Duck Theme Party

33 Creative Duck Theme Party Ideas that Will Have Everyone Quacking!

Your duck themed party decorations need to include bright, bold colors and some adorable elements. This list is designed to help you fill your parties with duckies, ducklings, décor, ideas for everything duck themed and more!

Duck Theme Party Decoration Ideas

1. Balloons

Yellow, orange, blue, and white hues are the best color ideas. Using a festive balloon arch is a great way to wow and welcome guests. Get creative with duck balloon-art and place one in each of the guest’s chairs. 

2. Feathery Boas

Soft, yellow feather boas look just like baby ducklings! Drape them around the room or on tables and allow guests to wear them around your party.

3. Cute Cutout

Have a giant cardboard cutout of baby ducklings with the option of cutting the upper half of their faces out. This way, guests will be able to take funny pictures and appear to have bird beaks!

4. Festive Flowers 

Create or order yellow floral arrangements. Use basic flowers, such as tulips, daisies, and carnations. For some added flair, incorporate blue, white, and yellow feathers into your bouquets. Put the flowers in colorful tin buckets decorated with images/stickers of baby ducklings

5. Centerpieces 

These are the ideal decorations for your duck theme! Fill clear oval plastic vases with blue glass beads (preferably transparent or iridescent blue), which will create the illusion of water. Top the beads with rubber ducks and lily pads!

6. Pretty Pond 

Simply place inflatable rubber ducks in a pool (or inflatable wading pool) and let them float by. Also, add lily pads, lily flowers, and plastic frogs and fish to create a pond look. These work best if your party is outside.

7. Super Stuffed Animals

Younger guests will adore cute stuffed animal ducks. Purchase yellow ducks, as well as different colored ones, for a vibrant twist!

8. Perfect Placemats

Fun and festive duck placemats can be found in stores or online. Surround the placemats with shiny blue confetti to make the colors pop! 

9. Dishes and Cutlery

Depending on the age of your guests, duck shaped plates are perfect from which to eat your fantastic menu selections. Keeping with your ducky theme, use yellow napkins to wrap up silverware and tie it with a silk blue bow with a ducky emblem. 

Duck Theme Party Favors

10. Radical Rubber Ducks

The best duck themed favors have to be little duckies themselves! From classic yellow to crazy and funky, rubber ducks are available at toy stores, party stores, and online. Give every guest a unique duck for some variety and write his or her name on it with a permanent marker. Or set up a rubber duck display and allow each guest to choose their favorite one. 

11. Bubbles

Bubbles are loads and loads of fun and their whimsical charm will match perfectly with your duckie theme! Pass them out during and after your party! To complete the favor, tie a bright ribbon around the bubble containers.

12. Puzzle Palooza

A duck puzzle is great for all ages! Give out different difficulties, sizes, and designs. Whether they come in a box or a tube, adorn the puzzles by wrapping around a thick ribbon tied with a bow. 

13, Golden Goodies

Think yellow (the color of baby ducklings). Lemon lollipops, pineapple jelly beans, and duck gummies are among many different candies that you can give to your guests. Arrange the candies in favor bags or miniaturized, galvanized buckets as prizes. 

14. Perfect Party Blowers

Party blowers are festive and loud favors! If possible, buy ones that match your color scheme or have duck designs on them. Scatter them around the table so that guests can use them during the celebration and also hand them out in goody bags.

15. Duck Shapes

A variety of duck theme party favors that come in duck shapes are ideal for your guests. Some ideas include erasers, cookie cutters, stickers, sippy straws, bouncy balls, candles, wearable beaks, and chocolate lollipops.

16. Splendid Stuffed Animals

Cute miniature stuffed animal ducks can usually be found at toy stores in a multitude of fun colors. Customize each duck by creating blank name tags for each one and allow guests to come up with their own duck’s names. What a great way to remember duck parties than their own cute little duckie friend!

Duck Theme Party Games and Activities

17. Darling Duckies 

Hire your local petting zoo service to bring real baby ducks to your party! Make sure you provide a safe, clean area where the ducks cannot escape and that there is plenty of room for both the animals and guests. Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures! 

18. Splash Pad

In your backyard or any outdoor space, set up sprinklers, slip ‘n slides, and other exciting water toys. Guests will have the time of their life frolicking and jumping through the squirting fountains of water! 

19. River Race

In this game, guests have to blow air through a straw to try and get their ducks to reach the other end in an inflated tub full of water (a “river”). Award the winner a small prize, such as a character rubber ducky toy. 

20. Creative Cookies 

Using a cookie cutter, shape sugar cookies like ducks and pre-bake them before the party begins. When it’s time to enjoy dessert, offer cookie-decorating activities! In small blue bowls, have edible glitter, frosting, edible “sand,” and small candies available for decoration!

21. Pin the Beak on the Duck

Everyone will have a blast at your parties with this twist on an old classic! Like “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” blindfold your guests one by one and let them attempt sticking a duck’s beak in the right spot. Create your own duck beak or print out enlarged pictures.

22. Duck, Duck, Goose

Timeless games are perfect ideas for your duck themed party. Everyone sits in a circle and one person is the “goose.” The goose must go around the circle, tapping everyone’s head and saying “duck” each time. Then, he or she must select a new goose by yelling out loud “goose!” The new “goose” needs to chase the old goose; the old goose must race to sit down in the empty slot. Then, the new goose starts all over again.

23. Quack Time

Put on some upbeat party music and have everyone quack, dance, and hop around like ducks! You can even turn it into a mini game where everyone follows the moves of a designated “momma duck.”

Duck Theme Party Venues

24. Perfect Poolside

Hosting a pool party will perfectly complement your duck theme! With a few pool decorations, some upbeat music, and plenty of snacks, your guests will have a blast celebrating your duck themed celebration at the pool!

25. Pleasant Park

A charming outdoor park with plenty of sunshine (as well as some shade) is ideal. Make sure that there are enough picnic benches and chairs at your location for everyone to relax in and that you bring portable speakers for music!

Duck Theme Party Menu

26. Cheese and Quackers

Buy cheese and crackers shaped like ducks or goldfish! Ducks eat fish, so these snacks are perfect! These are typically available at most grocery stores. Serve the “quackers” in festive snack trays or bowls.

27. Sandwiches

Using a duck shaped cookie cutter, create duck shaped sandwiches and serve in a festive platter. Provide a selection of two or more different sandwiches, such as turkey, roast beef, and peanut butter and jelly. Stick a cocktail toothpick through each sandwich.

28. Candy Buffet

Create an all-yellow candy buffet! Include rock candy lollipops, lemon candies, yellow jelly beans, yellow gumdrops and more! Place yellow rubber ducks all around the buffet and sprinkle confetti all over the tabletop.

29. Banana Smoothies

Banana flavored smoothies and milkshakes are light and refreshing! Plus, the yellow bananas go perfectly with the color scheme of this theme. Have some variations of the smoothies, such as strawberry-banana, as well as chocolate-banana shakes.

30. Gelatin Snacks

Top blue gelatin cups with edible ducks (sugar figurines, cookies, gummy candies, etc.). Offer whipped cream as a topping and make sure they are served cold. These cool treats are sure to be a hit on a warm summer day!

31. Ice Cream

Serve up some scoops of tasty ice cream! Use everyone’s favorite flavors, but give them funky, duck-related names such as “Ducky Delight.”

32. Watering Hole

Using blue kool aid, fill up a beverage dispenser while leaving room at the top for three little ducks to float in a bright blue pond!

33. Duckie Eggs

Duckie eggs are the perfect twist on deviled eggs and are adorable assents to your theme! 


A good duck theme party will never go out of style. Whether the party is for children or adults, everyone should have a fun time! Follow these tips to make your duck theme party the talk of the town.

Written By Natalie Smallwood and Mallory Russell

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