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10 Creative DIY Party Decorations Kids Will Love

Planning a child’s party comes with a long list of things to do: creating a guest list, deciding on a theme, planning the food and decorations, picking out party favors, and of course setting and cleaning up—it can seem overwhelming. But for the DIY parent, nothing makes the planning process more fun than doing at least part of the party preparation from scratch. Here’s a list of 10 quick and easy DIY ideas to give your kid’s party a fun and personal touch.

DIY Party Decorations Kids Can Also Help With

1. Decorate Plain Items

A quick and simple DIY idea is to decorate plain napkins, table cloths, and plastic ware.  These can be plain white or you can choose colors that complement the theme. To decorate, you can use permanent markers, stickers, crayons, or rubber stamps on plates, cups, party hats, napkins, balloons wrapping paper, table cloths, or goodie bags. Just be sure to keep the decorations away from food surfaces. 

2. Repurpose Other Items

You don’t have to take a trip to the party store since all of these supplies can be found at the grocery store. Try rolling up a piece of scratch paper or construction paper into a cone so that one end is pointed. Put a rubber band around the bottom and use it to guide your pen to draw an even line.

Once you have your line, unroll the paper and cut along the line so that it will sit comfortably on your head, adjusting the size to fit how you’d like. Punch a hole in each side of the cone and tie a piece of stretchy string in the holes, and you have the perfect little hat! Decorate however you like, or even have your little guests decorate them on their own with markers and stickers.

3. Fabric

To make basic white walls less boring, just hang up some bright fabrics as tapestries or curtains to make the perfect photo background. Eye-catching colors and patterns will certainly help to put you in a party mood, and you might even have the supplies you need tucked away in your linen closet.

For those who don’t have a plentiful supply of sheets or other such textiles, make a quick trip to the fabric store to find plenty of clearance racks of fabric spools. If you look far enough in advance, you’re sure to find a patterned or bright-colored fabric that will suit your theme. After the party, this fabric can be stored for next year or repurposed into something new.

4. Decorative Napkins

This can be helpful if you want to take a different track from colorful decorations. Using decorative napkins can be as simple as taking scalloped scissors to the edges of a napkin or as complex as creating ornately folded napkin decorations. Check out this tutorial to learn how to fold napkins.

5. Focal Point

Your attention will immediately gravitate towards any centerpiece on the table. These do-it-yourself centerpieces can be constructed using tissue paper and pipe cleaners. If you’re decorating with a more floral theme, you might want to try using a bouquet of handmade flowers. The finishing touch to this centerpiece idea would be to place the flowers in a vase and add clear glass beads. This will give the flowers the appearance of being submerged in water.  

6. Canvas

If you’re looking to have a one-of-a-kind DIY piece for your child’s party, give them a blank canvas. Using a giant roll of paper, lay out some paper, and cut it to fit each table. Place some art tools like crayons, markers, or paints on the table and let the kids take control. When the kids are finished, you will end up with a completely unique masterpiece.

7. Find Your Name

If your party involves assigned seating, you will need to use place cards. Your place cards don’t have to be extravagant since they just let your guests know where to sit, so try making one with plain white or colored paper. Place cards can be created out of a folded piece of cardstock or a shape cut from construction paper. They are simple and easy to make, even if you are crunched for time.

8. Paper Plate Flowers

For a fun, floral DIY banner, grab some plain paper plates and colorful cupcake liners. Simply write a message on the liners and tape them onto the plates however you’d like. The plates can be stapled together or you can use a hole punch and string/tie them together. Then, string them up like you would a normal banner, and you are good to go!

9. Candy Necklace Trim

 This simple but fun decoration is one your little guests will certainly love. To make this, take candy necklaces and cut the elastic to make a candy string. After cutting a few necklaces, tie the them into one long strand. Secure the strand with safety pins to the gift table or cake table for a festive and tasty decoration.

10. Miniature Toys

These make great decorations for the party or even for a cake. Children also love to find them in their goody bags. Add a DIY touch by using building block toys or ones that require decoration such as paint by number or plain figures that can be decorated like these


Hopefully, these ideas have given you the inspiration to create your own DIY party decorations kids will love to help with and have. This list is just the beginning—let your imagination take you from here. For more ideas, feel free to check out our website at or check us out on Facebook.

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