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11 Best Covid-19 Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Weddings are an important milestone in anyone’s life, but now times are changing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, most weddings have either been canceled or postponed. If you or somebody you know is planning a wedding during this pandemic, it is likely that the task is already more stressful than it initially would be.

However, if you’re a firm believer that your wedding should proceed, consider these tips on planning a Covid-19 wedding ceremony that will be exactly the way you’d want it to be, despite the circumstances. Remember, masks and social distancing are a must, but also remember that it is supposed to be fun!

Covid-19 Wedding Ceremony Decor

Covid-19 Wedding Ceremony Decor

1. Ribbon

The ribbon is a great decorative element to use during your wedding, especially during the pandemic. Use ribbon to mark off seats or rows in your venue, or to block off certain sections that you would like to be private. Social distance in a pretty way by lining ribbon next to each chair and marking them six feet apart. This is a great way to dress up space and stay safe. In addition, ribbon accents can make the atmosphere more elegant and colorful, just enough to spruce up your wedding in the right way.

Tie the ribbon into a big bow on the back of the chairs to give it a graceful look! You can even line the aisle with a thick ribbon and throw some beautiful flowers on top for the perfect touch. Just purchase some 300-yard satin ribbons— they come in a variety of pretty colors and will come in handy for any wedding!

2. Chair Covers

Because of COVID restrictions and sanitary concerns, it is smart to invest in chair covers. You can use chair covers as a way to keep everything clean, but also attractive! If you have the name of each of your guests on all of the chairs, nobody will confuse theirs with others. Spread the chairs out to encourage social distancing and to make sure everyone is sitting down when they need to, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Another way that you can utilize chair covers is to have everyone’s chair a different print for each table and/or row, making it look colorful and fun for everyone to enjoy safely. Trust me, chair covers won’t do anything but spruce up your surroundings and add to your beautiful and fun wedding!

3. Exotic Plants

While flowers are the most common decoration, consider using exotic plants instead to spice up your ceremony. It won’t hurt to use plants as a buffer between guests, especially if you are holding your wedding in a smaller area.

If you are thinking of doing this, you can use plants to place in the areas that you would encourage people to socially distance. You can purchase some plants that give off a wonderful variety of fragrances and colors in order to keep your wedding COVID friendly. 

4. Lanterns

If you’re decorating for an outdoor ceremony, hang paper lanterns from a tree or around the altar. Lanterns are the perfect way to romanticize the setting and can be a fantastic send-off activity. At night, give your guests Floating Lanterns (using gloves of course) and watch the decorations light up the sky. In a way, this can symbolize the beloved guests that will “light the way” by supporting the newlyweds.

5. Bridal Entranceway

Create an elegant entrance for the bride using floral decorations to create an archway! Even fabric can create a dramatic curtain for the bride to emerge from. Try experimenting with balloon arches in colors that match the theme of the wedding. Don’t forget to use your creative skills to make something unforgettable that the bride will love for her special day. 

Covid-19 Wedding Ceremony Tips

Covid-19 Wedding Ceremony Tips

1. Preserve Rituals – Safely

Traditional rituals such as exchanging roses, breaking the wine glass, and blessings from the parents and children are a great idea to include in your wedding. However, with COVID-19 remaining a threat, be sure these traditions are done with masks on at a safe distance. Use gloves and social distance properly to get the best out of your experience. 

2. Thank Your Guests Personally

No matter what you say at your wedding, be it vows, readings, and poems, write them yourself. Even if you’re not too confident, writing your own words will make your message genuine and authentic.

Take this time to thank your guests for coming together during such tough times, and to remind them to be safe while celebrating the new marriage. It is important to remember that all of your guests are putting themselves at risk as soon as they walk out of the door, so stay safe!

3. Thank Them Again – with Cards

Make sure to give a huge thank you to everyone at your wedding. Planning a wedding is a massive undertaking, especially during a time like this. Make cards yourself with mini decorations to make them feel special. It is even recommended to write the thank you in your own handwriting to ensure that you put effort and time into it. Making your guests feel special is so important at a time like this, especially if their lives are at risk for you.

4. Honor Your Mother-in-law/Mother

Honor your mother and your new mother-in-law by presenting them with a special gift of your selection. Another opportunity for you to honor the mother/mother-in-law is to give them a special shout out at the beginning of the ceremony. Consider toasting to them and their hard work!

5. Include the Children

If your wedding is blending two different families, make sure you include the children. Children are an important part of the family, and all they want to do is have fun! Try and incorporate them in the festivities whenever and however you can in a safe and sanitary way.

Set up stations for them to do crafts, such as decorating masks! Set up hand sanitizer, wipes, and different markers for them to use. Make sure they all clean their hands afterward and participate correctly with a mask on while properly social distancing.

6. Reconsider Inviting Out-of-Towners

Be careful with guests who travel from afar; you may decide it is safer for your party to be on the local side. If the attendance of high-risk individuals is mandatory for you, you may want to consider postponing your ceremony. Don’t take the chance of risking others’ lives and your own. Better to be safe than sorry!


I’m sure you are so excited to attend this wedding! It will be everything you’ve ever dreamed of even if the COVID-19 pandemic is still in effect. Try to utilize these tips for a safe and healthy Covid-19 wedding ceremony if you are planning on having one. Time to get started; you have a lot to brainstorm. Happy planning!

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