Couples Bridal Shower Ideas

19 Exciting Couples Bridal Shower Ideas

If they’re getting married might as well celebrate together, right? Couples bridal showers are an up and coming trend that is becoming more popular. A couple’s shower is very similar to a bridal shower but is celebrating the couple instead of just the bride. This means both sides of the family and friends are invited!

This is a great way to save some money as one party is getting thrown instead of two and is a great way to have a bigger celebration! Whether you’re thinking if you want a couple’s shower or you are planning one for a friend, we are sure to help! To that, we have gathered a list of couples bridal shower ideas for you to peruse and choose for your specific need.

Couples Bridal Shower Ideas

Themes are a great idea for any party! It is an easy way to make the party look more organized and put together. It may take some creativity to think of a theme, but once you do decorate becomes that much easier! We have put together some fun theme ideas for a couples shower.

Game Shower

Showers typically always have games, so why not make the whole party about that? The guests and the couple will always have something to do and is sure to be a load of fun. Board games, party games, and any other types of games will do the trick! It’s a fun way to get people to socialize and let loose. We have provided some fun potential games later in the article!

Pool Party

A great idea for any summer showers! Everyone is sure to have fun with this unique theme. It’ll definitely create a fun party to celebrate the couple and a memory that no one will forget! Get the floaties, goggles, and the chips, and you’re set to go! If you want to take it to the next step, you can even have guests get a team bride and team groom bathing suits!


Brunch is always a great idea because who doesn’t like food? The guys maybe a little hesitant at first, but once they see the yummy finger food they are sure to get on board! Cinnamon rolls, fruit, pastries, and more are sure to make everyone’s stomach happy, and who can forget abo0ut the mimosas! This is a fun and elegant way to celebrate the couple! 

Jack and Jill 

A Jack and Jill shower is a unique party that is becoming more popular. People pay a fee to go to the party instead of getting a present. This is an ideal idea for a couple wanting monetary donations rather than making a registry. 

Red Carpet

A fun way to celebrate in a fashionable way! Guests and the couple come dressed up and walk the red carpet when they arrive. Show off your inner Jennifer Aniston or Ashton Kutcher and give your best smile towards the camera! If you want to get fancy, you can even designate some friends to be the paparazzi! This is such a fun theme and will make decorating so much easier.


Tailgating is a unique and fun way to celebrate and is especially great for those die-hard sports fans. You can either tailgate an actual game or just make a tailgate party and host your own waffle game in the backyard! This is a great idea for anyone who wants a more casual shower, as guests can even show up in their favorite jersey!

LumberJack & Jill

A fun twist to the jack & jill, and a fitting choice for fall showers! Encourage guests to rock their favorite flannel and beanie, start a fire and grab the bag of marshmallows! A unique theme but definitely a fun (and warm) one!


Games are a fun way to entertain the guests and the couple! Not only will it keep everyone busy but a couple of games are a great way to celebrate the couple in a unique way!

The Shoe Game

This is a game you’ve probably seen clips of on Facebook or Snapchat. It is very popular but always so much fun! The couple sits back to back, each holding one of their partners’ shoes and one of their own shoes. Someone will read statements and questions and the couple will hold up a shoe for who they think fits the description best. It’s super fun and sure to create lots of laughs!

He Said, She Said

Very similar to the show game, but this allows the whole party to get involved! Hand everyone two cards, one said “he said” and the other one says, “she said.” Read statements and have each person hold up one of the cards to guess facts about the couple. 


This one doesn’t need much explaining! Throw the lyrics up on the screen and let everyone sing their hearts out! If you are providing drinks at the shower, karaoke is sure to be even more memorable! 

Wedding themed charades

Charades is always such a fun game, and making it wedding-themed makes it fit into the shower perfectly! Get some cards for the guests to choose from and write wedding related things that people can act out. This is a great way to get some laughs!

Put a Ring on It

Such a fun and unique game! Here’s how it works. At the beginning of the party, everyone is given a ring, it can even just be a candy ring. People can not say the words “groom” “bride” and “wedding.” If you say one of those and someone else catches you, they take your ring. At the end of the day, whoever has the most rings wins!

Where Were We?

Hang up multiple pictures of the couple in different places each with a number on it. Hand out a paper that has each of the numbers on it with a blank space. Guests have to guess where each of the pictures was taken!

Nearly-Wed Game

Such a fun and unique game! Someone creates a list of questions for the couple. One partner is asked these questions before the party and is recorded answering them. The other partner gets asked them at the party in front of everyone. After the partner answers at the party they show the recording of what the other person said. This is such a fun way and is sure to start lots of conversations!

Wedding Word Scramble

Have a list of different wedding words scrambled up. Guests have to figure out each of the words and whoever gets the most correct wins!

How Well Do You Really Know Them?

Have a list of questions about both partners. Make them tricky and have questions write down their answers. You can go over the correct answers and see who knows each partner best, but the wrong answers are typically just as good! This is a funny game that is sure to make a great conversation starter!


Have Invitations say Couple’s Shower

Couple’s showers are still not very common, so it is important to specifically note on your invitation that it is a couples shower. Clarify who can go so no one is confused. Invitations can be mailed to the guests if you want to be fancy, or you can simply just send out an email!

Get Creative with Decor

Decorations are so important! They are an easy way to make any venues look ten times nicer! Make sure you make the venues into a celebratory mood! Get some bride and groom decorations, and take to Pinterest for some inspiration!

Customized Glassware

Party favors are a fun idea, but many times people don’t take them home or use them. Customized glassware is a great way to give people something to bring home that is useful, both in the future and at the party. Put the glassware at each table for people to use for their drinks. You can get relatively cheap and customized glasses and cups online. Many people put the couples’ names on it or the last name the couple will use. This is a fun touch to add to the theme and also a fun thing people can take home.

Remember Your Budget

Celebrations are always so fun but also easy to get carried away with. This party is to celebrate a future wedding, which is already expensive enough. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a fun shower. Keep your budget in mind when planning the party and go to Pinterest to find some fun and cheap ideas to make your shower unforgettable!

Final Thoughts

Couple showers are lots of fun and are very up and coming! Whether you’re planning your own, planning a friend’s or simply just researching what a couples’ shower even is, hopefully, this article has helped! We have provided you with fun themes, games, and ideas to throw the perfect couples shower! At the end of the day, the most important part is to have fun! So get creative and get ready to celebrate! This is a special time for the couple and an exciting time for everyone else! Plan the perfect couples shower and celebrate in style!

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