities

20. Photo Booth

Having a photo background* where your guests can take photos is a great way for there to be memories from your special day and can entertain your guests as well. 

21. Who Knows the Bride Best

Who knows the bride best is a fun game that everyone at the party can play. These questions can range from questions just about the bride and to questions about the couple. 

22. Advice and Wishes Cards

A cute idea to have is to have advice and wishes cards* where your guests can write down what advice they have for you. They can also wish you luck on your marriage there. 

23. Guess the Dress 

This is the perfect game for your guests where they have the opportunity to draw what they think you will wear for your special day.

Guess the dress theme party game

24. Ring Hunt

Ring hunt is an exciting game where you can hide plastic rings* throughout the party and set a timer to see who can find the most rings. The winner of the game can win a prize. 

25. Paint a Wine Glass

Painting a wine glass* is a fun activity where there is a specific design that you pick and all of your guests have to recreate it. At the end of the party, everyone can have a wine glass to take home. 

26. Country Love Song Quiz

During the party, your guests can guess the country song. This works perfecting with the theme as well as being an entertaining game. 

Country Bridal Shower: Party Supplies

27. Party Cups/Utensils

Party cups/utensils* are essential for hosting a successful and fun party, especially before your big day!

28. Cowboy Cupcake Toppers

Cupcake toppers* are super cute additions to an already amazing party!

29. Country Style Napkins

Rustic styled paper napkins* while adding a little more spice to the theme of the party and the table settings.

30. Straws

Providing cute, themed country straws* will make drinking any drinks during the party more enjoyable.

31. Country Themed Plates

Having plates* that match the theme of the party while making your party memorable and super trendy!

Country Bridal Shower: Invitations 

32. Wooden Flower Invitation

This is the perfect flower invitation* that matches the theme and is a great design for your country bridal shower. 

33. Cowboy Boot Invitation

This cowboy boot invitation* is another country theme that can be used to make your guests excited for your upcoming wedding and party!

34. Rustic Invitiation

Rustic-styled invitations are super cute and simple and portray the theme of the party perfectly.

Rustic party invitation for bridal shower

35. Watercolor Invitation

Simple, pastel watercolor invitations* are a really nice way to subtly reveal the theme of the bridal shower because of its simple design.

36. Farmhouse Invitation

Wooden farmhouse-style invitations* are really trendy and match the theme of country and rustic for the party.


The Country Bridal Shower is a theme that anyone can accomplish. This list of themed bridal shower party ideas can help to transform any boring party. It will create a memorable party that your family and friends will remember forever. 

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Written by: Ariadna Louer

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