Disco Inferno Party

21 Ideas For A Disco Inferno Party

The 1970s was a big time for disco and dance. Many people love the 70’s disco aesthetic, so why not make that the theme for your next party? When planning a disco inferno party, your decorations have to be bright, flashy, and psychedelic. Here are some ideas to get the (disco) ball rolling. From disco balls to bean bag chairs, you’ll be sure to find everything you need in order to complete your perfect party vision. Everyone will instantly catch disco fever when entering the party!

Disco Inferno Party Decorations

1. Lamps

Lava lamps are reminiscent of the 1970s, so you can use them as dim lighting around your venue. They will bring a little fire to discos! For an elegant inferno feel, you can also place one small lava lamp at each table as a centerpiece.

2. Disco Ball 

Disco balls are a must-have for your 1970s party. They can be incorporated everywhere throughout your venue. Use one large disco ball as the main centerpiece of the venue and have the crowd dance the night away. 

3. Hanging Decorations 

Hanging decorations can really transform the design of your venue. Use ceiling decorations all around the party to tie your whole décor together. 

4. Lighting 

No disco theme party is complete without classic 1970s psychedelic supplies: bright lights. Make sure to have plenty of strobe lights, flashing lights, and colored light bulbs to get your guests in the inferno groove.

5. Bean Bag 

Bean bags were extremely popular in the 1970s, so utilize these as seats around your venue. 

6. Beaded Curtains 

Beaded curtains are perfect for placing at the front of the entrance as guests enter the party. You can use wood beaded curtains for a more psychedelic feel or you can use curtains that have disco ball details. 

7. Blow-Up Furniture 

Inflatable furniture gained popularity in the 1970s and though they’re not too common nowadays, you could implement these iconic pieces into your décor for a more authentic atmosphere. Place some blowup furniture around the areas where you placed your beanbags, so guests have the option to sit down. 

8. Flooring

Colorful square flooring is a must for your disco party. Whether it is light up tiles or carpet supplies, be sure to implement colorful flooring into your party. 

Disco Inferno Party Favors

Keep the celebration going with these fun disco theme party favors. 70s gifts are easier than you may think. When the party’s over, and guests start to peace out, be sure to hand out these favor bags with these 70s theme goodies. 

1. Mood Rings 

Mood rings were wildly popular during this time so put a couple in each favor bag as funkadelic giveaways for guests to wear with their ever-changing moods. 

2. Bracelets

Buy a pack of peace sign bracelets to give to guests. Not only is it fitting for the theme but these fashionable gifts can also be worn as accessories year-round. 

3. Candy 

Who doesn’t love candy? Find a specialty candy store that sells candy from the 1970s and buy an assortment to put in favor bags. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised when they find their favorite candy in the bag.

4. Necklaces 

Peace signs and disco ball necklaces make great favors for both kids and adults. These giveaways are sure to get everyone in the boogie mood. As each guest enters the party, adorn them with necklaces. 

5. Smiley Face Keychain 

The smiley face is nostalgic of the 1970s and is still known as an icon today. Smiley face keychains make great favors, so be sure to hand some out at your disco party. 

6. Sunglasses

Peace sign sunglasses are a great favor to give out to your partygoers. Buy some that have a disco print or tie-dye pattern. 

7. CD 

Send guests home with a mixed CD of the disco tunes that were playing at your party. Whenever your party-goers want to recreate their own Saturday night fever, they can just pop this CD in and boogie down. 

Disco Inferno Party Food 

1. Crackers and Cheese 

Cheese and crackers are a timeless appetizer and a crowd favorite. Place small cubes of cheese on a disco ball platter, tie-dye platter, or any platter that is reminiscent of the 1970s. Place some crackers on the side and guests can serve themselves. For a more authentic touch, use pasteurized cheese from an aerosol can. 

2. Cheese Fondue 

For a successful 1970s menu, place a theme fondue pot with cheese on a table and surround the table with cubed cheese, different types of bread, and various vegetables. Place skewers in a container, so partygoers can grab food at ease. 

3. Jello 

Use a Jello mold to create this dessert. Jello comes in a bunch of colors and flavors to choose from. You can also add in pieces of fruit for some extra flavor. Another idea is making jello shots for the 21 and up crowd. 

4. Cupcakes 

Cupcakes can be the perfect substitute for cake. These handheld treats are great if guests are going to be walking around and standing at your party. To add in a disco vibe, you can use fondant 1970s smiley face decorations or make a tie-dye cake batter. 

5. Chocolate Fondue

In keeping with the fondue dining trend, chocolate fondue is an easy and effortless dessert idea you can utilize. Not only is it appropriate for your Disco party, but it’s also a crowd-pleaser. Simply place various fruits, cookies, brownies, other baked goods around the fondue pot and let guests help themselves. 

6. Punch 

When it comes to the beverage menu at discos, fruit punch is a classic that can be served with alcohol or pieces of fruit if you’d like. You can place the beverage in a punch bowl with a ladle and have guests fill up their own drinks. 


The 1970s was a fun and flashy time period. It had a certain style that people just love. Making your next party a 70’s disco inferno party is a great choice for a fun and lively night. I hope this article gave you tons of great ideas to choose from. 

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