Dinner Party Supplies

26 Useful Dinner Party Supplies and Ideas

Beyond your décor and food, there are necessary things for dinner parties, especially during these difficult times. This checklist will prepare you and help you decide which supplies you need for your party—looking for a way to crank up the fun at your dinner party? Exciting action or word games for adults are a quick fix. Here is a list of items and activities, so that you won’t forget a thing to make your party the most fun.

Outdoor Dinner Party Supplies


1. Tablecloths

Tablecloths will help protect your table from spills, and they can help pull your décor together. 

2. Masks

As restrictions go down, it will still be essential to have safety precautions in place. If you are going to have dinner, where people will be in close proximity, you should have masks for your guests to wear to keep everyone safe. 

3. Grill Accessories

If your party includes the barbecue, make sure you have everything you need to light it up, including a propane tank, lighter fluid, and charcoal.

4. Bug Spray

Nothing ruins a nice outdoor party like bugs. Have bottles of bug spray ready for your guests to use.

5. Citronella Candles

Candles are a great way to keep the bugs at bay without needing bug spray.

6. Ice

You don’t want to run out of ice. Make sure your drinks stay cold by stocking up on plenty. 

7. Lighter

Lighters are always useful at parties, whether you need to light the grill or a few decorative candles. It might not be the first thing on your dinner party preparation supplies checklist, but it is a valuable asset.

Flatware Dinner Party Supplies

8. Serving Utensils

Check to make sure you have all the utensils necessary to serve your food, including the right knives if you are serving meat. Designate someone as the food server so that there is not as much contact with the food. 

9. Plates

It would be hard to have a dinner party without plates. Place it at the top of your checklist to make sure you’re prepared with whatever dishes you need, including salad, bread, appetizer, dessert, and dinner plates. 

10. Cups and Sharpies

Cups are another item that could go very quickly. Place them near the top of your dinner party supplies list. Make sure you have more than enough on hand. Make sure that you have markers or sharpies at the ready so that people can mark their cups so as not to mix them up. This will keep everyone’s germs to themselves so that nothing spreads. 

Adding Flavor

11. Condiments

Condiments, in general, are always good to have on hand. Check to see if you have ketchup, mustard, and anything else that your guests might need. 

12. Cream

You don’t want to offer coffee without cream to go with it—stock up on a few different kinds, including low-fat and non-dairy.

13. Salt and Pepper

These are must-haves on the dinner table. Make sure the saltshaker and the pepper grinder on your table are full.

14. Sugar

Sugar is essential for any dinner party, especially if you plan to serve coffee or tea. Be prepared with packets of sugar and sugar substitutes, like stevia.

Dinner Party Supplies: Storage

15. Beverage Cooler

On your preparation supplies checklist, you will need a place to keep your beverages cold. If your fridge is too full with your other dinner party edibles, set up a large, ice-filled cooler in another room.

16. Coat Closet

Your guests will need a place to store their jackets and handbags. This can be a separate room, or you can fill a hall closet with several empty hangers.

Dinner Party Cleaning Supplies

17. Paper Towels

Paper towels are crucial for dinner parties. So make sure you have them on your list. They are the best option for a quick cleanup. 

18. Cleaning Solutions

Where there are people and food, there are generally messes. Being prepared with sprays and disinfectants will help keep your house sparkling and clean.  

19. Trash Bags

You don’t want to ever run out of room for trash. Make sure you have plenty of garbage bags at the ready.

20. Sponges

Sometimes, a mess needs more than a paper towel to clean. Be ready for any mess by stocking up on kitchen sponges

Dinner Party Action Games 

21. Hot Camera

Just like hot potato, use a camera, but before each person can pass on the camera, they must hold it out in front of them and take a picture of their face. Whenever the music stops, you are sure to get a funny picture of that person’s face.

22. Couples Trivia

This game idea is similar to the Adult Newlywed Game, and it is best if you have only couples attending your dinner party. Ask questions of one partner: “What time was your first date?” or “Who did your partner take to prom?”

Dinner Party Word Games

23. Squeeze It In

Before the party writes down some ridiculous sentences and ideas that barely make sense and put them into a hat. At the party, ask your guests to take a piece of paper and then work that sentence into the conversation without the other guests guessing that that is your sentence. An example of a sentence is, “I’ve always wanted to ride a tiger.”

24. Similar Thinking

This word dinner party game has you break your group up into two groups. The moderator says a category, and each person must write down the first three things that come to mind when hearing that category. If three people have a word in common, the team receives one point. For four or more people getting a word the same, that team gets two.

25. Lyrical Master

Break your guests up into two groups. Call out one word and have the group name as many songs as they can that contain that word.

26. Famous People

Each guest will name a famous person on their head and ask the other guests questions to figure out who they are. The last person to figure out who they are must take a drink.


With this checklist, make your next party safe and fun! Easy Event planning has got your back from the basic party necessities, themes, ideas, and local vendors. For more blogs like this, check out Easy Event Planning.

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